Thursday, 7 May 2009

ACT side dump NSW Super League out of cup.

Well the team is Goulburn Strikers but they play in ACT land. And the lads from Goulburn stuck one up the NSW Super League and NSW Football in general. Great work to Carlo Alliffi and the boys.

No wonder NSW won't let any ACT teams into their tournaments....and wait till I see that Han Berger bloke next week.

If he wants us to develop he better provide the ACT Pathways in his wonderful new plan or he can nick off back to Sydney, NSW or flaming Holland for all I care.

Strikers knock out Rams

Goulburn Strikers ............ 5 (1)
Macarthur Rams .............. 4 (1) below.

Strikers knock out Rams

Goulburn Strikers ............ 5 (1)
Macarthur Rams .............. 4 (1)

Thursday, 7th May 2009

The STFA Goulburn Strikers were back in Sydney last night to play in the second round of the Tiger Turf Cup. This time around their opponents were NSW Super League giants, Macarthur Rams.
As Goulburn does not possess a suitable venue for night games the Strikers had to relinquish the opportunity to play in Goulburn and travelled to the home of the Macarthur Rams, Lynwood Park.

Against all odds and in front of a healthy crowd the Strikers defeated the Rams with a superlative performance knocking the highly fancied opponents out of the prestigious tournament to proceed to the next round.
The match started with the Strikers showing some initial anxiety but soon settled into their usual playing pattern, to create the first goal opportunity of the match on the 7th minute. Brody Willis executed a free kick delivering a great ball across the penalty box, however Pat Ryan missed the all-important tap in by a whisker.
That was the first warning sign for the home team that the Goulburn boys meant business, and only three minutes later the Strikers hit the lead. Daniel Aliffi stole the ball from a defender and unleashed from an acute angle a powerful shot that left no chance to the bewildered Macarthur goalkeeper.
The Rams reaction did not have the desired effect for the home team as the Strikers were now playing with confidence, continuously pressuring the opposition, giving nothing away. The match developed into a mighty contest in the midfield where Andrew Aliffi, Nicky Rogers and Benny Hartin were contesting every ball. As a result the first half did not produce any clear-cut chances to either team.
The second half started the same way as the first had gone. The Rams franticly searching for an equaliser while the Strikers were being threatening in counter attack.
Ten minutes in Macarthur found space in the Goulburn box and some desperate defending by goalkeeper Jesse Bunt could not prevent the home team from levelling the score.
The goal galvanised the Rams but the Strikers defence held firm. Edan Wheeldon, David Albrighton and Bradley Roberts erected a wall in front of goalkeeper Bunt who in turn was displaying extraordinary form.
Halfway through the second half the Rams managed to get through but poor finishing prevented the home side from taking the lead.
Meanwhile the Strikers had been consistently threatening at the other end with Pat Ryan and Robert Dorsett working tirelessly on the flanks to supply Aliffi and Willis who were being a real menace.
In the final minutes the Strikers had the opportunity to win the game when Aliffi once again won the ball off a defender and crossed it for the oncoming Willis.
The speedy Goulburn forward hit the ball well and the Rams goalkeeper had to produce a sensational save to keep his team in the match.
With the score locked at one all at full time the match progressed into extra time.
The Strikers now were up against it, as they could not compete with the fitness level of a professional outfit such as the Rams.
Nevertheless the Goulburn boys dug dip and incredibly managed to counter everything the opposition threw at them. The Strikers approach was nothing short of heroic, and although their tired legs were being afflicted by cramps they kept on going through the pain barrier.
Everything seemed lost when in the second period of extra time a Macarthur forward found himself in a good position to strike the ball in an empty goal but under pressure he missed the target.
The close call revamped the Strikers’ efforts. The STFA boys attacked the Rams’ goal as if there was no tomorrow forcing the home side into some desperate defending. The effort nearly paid off when Aliffi put Willis through, one on one with the keeper. Willis’ chip seemed destined to find the back of the net but another incredible save by the Rams keeper sent the two teams into a penalty shoot-out.

The Rams started with a miss while Dorset finished with authority to put the Strikers back in the lead.

Rogers, Willis and Aliffi did not fail to convert their attempts but when the Rams missed penalty #5 the Strikers and their fans exploded into celebration.
This was an incredibly valiant achievement by a team from Goulburn assembling only local players, defeating a professional club capable of attracting some of the best players around the State as well as overseas.

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Anonymous said...

It is amazing the work that has been done in Goulburn in recent years as far as football development is concerned.
NSW Football should send someone down there to learn from it instead of making their life miserable. Good on you Goulburn!!!