Thursday, 13 June 2013

Australia football must regenerate on Wednesday. Asian Cup not the World Cup should be our focus

If Australia beat Iraq we qualify directly for Brazil 2014, but win or lose Wednesday is time to rebuild.

Should Australia fail to win they may go to the third qualifying play-off route - but lets leave that aside for now.

Sasaa Ognenovski, Lucas Neill, Timmy Cahill, Luke Wilkshire, Mark Bresciano, Mark Schwarzer, Archie Thompson, and Harry Kewell - he'll want back in - are all, very fast.

Gus Hiddink reduced the super fit Brett Emerton to wipeout in his pre-World Cup training sessions in 2006, and Hiddink knew and taught us, the World Cup is a young man's game, especially for teams outside the top four.

 You need to be super fit to compete.

Australia were simply over run against Germany in 2010 and a number of those same players are telling us they can't wait to get to Brazil.

Let's get serious.

We're never going to win in Brazil, to get out of the group would be beyond our dreams with our current team, but we can get to the Asian Cup Final 2015 on home soil just six months after Brazil.

Australia needs to use the East Asia Cup in July, the pre-World Cup friendlies and the 2014 World Cup to prepare for the Asian Cup 2015.

Let's regenerate on Wednesday even if we don't achieve our goal.

Holman, Oar, Kruse, Milligan, Rogic have all shown they can play the type of game Australia needs, desires over the next four years so why not grab the chance to rebuild...NOW!

Could any of the older players mentioned above take two daily Hiddink style sessions prior to the World Cup, and if they can't do we really need or want such experience.

Ireland in USA 1990 played a very old John Aldridge and Tony Cascarino up front both 35+ from memory and it was dire. Embarassing..and yet I know we beat Italy but we scored in the 12th minute of the very first game and that was the end of our attacks..for the tournament!

Australia now has an opportunity to qualify, and let's ditch the sentiment and thank the old guard and move them on. Maybe give them a send off! We should do it right.

The World Cup is not the guys chance to get a personal's still 12 months away and it's time to say farewell to most if not all!

And because you are outraged, you can keep two of the old guard and that's your decide but let's get Australia going forward finally!