Friday, 31 July 2009

Fanzine spreads

RoundballAnalyst The FootballTragic, FootballPerth, A FootballStory and Pissant are some of the top football blogs in the country.

How often do they all write about the same thing?

Everyone is writing for the Fanzine, Half-Time Heroes, and everyone has promoted the story on their blog.

God, I hope I can deliver or I'll be run out of country, never mind the town.

Course we can deliver....never in doubt!


Thursday, 30 July 2009

Friend of Fishermen found: He's alive.

Wayne Snowden, Australia's funniest football cartoonist has just submitted his first cartoon. Don't take my word for it ask anyone to come up with anyone better!

Do not miss it. Out Wednesday sign up on this blog. It's free.

Thirty pages of pure Australian/NZ football. Is this Australia's best group of football writers ever assembled.

Judge for yourself.


Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Two women one man.

An Australian sports show talking about male sports. Two women hosts and one male.

Can this be right? Should this be allowed? Is this Australian history.

Wouldn't happen on SBS, FoxSports or Channel 9 would it...or maybe it has?

Lucy Zelic, Michella Bertrand and Aaron Walker. Interveiw with Tom Sermanni and all the A-League news and should Nicky stay or go.



Amazing Australian football interview

CEO Capital Football Heather Reid talks about the massive changes to our game. Whatever the level of football you are involved in this interview gives you a sense and size of what we are facing/going through

It is an awesome interview for any football fan from any state.

Next up: FFA to check every ground/club and amount of facilities and use of facilities in the country. Awesome innit.



My August Junior Club Newsletter

Tracking well, 2,000 unique readers, 10,000 pages viewed and a heap people print the pdf.

Kids and mums, and advertisers dream?


Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Half-Time Heroes: Australian Football Media Release

We've fired up the media department. What have they been doing all year. Anyway Half-Time Heroes has taken up another office in Sydney and has released it's first official release.

And look who we got to launch it!

Half-Time Heroes: Australian Football Media Release
Tuesday July 28, 2009

Frank Lowy the chairman of Football Federation Australia (FFA) says that the desire that underpinned the revival of football at a local level is the same desire that motivates the World Cup bid.

Now that desire has spread to the fans. Some of Australia’s best underground football writers have banded together to start a brand new monthly football fanzine called Half-Time Heroes.

The first issue is out on Wednesday 5th August right before the new A-League season kicks off.

Go to the following websites and on the right hand side of the page enter your E-mail address and subscribe so you never miss an issue: or

The Fanzine was the brainchild of Canberra based football writer and radio host Eamon Flanagan (the nearpost.blogspot com).

"It's time." that's all Flanagan would say.

Some of Australia’s most committed Football writers have joined.

They are: The Roar’s Tony Tannous (the round ball analyst), Mike Salter (The Football Tragic), Fiona Crawford (A girl called Fred), Con Stamocostas (A Football Story) and Bill Skinner (A Spawning Salmon/A Pissant Town) plus many, many more.

Half-Time Heroes:

The fanzine will take a serious and sometimes not so serious look at Australian Football.The first issue will feature stories and interviews with the Socceroos.

We cover every A-League club; including the two new teams the Gold Coast United and North Queensland Fury. The W-League and Youth League will also be featured.

The first bumper issue features over 20 pages, Terry Henry tackles the hardmen, we look at all the media stars in season 5, double FA we're watching you, and more opinions than you could ever hope for; a star team of writers and all for free. Football heaven

Sports Minister, the honourable Kate Ellis writes the opening piece.

So sign up for Half-Time Heroes, out next Wednesday.

Half-Time Heroes join the voice of Australian Football! or

If you would like to be involved or would like more information about the fanzine contact Con Stamocostas on email or telephone 0403104246


Is China near Dubbo?

A few local types in Canberra complain and rant about girls from Dubbo getting a go in the Canberra United W-League team.

Their logic is clearly flawed in my view. So only players from a town or city which has a W-League team can play for that team. Should we kick out Ulladulla's Cian Maciejweski, Albury born Amy Chapman and Albury resident Ellie Brush or do the rules not apply for them?

Anyway before you get steamed up about that.

Three women from the PR China have been trialling with Canberra United. Word is they are technically very good.

Makes Dubbo seem local doesn't it?

And just wondering how many more Asian players will be coming to our wonderful W-League in years to come. Very interesting!


A-League fans worldwide

I was expecting people to sign-up for the new Australian football fanzine Half-Time Heroes from Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and co given the writers we have and their existing readers but I guess I hadn't thought too much about the overseas readers.

Bangkok, Taiwan, and London fans appeared in the first fifty subscribers.


Ego check.

The Pissants are talking about me, and Bill is preparing a new Adelaide fanzine, Bill will write for the new Aussie fanzine Half-Time Heroes and The FootballTragic will bring great quality as well.

And I'm working on my next book. My last one, well my only one, Father and Me, explored the wonderful ways a Catholic Priest can abuse one boy. I did the research myself, truly an awesome experience. I survived; that's about all you can say!

Anyhoo my next book will look at what it feels like to be booted out of work unable to walk any distance at 43, and how football saved the far.

For now the Fanzine is keeping me entertained. Quite a team forming. Don't miss it.


Fanzine progress: Kate Ellis supports Half-Time Heroes.

Well it's all going to cunning far!

Every A-League club is covered bar the Mariners. W-League. And we've got 20 plus pages, a quiz, Terry's on fire, letters page, and more opinions than you could ever hope for and a star team of writers even if I do so say myself.

Kate Ellis writes the opening piece. Great to get the support of the Sports Minister, and our PR team is about to go into overdrive.

Sign up for Half-Time Heroes, out next Wednesday on this blog, right hand side.

Bet you can't wait!


Nearpost Radio: Women galore

Is this the only sports show where women outnumber men?

Is there any other show about male sports where there are more women than men on tv or the airwaves.

This is un-Australian and should be stopped immediately.

Tonight Lucy Zelic and Michella Bertrand join Aaron Walker on the Nearpost.
They cover all the A-League and talk Melbourne Victory and Brisbane Roar.

Also Tom Sermanni checks in from America. I rang him to get an update on the Young Matildas team heading for the Asia Cup. I thought he'd be in Korea or China but when he picked up the phone he was in Chicago watching the WLS League and it's Aussie players before heading to Asia! Small world.


FFA: Run by Dick Van Dyke or Dick Head

Imagine listening to all that twaddle down the years about Small-Sided Games.

It develops your skill, it's great for technique, we must change blah blah blah.

I played small-sided games all my life, on the street with drains for goals. North of England, you know, life was tough we got up before we went to bed!

Anyway slowly Canberra changed, quicker than most, but still slow.

Under 10's last year. 9 v 9 3/4 pitch. Crap games, coaches want strategy and positions as the field is so big, the players so technically inept. Awful. We had fun but awful for player development.

This year Under 10's 7 v 7 much smaller pitch. Every player involved, amazing improvement in players skills. They still have fun.

So Dick Head comes out and say CHANGE BACK. Under 10's must now play on the bigger pitches, bigger teams.

Why? So the few elite players ,less than 1%, can be better prepared for the Under 12 State teams that form a squad which ultimately gets to trial for Australian Undr 13 side.

What a load of bollocks.

Oh and if Futsal is so good, 5-a-side and all, then why aren't we playing 5-a-side outdoor up to 10 or even eleven. I know I've lost this one but Australia has made the change, but it just isn't enough is it.


Monday, 27 July 2009

Santa: Not even for Christmas?

Every A-League player agent must be working overtime to secure their players a more lucrative contract in Asia, Europe, America, Antartica or wherever before the August deadline.

God bless the Agents as they work hard for Australian football.... mainly to send overseas.

Brendan Santalab another who returned from Europe with high hopes of taking it to the A-League, he didn't did he, has fled the Fury before a ball was kicked.

He's no loss. Oh sure a couple of stunning goals, a few runs off the bench and a lot of time injured, what did he give us?

He hasn't made it in the A-League, he won't make it in China.

How his Agent spammed him is beyond belief. Clearly the club has no idea who is coming, how unproven he is in recent years, consistently.

He's no loss, give me David Williams anyday. A younger Santalab with heaps to prove, and hunger to burn.

But one thing for sure is that although your local A-League club might have settled on a squad for next weeks start you couldn't guarantee Shane Smeltz, Adam Griffiths, Tarek Elrich, Ljubo Milicevic, Jason Culina ( I didn't mean that honest) and a host more will run out come game day could you.

Santa, well he'll be home for Christmas won't he. And when he's back I'll be giving him heaps not presents.


Sunday, 26 July 2009

Football Fanzine out August 5th

The name: Half-Time Heroes is holding the lead, but other names continue to be discussed:

1443..and yes we know it doesn't add up...did you?
Lone Striker
Route One

But we're almost ready to go. We've got 16 writers from across the country, men and women, bloggers, new writers and most clubs covered.

Alternative, humour we love so if you think you can do it or know someone who would be great, and of course if you have something to contribute, a serious piece, design, cartoon, jokes, quips, shorts you name it we'll consider it; contact me

Still no Mariners, or Jets specialists every other team is now covered but nae bother wait till they see what we write about their teams; bet the writers come flooding in then!

Don't forget to sign up on the right of the this blog if you want that first copy the day before the season begins.


Canberra Professional Football smashes AFL?

AFL the darling of Australian sport, here for 150 years and with my beloved St Kilda leading the way have only

ONE player, one current professional player Sydney Swans Craig Bolton drafted from Canberra in their league.

One, according to the Canberra Times.

Can that be right?

Football has at least 13 guys playing professional football and at least a couple of women.

Joe Simunic, Bundseliga.
Carl Valeri, Serie B
Matt Kemp, A-League
Nikolai Topor-Stanley, A-League
Kaz Patafta A-League
Shaun Ontong, A-League
Adam Casey, A-League
Kofi Danning, A-League
Andrew Baresic, A-League
Stephen Lustica, A-League
Luke Pilkington, A-League
Sam Munro, A-League
Cody Larkin ?, A-League

Have I missed anyone?

Add in Lydia Williams currently on the Chicago WSL list, Caitlin Munoz, and a host of others in the Canberra United W-League side and we're smashing the AFL production ranks in this city.


Canberra: No room for AFL?

Canberra Times was full of stories about how much money we should give the AFL to come to Canberra.

And as Don Furner the Raiders Coach said Brumbies, Raiders, maybe 6 AFL games if Western Sydney get in and a A-League team, the city can't sustain 4 codes.

So the logical argument is AFL get stuffed!

Why because they can only take from an extended Brumbies and existing Raiders seasons, not to mention the corporate dollar.

Raiders and AFL go head to head in Canberra today and I'd be surprised if either code gets 10,000.

So do we want to see our two existing teams ditched? I think not.

Not that we don't want AFL, just that six AFL games, and more Union games will hurt all three codes.

Football well we play in summer although there will be some slight cross-over.

However Brumbies, Raiders and AFL all playing in Canbera at the same time. That ain't possible is it? Blind Freddy can see that and Rugby League fans could see the death of the Raiders.

Let's face it they're hardly packing them in now are they?

So ACT Government why don't you put your AFL funds into A-League/football and promote this business.

All the A-League needs is a great marketing spend, a great image and inclusivity program and of course a strong and viable team.

A successful Canberra football team has more potential for this city than 6 AFL games ever will.

Go the Raiders and The Brumbies, Canberra to the core.

And of course ACT Govt, when you promise to give an A-League team $800,000 per year how come the Brumbies get $1,000,000 plus $750,000 this year and the Raiders get $1.5 million per year.

Dare I suggest all codes get less and equal amounts?


Saturday, 25 July 2009

Cartoonist wanted.

Know a football cartoonist, someone making their way in the world.

Our new Aussie football fanzine would welcome such a person.
Contact me flanagan.eamonn@gmail,com


Saturday media sux

So you wake up in the Professional Football forsaken city of Canberra.
Do the 2 degree dash to get the paper, Canberra Times and Sydney Morning Herald.

Straight to the sport. I'm a guy. Okay the A-League season is almost 10 whole days away, and in Canberra there are 20,000 players running out to play this weekend and in Sydney over 120,000.

So what do we get in the sports section?

Canberra Times: Nothing, absolutely nothing. Not one football story, men, women's local or national. You couldn't make it up could you.

How is it possible that there is not one story that might interest all the kids and parents who are involved in football.

Canberra Times seems to have a brain missing when it comes to their marketing section.

Sydney Morning Herald: One poxy story on Branko "I was desperate for an A-League job but you didn't hear it from me" Culina."

Oh well off to the footy with my kid, talk football with the other 1200 registered players and 3,000 parents at my club.... and let the Aussie media play their pretend games!


FFA on fire.

Football now spend $8 million per year on junior development/grassroots football. A long way from the AFL's $45 million but lightyears from the old days, and that figure will surely continue to grow in coming years.

Cottees announcing school football gala days, up to $20,000 for your club for up to three years from NAB/FFA and now this.

In an exciting boost for grassroots football, Optus and Football Federation Australia (FFA) are delivering special football kits to over 50,000 young football players in regional and urban areas around Australia as part of the latest Optus Small-Sided Football (OSSF) program.

All under 6 registered OSSF players across the country will receive a football kit, which includes a t-shirt, football and backpack. Their local club will also receive some much needed equipment and resource materials.

Type rest of the post here


Friday, 24 July 2009

Fiona Crawford: the real deal.

Over the last couple of years I've had many emails from followers of the W-League and football played by women and girls in general, and I think this reflects the growing numbers who play and watch football played by women.

And of course their lack of ability to get stuff about the game they play, watch and love.

There are many media outlets who cover the W-League without any real passion across the country, in my view, so when I belatedly came across Fiona Crawford on FourFourTwo and I realised times are changing, even if it is slowly.

But it was Fiona's more broader writing on that intrigued me further.

So get off my blog all you followers of football played by women, I'm an imposter, a fraud, Fiona Crawford is the real deal.

That's where I'll be heading for my W-League fix.


Thursday, 23 July 2009

Aussie Fanzine: On it's way.

Well after much discussion with oneself the great Aussie and New Zealand football fanzine is on it's way.

Almost more exciting that the new season innit!

Looking like we've got some exciting writers, I'm genuinely excited by the quality of the writers who have said they'll contribute.

And it's called....Drum Roll.....Half-Time Heroes.

If you want to get the first edition when it comes out, sign up. I'm dead trustworthy as you know and will not use your email for anything other than forwarding Half-Time Heroes...once a month.

Subscribe to Aussie football fanzine: Half-Time Heroes

First Edition August 5th: Email:


Aussie flags big in Japan

Check out the Josh Kennedy goal and towards the end the camera swings towards the home end celebrations.

Interesting to see so many Aussie flags already flying high to welcome Josh. This was only his debut!


Aussies on TV: Good old SBS

Forget the Ashes we've lost them, the Tour De France not a chance, as a true Aussie I've thrown my daughters bike away, chucked the cricket ball over next door, I'm now very focused on Diving, getting my daughter to practice immediately we won gold.

And great news this morn from little ol SBS all our Under 20 games live on Telly at some godly hour...but at least there on the telly hey.

Monday 28 Sept
Czech Republic v Australia LIVE @ 0230 AEST

Wednesday 30 Sept
Australia v Costa Rica LIVE @ 2330 AEST

Sunday 4 Oct
Australia v Brazil LIVE @ 0615 AEDT
(Note daylight savings kicks in on Sunday morning)

Type rest of the post here


That leaves 2 out of 3!

AFL Great Ron Barassi says "By 2025 there will only be three professional football codes in Australia and when of them will be soccer" ( I think he meant football.)

With all the shenanigan in Union and League; the large increase in Union wages now on offer over the more established League code at a national level will it be one of these codes that suffer...or is Ron wrong?


Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Podcast: Adelaide and Brisbane

We talk Aussie football, news interview with the, Lucy Zelic, Russ Gibbs and myself give you all the Aussie news, and tell you why Brisbane and Adelaide will succeed or fail this year.

And unfortunately no local show this week. Tech volunteer is sick!

Quiz, issues dedications and more. Download here.


Come out come out wherever you are.

English Premier League starts early where is the "I need an extra six weeks of pre-season training" Mark Viduka?

Or is he heading to Italy/Spain where pre-season starts around now maybe.
Either way if he doesn't start soon he's buggered for the World Cup.

He must be training somewhere right now, waiting for his transfer, but Croatia, in England?

Maybe he's retired already.


Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Talent explosion starting to shine

"The number of youngsters in this country playing football at grass roots level is enormous and that's now providing more elite players at junior level and many of them come into the system."

Ernie Merrick talking to FourFourTwo

And this A-League season Kofi Danning, Ben Kantarovski, Mitch Nichols, Luke Devere and many many more young Aussie players are starting to change the Australian game.

Season 5: Awesome!


Aussie Fanzine progress

Update: We've got fourteen writers, four women, one ex-NSL player, 7 bloggers, 1 Football Radio Commentator, 3 radio hosts, three home end terrace squatters, a host of crap names for the title and that's we're moving along nicely!

Suggested so far..keep em coming:

Ethnic Football monthly
Wogs sheila's poofters..lest we forget
Australia's Football Voice
Running, not Diving
Beyond Nicky
Over the Parrot
Proper Football
You'll Never Read Alone

And thanks NUFCMVFC below for your info, anyone else who can suggest someone send them this link.

Design page one layout, football cartoonist, writers with humour. Are you one of these or know someone who is.


Aussie Under 20's: Holland better in Holland?

Qantas Young Socceroos Head Coach Jan Versleijen has selected a squad of 20 players to participate in the Copa Ciudad de Rosario in Argentina as part of his team’s preparations for the 2009 FIFA U-20 World Cup to be held in Egypt starting in two months time. The Qantas Young Socceroos will face fellow FIFA U-20 World Cup finalists Uruguay and the United States of America as well as Argentinean Youth team C.A. Tiro Federal.

But interesting there is no James Holland. Is it a case of training in Holland better than playing for Australia?

And Note no Tommy Oar despite the big wraps on him, but what about Nikola Stanojevic still at the AIS...does this mean he is his age must be 17???? Or less.

Luke Brattan (Brisbane Roar), Isaka Cernak Okanya (Brisbane Roar), Alex Cisak (Leicester City, UK), Peter Cvetanovski (Borussia Moenchengladbach, Germany), Kofi Danning (Sydney FC), Luke DeVere (Brisbane Roar), Nathan Elasi (Melbourne Victory), Antony Golec (Sydney FC), Jason Hoffman (Newcastle Jets), Matthew Jurman (Sydney FC), Osama Malik (North Queensland Fury), Tahj Minniecon (Gold Coast United), Aaron Mooy (Bolton Wanderers, UK), Sam Munro (Sydney FC), Jason Naidovski (Newcastle Jets), Mitch Nichols (Brisbane Roar), Chris Payne (Sydney FC), Andrew Redmayne (Central Coast Mariners), Nikola Stanojevic (AIS), Rocco Visconte (Hearts FC, Scotland)


Monday, 20 July 2009

Football Superstar arrives in Melbourne

So the journey from ANU to FOOTBALL SUPERSTAR the press release press conference when he signed for ANU or did I miss it? Best of luck Luke.

Football Superstar arrives in Melbourne

Media are invited to attend a press conference in the VIP Room at Olympic Park Stadium tomorrow (Tuesday, July 21) at 11.30am.

Football Superstar winner Luke Pilkington will be unveiled as a Melbourne Victory player alongside Melbourne Victory Chairman Geoff Lord and Coach Ernie Merrick, and the club will also make a significant announcement ahead of the 2009/10 season.

Pilkington, 19, was last week crowned Football Superstar in the finale of FOX8’s hit reality television series, earning himself a one-year contract with Melbourne Victory Youth and a scholarship at Monash University.

Lord, Merrick and Pilkington will all be available for comment, with a photo opportunity to follow the press conference.

Media wishing to attend Pilkington’s first Melbourne Victory training session for photo/vision opportunities are invited to Gosch’s Paddock tomorrow (Tuesday, July 21) from 10am until 11am.


The movie they'll never make

When Harry met Timmy and Bernie


Dutch Coach for Canberra A-League team?

Gary van Egmond has already had to take a Public Service funded job and he's only been in Canberra a week.

The FFA has seemingly backed down on their Under 17 AIS/FFA Funded now it's just an AIS position. A Public Servant!

And that means he must be a target for the Canberra A-League team.

He'll be in Canberra, and ready to guide the team forward and Canberra won't be paying comp either.

What about that Con? and more importantly come on Gazza we luv yer.


Saturday, 18 July 2009

Luke Pilkington: How did he keep so fit?

As far as I know Luke Pilkington plays for ANU FC in the ACT Premier League and yet was fit enough to win a contract, through Football Superstar with Melbourne Victory.

I doubt any young 18 year old from top sides Belconnen United or Canberra FC would be fit enough to win that competition without considerable extra training. Correct me if I'm wrong. And the lads from Tuggies well I don't think so do you.

For Luke to step from ANU to Melbourne Victory; was it his ANU FC John Mitchell led fitness program or some other training factor?

Either way he just got out before it was too late. No 19 year old from Canberra Premier League could ever make it to the A-League with their current fitness base could they?


Victoria ahead of Canberra? Surely not!

Junior Age Categories
• season commences: 16/17/18 october, 2009
• 11 ‘round’ home & away competition
• 9 competition weeks
• 2 gala rounds – 1 country-based & 1 metro-based
o gala rounds will coincide with w-league fixtures
• season concludes: 11/12/13 december, 2009

A lot of micky mouse football goes on in Canberra for the 36 weeks of the year when the junior season doesn't run. Yep that's right 36 weeks of non-competitive football and yet we are somehow supposed to be producing quality players, boys and girls.

So it's interesting at what is happening in Victoria. An eleven week season starting in October.

We might not get 18,000 players out for the summer season, but I reckon you get the players who were dead keen wouldn't you?

And don't tell me we can't get the grounds, we wouldn't get the players, can't organise it,..coz I'm sick of can't....nad six-a-side is great fun but a 16 games junior season ain't enough if your into football and want to improve.

And god help us if we want to keep with Victorian kids in coming years.

Following an extensive review of the inaugural 2008-09 summer league competition, FFV is delighted to announce some exciting improvements for Season Two!

Competition Name
To better reflect the representative nature of the competition and to recognise the talent the league attracts, the summer league competition will become known as ‘Victorian Champions League’. ‘Summer League’ served the FFV well in year one as a working name and helped to educate the football community on playing all-year-around. However, whilst it acknowledges the time of year that the competition runs, it fails to appropriately recognise that participants in this league are Victoria’s representative football talent. By re-branding the league to ‘Victorian Champions League’, the FFV believes its young talent, destined to be future champions, is more appropriately recognised.

Competition Branding
In addition to the branding being undertaken at zone level, to give each zone colours, a distinctive name and/or nickname and logo, the FFV has worked graphic designers to create a new ‘Victorian Champions League’ logo. This will be used in league promotional material and play an important role in setting the champions league apart from other football competitions in Victoria, further recognising it as the talented player league it is.

Competition Format
recognising that many of the teething issues in year one were the result of season length and fixturing, ffv has created a new competition format for the champions league.

Key format detail can be summarised as follows:

Open Women & u18 boys
• season commences: 16/17/18 october, 2009
• 11 ‘round’ home & away competition
• 9 competition weeks
• 2 gala rounds – 1 country-based & 1 metro-based
• season concludes: 11/12/13 december, 2009
• top ladder position crowned “Champions League Premiers”
• finals weekend: 18/19/20 december, 2009
• finals format: Saturday – semi-finals; sunday – grand-finals & classifications
• grand final winner crowned “Champions League Champions”

Junior Age Categories
• season commences: 16/17/18 october, 2009
• 11 ‘round’ home & away competition
• 9 competition weeks
• 2 gala rounds – 1 country-based & 1 metro-based
o gala rounds will coincide with w-league fixtures
• season concludes: 11/12/13 december, 2009
• catch up weekends: 18/19/20 december & 22/23/24 january
• top ladder position crowned “champions league premiers”
• 3-week finals series: 26/27/28 january; 5/6/7 & 12/13/14 february
o all teams play in all 3 weeks of finals
o refer attached document for finals series format explanation
• grand final winner crowned “champions league champions”

Some of the highlights of this structure are as follows:
• open women & u18 boys conclude pre-Christmas to ensure absolutely no clashes with pre-season for vpl & wpl clubs/other senior competitions
• junior competition concludes 8 weeks prior to April national championships and well before the junior season commences to avoid pre-season clashes
• all teams play each other only once, creating a fairer draw than inaugural season
• two gala weekends to showcase the competition firstly in regional, and then in metro locations and coinciding with w-league fixtures to create opportunity for summer league participants to support the w-league
• opportunity for teams to be ‘premiers’ pre-Christmas (top of ladder), and fight for the right win the ‘championship’ (winner of finals series) post-Christmas
• seeded pool set up for finals series which gives slight advantages to higher ranked teams, whilst also giving opportunity for lower teams to ‘surprise’
• all teams playing off for ‘rankings’ in the finals series, with a focus on final selection opportunities for state squads over these three weeks
• two ‘catch up’ weekends (late December ’09 and late January ‘10) to allow for any missed games to be re-scheduled to minimise forfeits, etc.
• season commences 1 week earlier than last year, but finishes 4 weeks earlier
• home and away hosting honours operate on a 2-year basis for equity purposes
• metro gala round hosting honours to also operate on a 2-year basis for equity purposes

Zone Committees & Incorporation
the FFV has resolved to continue the second year of the league with FFV staff as the appointed ‘directors’ of each of the zone companies. Current or re-formed working committees will continue to manage the day-to-day operations of each zone, with elections to formally appoint directors from within the zone being held over until 2010 when zone’s achieve 80% club membership. Ffv will continue to work with zones and their respective clubs to reach this membership target. Interested clubs should contact ffv for more information. Over the coming weeks, FFV will circulate application forms for working committee members for each zone. All existing committee members who wish to remain involved will need to complete the application, as will parties interested in joining their respective zone’s working committee.

Keep an eye on the new FFV website for more information on summer league as it comes to hand.


How many boys in your girls team?

PASCOE Vale soccer club says it was just making up the numbers when three boys helped to win a junior girls' match.

Just love junior football don't ya. If we're not slagging the ref, the opposing coach or worse still our own players, we're manipulating the offsides, teaching our kids to foul but this Melbourne club takes the annual award I reckon.

Talk about taking winning seriously....gotta larf at this Melbourne Club. They put three boys in their Under 12 girls team and won the game.

PASCOE Vale soccer club says it was just making up the numbers when three boys helped to win a junior girls' match.

But its opponents insist the club had 15 players and up to four girls on the bench at any one time.

Sandringham City complained after Pascoe Vale fielded three boys in its Under 12A girls game on June 28, which Pascoe Vale won 2-1.

A boy kicked the winning goal with what was described as an "unbelievably super-hard kick".

While Sandringham Soccer Club said the result was not important, it wants Football Federation Victoria to close a loophole allowing boys and men to play in girls' and womens' teams.

Pascoe Vale Soccer Club refused to comment yesterday, emailing a brief statement at 11.08pm.

In it, club president Lou Tona said he was disappointed it had been insinuated that the team fielded boys to try and win the game.

"I strongly deny that this was the agenda ... if the boys did not play the game, it would not have gone ahead,'' he said.

"We are very comfortable that all the work and communication required had taken place before the game, and had Sandringham not been happy with that they could have not started the game, In fact we were prepared to forfeit that game if required.

"The bottom line is that there was an under-12 game to be played and our club did everything it could for that to happen.

"It is also quite disappointing that the girl players in our team have been totally disregarded for this match and that the points have become the main focus.

Sandringham officials insisted they were not at any stage asked permission for the boys to play and that Pascoe Vale had more than a full team of 11 without the boys.

The officials said they complained to the referee several times but did not forfeit as it would have cost their team $500 and a 3-0 loss.

Football Federation Victoria's Junior Standing Committee will meet on Monday to discuss the issue and push for the loophole to be closed.

The organisation says it will look at the issue, probably for the 2010 season, but junior standing committee chairperson Graeme Smith insists action is needed now to prevent further problems.

He wants the FFV to apply to the Equal Opportunity Commission to have boys excluded from girls' comps.

"It's wrong. It's a win at all costs mentality," he said.

"These boys are more experienced, they're stronger, they're rougher. I don't blame the kids at all. It's the parents and the officials that do this.

"The three boys wouldn't have come up and said 'We want to play today in the under-12 girls'.

"This win at all costs attitude is really detrimental to the development of kids."

The loss could cost Sandringham City, known as The Matildas, the premiership, which is decided on ladder position.

But Sandringham officials said losing the game was not the issue.

Coach Georg Robers said his girls felt intimidated and did not want to play against the boys.

"One girl was really upset. She was tackled very hard (by the boys). I think the FFV should show leadership on this issue," he said.

Sandringham girls co-ordinator Ken Montgomery said he complained to the referee but there was nothing he could do.

"The way it is at the moment any club could do that to gain an unfair advantage," he said.


Jakarta bombs World Cup bid.

With the decision for the 2018 and 2022 World Cup being made in 2011 I guess the bombs in Jakarta this week mean Australia has one less Asia competitor to host the 2022 World Cup.


Friday, 17 July 2009

Aussie Fanzine: Should we do it?

Update: We've got fourteen writers, a host of crap names and that's we're moving along nicely!

Well what would you even call it.

It would be something to read maybe when Matty Mckay shoots wide, or when Danny Allsopp hits the corner flag, or Danny Tiatto gives the game a rest with one of his tackles or when Kevin Muscat starts arguing with ref, Cristiano goes for a roly poly.

A 300-500 word contribution from a fan of every A-League club, plus a small number of 25-40 words facts, humour, rumour from each club. And we'd be ruthless, we'd only use the best material. Not funny, not entertaining, not worth a read, we'd return it with thanks..try the other codes!

Socceroos? Matildas, even each W-League club, why not. All we need is the writers.

Distribution is free, no costs, no wages, online production, online distribution and away you go.

A graphic design(er) required for the first edition.
Tony Tannous..he couldn't resist could he? Surely not.
The Football Tragic..we'd need him
Spawning Salmon,
Yer Man from the Fury
Hamish from the Roar
The Fisherman's Friend would be needed
Sarah from Sydney
Eamonn or Fergo from Perth
Brownie from the Yellow Fever
The Jets..if we can't get Con they'd have a fan who'd die to write surely.

It's all there innit.

And that's just a few I know. I'd imagine there'd be a heap of quality out their.

Spread the word and see if:

We have a graphic designer

And maybe, just maybe we'll get this thing off the ground.


Anyone seen an Aussie number 10?

Jason Culina could be a playmaker for the Gold Coast, and he's Australian. But we need more and when you look around the A-League there is a dearth, particularly from the Aussies

Each club needs a Carlos Hernandez, or someone heading that way, and from that group of ten playmakers only then can we push one or two overseas and only then will we get one good enough to play internationally for the Socceroos.

Nicky Carle was great for the Jets, but he's gone and still only a Championship player and no real star man even at Crystal Palace. Do they play Champions League?

Mitch Nichols I like a lot at the Roar and hopefully will be good enough to push Charlie TimTam Miller out. And maybe he'll go on to Championship football as well, given his age maybe he'll go higher.

Kaz Patafta, the jury is out. Steve Corica, age has taken him.

Adelaide's Shin is held high but he's Korean, Hernandez, Daniel (Brazilian) at the Phoenix, Sikora (Dutch) at Perth, even John Hutchison at the Mariners is Maltese now!

We need more and here's hoping we see someone, another Aussie or five breaking through this year. Don't expect it do you?

Any ideas?


Jason Culina: Why?

Whatever level of sport you play at stepping down at the peak of your career to play at a lower level is practically unheard of. These guys are born winners and focus on winning and everything that goes with it.

Craig Johnston stopped completely at 28, but can you imagine Ronaldo stepping down to division 2 anytime soon, Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, or Roger Federer at their peak stepping down to local tournaments only.

It doesn't happen.

Even at the amateur level I've never heard of a local Premier League going to play div 4 when they are at their peak

So why has Jason Culina, 29, having had just a few short years at PSV in the Dutch Ere Division and Champions League stepped down to the A-League?

He went over to Ajax relatively late, struggled, before re-emerging with Twente and then had just 4 seasons at the top. All that work to throw it all away. What is going on?

And what makes Jason Culina so different, so interesting?

Tony Popovich came back to "help the A-League" after grabbing a year in Qatar...yeah right Tony, John Aloisi came back only when no-one else wanted him and grabbed an overflated salary to boot. Mark Viduka won't comeback, seemingly hasn't earned enough. Mark Scharzwer, Tim Cahill, Lucas Neill, Harry Kewell they ain't coming are they...ever!

The point is footballers are mercenaries, fair enough, and play it seems and move only for money.

We know Mile Sterjovski is on $700,000, John Aloisi on $1.2 mill a goal or a season, and Archie Thompson $400,000 so why has Culina come back?

And is he indeed the most highly paid footballer in the country, surely he came back for more than the over-paid, under-worked ageing John Aloisi.....or has he really come back at the peak of his career for Australia, game and country.

Don't get me wrong I'm absolutely delighted he's back, but I don't get it, not at 29.
And the Aussie journo's being what they are haven't seemed to get the real answer on this one for me!


Thursday, 16 July 2009

Canberra talent deserves a go dunnit

So the Canberra lad won the National TV Football Superstar Melbourne Victory contract. Nice one Luke.

And with so many Canberra boys coming through wouldn't it be nice, nay deserved on quality alone, to see a team in the A-League from this region.

So here goes with current transfer value in brackets.


Codey Larkin (Adelaide United Youth,)


Matthew Kemp (Melbourne Victory, 30, Value $200,000)
Nikolai Topor-Stanley (Newcastle Jets, Socceroo, 23, Value $300,000)
Josip Simunic (Hoffenheim, Bundesliga, Croatian International, 31, $6 million)
Luke Pilkington (Melbourne Victory 18, Value tbd.)


Kaz Patafta (Newcastle Jets, Australian Under 17, 20, Value $50,000)
Shaun Ontong (Newcastle Jets, Australian Under 20, 22, Value $50,000)
Adam Casey (Sydney FC, Olyroo, 22, Value $150,000)
Carl Valeri (Grossetto Serie B, Socceroo, 24, Value $2 million)
Stephen Lustica (Gold Coast United, 18 Australian Under 18, Value tbd.)

Kofi Danning, (Sydney FC, Australian Under 20, 18 Value $250,000 and rising.)
Andrew Baresic (Gold Coast United, 22, Value $100,000 and rising.)
Josh Kennedy (Nagoya Grampus, J-League Socceroo, 27, Value $2,000,000)

and that makes 13 and a fair bit of football class in those guys.

Have I missed any certain Canberra starters?

Sam Munro and a heap of others running around in NSWPL will be itching to get in the team, not to mention all the guys at the AIS and all Luke's mates in the local Premier League.

Add in a couple of non-Canberran overseas players, maybe a couple of other Aussies and you'd have a squad to compete with any A-League side.

So of course we wouldn't get all these in any one season but the point is Canberra has the talent.


Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Nearpost Radio: Canberra Tech Dir talks football academies

Apologies no National Show podcast this week due to technical difficulties.

Local news and Peter Funnell interviews
Cap Football Tech Director Ian Shaw discusses changes, including costs,trials,games to Cap Football Academy and trip/trials for players to Korea coming up soon



Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Get your Canberra membership

Can't see why they would have left Canberra out even at this stage!


Pissants on the move.

A new fanzine home of Adelaide United..starting with the blog.

Now I've thought it's time to put together an A-League Fanzine, by the fans for the fans with a perspective you just never find in the commercial mags.

Would be easy to put together some of the best bloggers, forum posters from across the country giving their views on our league all in one spot.

Still thinking on this.


A-League leads to World Cup

Too young, too quick, too slow, too fragile, whatever the reason, whatever your code I'm sure you've heard the criticism of the A-League.

But with the Socceroos heading to the FIFA 2010 World Cup few fans would expect to see the squad without a pack of A-League players.

Yes that's right the A-League will be sending a host of players to the World Cup,to one if not the greatest stage in World Sport.

Who would bet against Craig Moore, Chris Coyne, Jason Culina or Mile Sterjovski making the squad.

Add in Jacob Burns, possibly a New Zealand led Shane Smeltz, Costa Rica's Carlos Hernandez at the tournament as well, and who knows how many more local boys will make the grade, maybe it's time for the critics to actually acknowledge what the game is achieving, and the quality going around.

If New Zealand and Costa Rica make the World Cup there maybe as many as 10-15 A-League players heading to South Africa.

Add in Robbie Fowler, Archie Thompson, Charlie Miller and a host of others who have played in International teams, a heap of further Socceroos to return in Season 6 and the signs for A-League growth in quality are clearly increasing.

And while the quality of the league continues to improve it will be our young players, our first Youth League graduates, now starting to stake their claims at their respective A-League clubs who will benefit the most.


Sunday, 12 July 2009

Celtic: Best away supporters in Brisbane.

Well unique at least, and bring colour and atmosphere wherever they go.

31,000 turned up to see Celtic trounce the Brisbane Roar 3-0 today at Suncorp. And a Kiwi Chris Killen got two for the Celts.

And with Fulham and Wolves pulling in around 20,000 and 11,000 this weekend across the wide brown land clearly the Scottish Champions have slightly more fan power than the English Premier League clubs; no surprise there.

And I'm sure anyone at the game today from Brisbane would never have seen an away support like it. Not for Rugby League, Super 14, AFL or our wonderful A-League.

And remember this was just a wee friendly.

And for the record 31,000 was just short or the Roars record crowd which was 32,000 v Sydney FC a couple of years ago.


Er just quietly Canberra down Queensland

Powerhouse in women's football Queensland got beat by the ACT in the Under 15 Championship which started on Saturday.

Under 15 Girls – Group B: Capital Football 3 (G Yeoman-Dale 8’/39’, H Wilkins 56’) Queensland 2 (C Teveluwe 13’, B Lewis 55’), NSW Metro 16 (R Soutar 12’/17’, D Osman 13’/25’/44’, H Makrillos 31’/33’/39’/40’/42’/43’/46’/49’, C Fitzharris 39’, S Brown 55’, C Sciberras 58’) Northern Territory 0



Results Day 1 – Saturday 11th July, 2009

Under 15 Girls – Group A: Football West 1 (T Eastman 11’) Tasmania 0, Northern NSW 3 (M Parfitt 9’, C Smith 25’, S Stapleford 33’) South Australia 0

Under 15 Girls – Group B: Capital Football 3 (G Yeoman-Dale 8’/39’, H Wilkins 56’) Queensland 2 (C Teveluwe 13’, B Lewis 55’), NSW Metro 16 (R Soutar 12’/17’, D Osman 13’/25’/44’, H Makrillos 31’/33’/39’/40’/42’/43’/46’/49’, C Fitzharris 39’, S Brown 55’, C Sciberras 58’) Northern Territory 0

Under 17 Girls – Group A: NSW Country 1 (L Lloyd-Jones 51’) Football West 0, Queensland 2 ( B Whitfield 43’, 70’) Tasmania 0

Under 17 Girls – Group B: Northern NSW 11 (L Hudson 3’/17’, R Dobson 10’/15’/25’/69’, G Burt 22’, M Sochacki 23’, G Pearce 42’, 53’, A Harris 60’) Northern Territory 0, NSW Metro 2 (A Horafios 19’, F Urkanci 24’) Victoria 2 (J Nicolaci 34’, L Donnelly (og) 28’).


Friday, 10 July 2009

Canberra United beginning to stir

Ray Junna United's new Coach is seemingly looking to engage more local talent for Canberra United this season, andLydia Williams set to come home from the USA for United's new season.

For Canberra Times Journo Merryn Sherwood's recent articles in the Canberra Times read on.

By Merryn Sherwood

Last season Cian Maciejewski was the only local premier league player to take part in Canberra's inaugural W-League side.

This year, even Maciejewski thinks that will change.

New United coach Ray Junna started holding trials last week and invited players from all ACT clubs to participate along with ACT Academy of Sport squad members and a selection of NSW players.

''I think it's fantastic that Ray has gone to the local league first and given them that chance,'' Maciejewski said.

''Last year, you could have gone along to training but it's kind of hard to just pick yourself up and go out there by yourself, but this year Ray has really given them the confidence to come in and be part of it.

''It's been great to see so many more girls involved.'' This year's story is different from Maciejewski's.

Maciejewski played in the old women's national league for the Canberra Eclipse.
However, a knee injury meant she spent time out of the game before coming back to play for Belwest in the local women's league where she has played for the past three seasons. This year, it's a host of talented teenagers making their way on to the national stage.

Almost every premier league team has players in the ACT schoolgirls under-15s and under-17s nationals teams who are making a difference. At Belwest, Georgia Yeoman-Dale and Hope Wilkins have impressed, Weston Creek has Aleisha Tupper, Krista Hagan and Elizabeth Pearson and Belconnen United has Erica Weatherly.

Woden Valley has the biggest contingent, with players like Sally Rojahn, Catherine Brown, Grace Field and Ashleigh Palombi all scoring bags of goals in Woden's so far undefeated season.

The biggest issue for Junna could be age restrictions.

This year each W-League team is allowed to have just three under-17 players.
Almost all of the women's premier league players coming through are under that age.
But Maciejewski doesn't think that's a bad thing.

''The W-League can be pretty stressful, maybe some of them their age, they might be a bit too young,'' Maciejewski said.

''But they certainly have potential. There are some great players there.'' Junna is still working out how to balance his squad, which will start to take shape when the W-League registration opens, but is keen for more Canberra-based players.

Last season, the whole 20-player squad didn't train together once, even in the week leading up to the grand final against the Brisbane Roar.
For season two, Junna wants that to change.

Canberra United can officially sign players when the W-League registration period opens on July17.

Williams netting plenty of experience
By Merryn Sherwood

As an understudy to one of the world's best goalkeepers at the Chicago Red Stars, Lydia Williams believes she has learned a great deal and can't wait to bring her form back to Canberra United. After finishing the inaugural season at Canberra United with the second-best defensive record in the league last year, Williams trialled with Chicago in the new American women's professional league club in March and secured a contract.

For the past three months she has trained almost daily, earning enough to live on and has been mentored by one of the world's leading goalkeepers and practised against some of the sharpest female strikers in the world. ''I think Carli Lloyd is the hardest shot to stop in training,'' Williams said. ''So I know if I start stopping her shots regularly then I'll be up there.

''But it's definitely given me a lot of incentive, I think its the most physical competition there is, so being a part of that will improve me a lot.''Williams is yet to take to the field for the team but is happy to be gaining skills to bring back to Canberra when the W-League starts in October.

While no players can be officially signed until July 17, Williams was keen to return to her home team, Canberra United, for its second season.

''I probably won't be playing this season in the [US] league unless Carre [Jonsson] gets injured, but I don't mind at all because she's probably one of the best keepers in the world at the moment,'' Williams told The Canberra Times from Chicago.

''I'm learning so much from her and its only making me better.''''... On crosses I think I'm a lot cleaner now and my foot work has improved, there is a whole lot of things have been cleaned up a little bit.''Williams said the experience had given her incentive to improve.

As the No1 Matildas goalkeeper, she was one of the most experienced players in the W-League. But in America, Williams was was an under-study to Swedish international Caroline Jonsson and is one of the youngest players in the league.

The women's pro soccer league season ends in August.
The official W-League draw is expected to be released in the next fortnight.


Brumbies to take on football? Good enough for Melbourne

The news that Melbourne Victory are set to bid for a Super 15 Rugby Union licence makes so much sense to me.

AFL and Football should create two teams, one club in West Sydney, and of course the Brumbies one of the countries smartest business teams are missing a huge opportunity by not bidding for the A-League4Canberra licence. Probably too late!

Economies of scale, access to the 17,000 footballers and their parents, health benefits for kids playing both games, and further benefits and access to sponsors...across a broader region, not to mention further enhancement of their great brand.

Of course the diehards in both codes won't have a bar of it, but really it makes so much sense....and would the Canberra Raiders wondering wouldn't it.

Nothing against the Raiders, just think the Brumbies with their international exposure would be the better fit, and benefit football most.


Football Fans Priority Offer Ends Wed 15th July

Spread the word, send the link to your network and friends so they don't miss out on the offer


Canberra fans get priority offer.

Central Coast Mariners and A-League4Canberra Foundation Members Priority Offer - Check it out here

A-League4Canberra and the Central Coast Mariners are proud partners in the promotion and development of football in Canberra.

The Mariners, in conjunction with Football Federation Australia, are excited to announce today that we will be playing two Hyundai A-League 2009/10 matches in Canberra on Friday 4 September v Perth Glory @ 8:00pm and Saturday 31 October v Adelaide United @ 7:00pm.

As a member of the Canberra football family, we are pleased to extend you a priority booking period for these matches to ensure you have access to the best available seats.

Tickets are on sale through Ticketek with the priority offer available from 9am Thursday 9 July to 5pm Wednesday 15 July. To access this offer you must quote code CCM when purchasing your tickets at, by calling 132 849 or by visiting a Ticketek outlet.

Ticket prices for pre-purchase Platinum reserved seats are $35 and Gold reserved seats are $24 for adults, $9.00 for kids and $57 for Family tickets (2 adults & 2 children). General admission tickets are $17 for adults, $7.00 for kids and $41 for Family tickets. Student and Concession tickets are also available.

We are also excited to announce a two match pass, available for reserved seating only with Platinum passes $54 and Gold passes $40 for adults, $15 for kids and $95 for Families. With entry to both matches included in this price – its great value!

If you have any enquiries regarding this offer please visit or contact the Mariners on 02 4353 7200.

Make sure you are a part of the action when the Hyundai A-League hits Canberra!


Thursday, 9 July 2009

Mariners to boost Canberra bid

Lyall Gorman, Mariners Chairman said,

“It also gives the A-League for Canberra bid supporters the perfect chance to get behind the game, and further strengthen our support of a truly national competition, with the imminent announcement of the Hyundai A-League’s successful 12th franchise.

Mariners make Capital gains in Hyundai A-League 5

The Central Coast Mariners will spread their wings to Canberra this Hyundai A-League 2009/10 season following today’s confirmation that Canberra Stadium will host the yellow and navy in Rounds 5 and 13 of the club’s fast approaching fifth Hyundai A-League campaign.

The Mariners currently foster close links with football in Canberra through an association with Capital Football. Their current pre-season camp is the third such event in as many seasons, in a bid to expand the Mariners’ Canberran fan base and interact with many of the ACT’s 17,000-strong base of registered footballers.

On Friday 4 September, these links will grow even closer when Canberra Stadium hosts its historic first ever Hyundai A-League fixture – the Mariners’ Round 5 clash against the Perth Glory.

Then, on Saturday 31 October, the Central Coast will return to the nations capital, for a round 13 Halloween clash against Adelaide United.

And Mariners members are set to benefit too, with every Mariners member entitled to a free, reserved seating ticket to either match.

Complimentary tickets for Mariners Members for the round 5 encounter with Perth Glory on Friday 4 September will be available from Monday 13 July, at either the Ticketek outlet at Bluetongue Stadium, or by visiting the Mariners office in Tuggerah during business hours.

Details of the availability of complimentary tickets for the round 13 clash against Adelaide will be made closer to the event.

While Mariners members will pick up free tickets, members of the Canberra Football Family can enjoy a priority booking period on tickets to both matches, which runs until Wednesday 15 July.

Canberra Football Family members will be given a special code to use when booking.

Recently, 20,032 spectators were in attendance at Canberra Stadium for Australia’s AFC Asian Cup qualifier against Kuwait – a match that featured Mariners striker Matt Simon – and it is hoped that similarly impressive numbers will return to Canberra’s outstanding multi-purpose facility when the Mariners bring their Hyundai A-League road show to their home away from home in September and October.

These two fixtures will provide the city’s football lovers a chance to vote with their feet, their attendance also sure to be seen as a show of support for Canberra’s bid for entry into an expanded Hyundai A-League competition.

"We must firstly recognise the vision and foresight of Football Federation Australia, the ACT Government and Capital Football, for seizing this unique opportunity to host these two Hyundai A-League fixtures," said Mariners Executive Chairman Lyall Gorman.

“It also gives the A-League for Canberra bid supporters the perfect chance to get behind the game, and further strengthen our support of a truly national competition, with the imminent announcement of the Hyundai A-League’s successful 12th franchise.

"This very unique situation will see the Central Coast region showcased to the nation’s capital like never before, and the very fact that such an invitation exists in the first place is further vindication of what impact our club has made on the Australian sporting landscape in such a short period of time."

Beyond their matches in Canberra, the Mariners will host fixtures at their iconic Bluetongue Stadium home on eleven occasions throughout the season – starting with a pair of blockbuster derby clashes against the Newcastle Jets and Sydney FC and continuing throughout a seven-month regular season campaign.

As with previous seasons, the Mariners’ have a high concentration of home fixtures throughout the December and January period of the Hyundai A-League 2009/10 season, including the return of the traditional New Year’s Eve fixture, which this year will welcome the visit of the Wellington Phoenix.

“With eleven home matches being played at Bluetongue Stadium in season five, we have been able to maintain membership packages at the same number of home matches as last season, and most importantly, we have held last season’s prices.

“Another advantage, is that Bluetongue Stadium will enjoy a good break between home games through September and October, thus ensuring an optimum period of turf rectification, heading into a busy home game schedule over summer,” Gorman said.

Tickets for these matches range from $7 to $35, with a two match pass on offer, giving fans wishing to attend both games platinum reserved seating tickets for $54, or gold reserve for $15 for kids, $40 for adults, and family passes for just $95.


It's all happening

Prime Minister heads to FIFA HQ to lead the Aussie World Cup bid.
Gold Coast beat Englands seventh best side, 2-1!
Perth sign Socceroo Chris Coyne.

Enjoying the off-season.


A-League4Canberra Media Release

July 9th
Canberra to host Hyundai A-League games: Fans urged to buy tickets early.
The Central Coast Mariners will play two Hyundai A-League games at Canberra Stadium in coming weeks and this is great news for the Canberra A-League bid and all sports fans in the region.

Canberra A-League bid leader Ivan Slavich is delighted, “Canberra supporters have already shown outstanding support for football at the recent Socceroos game played at Canberra Stadium; and now fans of football, and sport, across Canberra and the region have further reason to celebrate.

“I’d urge everyone who wants to see a successful Canberra A-League bid to attend both Central Coast Mariners fixtures to be held at Canberra Stadium in coming weeks. A strong crowd will further enhance our bid and progress,” said Canberra A-League bid Leader Ivan Slavich

“We are delighted there will be a special offer for all Canberra A-League Foundation Members and fans of football. Foundation Members and fans can show their support for the A-League4Canberra bid and top level football in the region by buying tickets to both games and take advantage of the significant discount prior to Wednesday July 15th.
“Football Federation Australia will be watching the level of interest from the region. And we’re expecting a decision on Canberra’s A-League bid in next few weeks,” said Slavich.

Match and ticket details: Tickets are available from Ticketek at
Friday 4th September: Central Coast Mariners v Perth Glory (Canberra Stadium)
Sat 31st October: A-League Central Coast Mariners v Adelaide United (Canberra Stadium)

Slavich added, “Foundation Members can still join and take advantage of this special offer. We are aiming to get as many Foundation Members signed up as possible before the A-League 12th spot decision is made and if you haven’t signed up yet I would urge all sports fans from the surrounding regions to join us now and show your support for Canberra sport.
To sign-up as a Foundation Member go to


Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Johnny Foreigner: A point of difference

When Johnny Foreigner, in the shape of newly-promoted but soon to be relegated Wolverhampton Wanderers steps up in Perth on Friday, closely followed by crack EPL outfit Fulham in Melbourne (I'm joking), one of the best supported clubs in world sport Celtic (I'm not joking)in Brisbane and Shanghai Shenhua in Sydney in coming weeks the new pre-season will be in full swing.

Tickets sale appear strong in Melbourne, Gold Coast and Brisbane and surprisingly mediocre in Perth according to an expectant Glory Chairman Tony Sage.

That said I'm still expecting record crowds to attend an A-League game in Perth Brisbane and of course the Gold Coast who have yet to play!

Are these overseas sides a good thing for our game? Blood oath they are.

Melbourne Victory attracted 43,000 to see a second string Juventus smash them 4-0. And Victory were amazingly outplayed.

Did it improve the profile, or damage the local league? Dunno but our Aussie players will have learnt from it.

It's too early to say if these games will be an annual event, or how many times these friendlies will entice fans to pay good dosh who knows. But surely there has to be more interest in these games than in another Victory v Adelaide pre-seaon game and of course the crowds will be bigger.

Thought one:
What happens if the crowds although healthy by A-League standards don't make it viable to bring overseas teams back? Do we revert to a pre-season comp?

Thought two:
Aussie Clubs need to introduce their new signings thru these games each year.

Thought three:
In the continuing battle between the four codes it's a marvellous way of getting some noise in the Aussie media before the A-League season, plus it's in the middle of the junior season and of course no other code can or appears able to bring overseas teams across for any games (outside of S14 normal season.)

The innovative Brumbies, probably the only innovators in Union or League really, they are currently planning to play a European side in Japan. The Brumbies might lead the way in the other codes, but even that innitiative only leads to Japan. Not much good for your local product, your future.

So football's advantage is the grassroots, and the international game. Bringing the international game to our kids is a great point of difference, hooking the kids to holler for their local team is of course the next part of the journey.

Surely every Aussie kid from Perth will want to see their side beat the English teams Wolves or Fulham. And if they don't it shouldn't be too difficult to get that anti-English feeling thru to our Aussie tackers should it!

Get a few guys around WAFL grounds to shout "come on the Pommies reckon they are gonna thrash our Aussie boys," and the Shed should be sold out in minutes!

Whatever these games provide, you can rest assured Union, League and AFL will be watching with envy.

When was the last time any of these codes attracted an international team with the supporter base of Glasgow Celtic for a pre-season game, and how long have those codes being playing!

With the games been played across Australia, East, West, North(ish) and South that's a noice spread innit.


Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Nearpost tonight

We preview Wellington and Sydney FC
Russ Gibbs, Terry Henry, Lucy Zelic and myself discuss all the weeks Aussie football news and issues.

National Show Download

Local show Download
And locally Peter Funnell and Russ go through all the local news and "Fireside with Peter," hears from local lad Lukas Cole on his trials in England don't miss that.

It's a great interview for any player or parent thinking of taking the "trial" in Europe.


Harry Rednapp: Aussie angle???

Tottenham manager Harry Rednapp was, amazingly, cleared of corruption allegations raised in the book I mention below in the previous post.

With managers on the take the "Brian Clough" or "George Graham" syndrome of getting $100,000 in cash or in Graham's case maybe $500,000 in a Jersey bank account for a player transferring in or out of their club makes for interesting reading and many football fans will have followed these stories.

So when any club is moving in or out an unusual number of players it makes you think dunnit. Is someone in the club on the take?

So Harry Rednapp moved heaps of players in and out of West Ham and Portsmouth and survived the allegations that he was on the take. "Nah just my management style mate," you can hear the crafty cockney saying...or was that Venables!

Has Harry changed his behaviour? Or are Tottenham now shifting more players than goals. Has Harry suddenly changed his management strategy?

Probably only a Tottenham fan could tell, who else follows them?

And in Australia the club that seems to shift more players than any other club to any part of the world as quickly as possible is...

Newcastle Jets.

Hmmmm got me wondering...maybe I should stop reading about transfer deals!


Football is corrupt: Get in while you can!

Ever wondered why so many rich people and wannabees get involved in football. Clearly Reading the book by Tom Bower, Broken Dreams, about the amazing corruption of Brian Clough, Socceroos Boss Terry Venables, Arsenal supremo George Graham and former Leicester player come $25 million dollar income player agent Dennis Roach football is a great way to pocket the odd $200,000 in cash for doing sod all.

Really puts you off professional football, player agents and managers for life. I got the bool from my local library in Canberra so take a peek if you love the wheeling and dealing of football, in England, Croatia, Germany and Italy etc.

There are two chapters alone on Terry Venables, he was considered that corrupt! No wonder Soccer Australia hooked up with him.

A couple of examples:

Dennis Roach wanted $400,000 for negotiating the Olivier Dacourt transfer to Leeds from Lens.

Peter Ridsdale the Leeds Chairman was outraged at such a fee to an agent.

Roach, "Leeds could not have got Dacourt without me. I was the only one in the room who spoke French," came the Agent's justification

Ridsdale reacted, "I spoke English to the Lens Manager."

Or the time when a Spurs recuit was available on a free transfer.

Italian side Brescia were surprised when Tottenham paid $2.8 million for the player from Red Star Belgrade Goran Bunjevcevic. "We were offered him on a free transfer," said the Brescia Chairman.

Of course Dennis Roach, the Cockroach as he was known, managed to turn a free transfer, which Tottenham agreed to into a $1.4 million deal which Spurs paid!

Paul Gascoigne, Chris Waddle, Nicholas Anelka, the list goes on and on. Everyone transferred, only me and you not on the make!

How much do you reckon Ronald's Agent got for that transfer? Pretty difficult one to negotiate.

Ronaldo wanted to go, everyone knew that and of course Real wanted to buy. Worth at least 10% of $160 million I guess or maybe in the Harry Kewell $10 million transfer to Liverpool, the player agent Bernie Mandic was reported to get $4 million a tad more than 10%.


80,000 greet Canberra marquee

Did anyone turn up to greet Australian Rugby's most expensive player Wallabies and Brumbies returning superstar Matt Giteau when he signed on for the Brumbies...well judging by his ads for ACTTAB maybe some ACTTAB staff, but 80,000 turned up to see Ronaldo arrive at Real Madrid.

No game, just Ronnie and his shirt!

Poor old Kaka..he only got 50,000.

So how many will turn out to see the arrival of a Canberra football, or any code for that matter!


Monday, 6 July 2009

Money or your shirt?

These days, the A-League average (salary) is more than $100,000 — a marked increase in a few short years on the sort of wages that were offered (and often not paid by bankrupt clubs) in the old National Soccer League.

Michael Lynch writing in The Age looks at where the A-League can source their next players from. He points to Africa, Asia, including Thailand as a promising recruitment zone.

And while everyone tells you our wages can't compete with Japan, China, and of course Europe or even USA, remember Fred, maybe it's also time to recognise the A-League place in the Australian sporting market.

$100,000 salary average puts the players easily on a par with the National Rugby League and of course John Aloisi, Mile Sterjovski, Craig Moore, Robbie Fowler and many more would be on salaries far higher than most if not all NRL players running around at suburban clubs in Sydney.

And broadly, Union players would be comparable to the A-League due to Wallabies contracts, but only AFL at the top end paying a larger number of players in their squads more than $500,000.

So the message is clear for football in Australia; football is as lucrative a profession as any other football code after just 4 years, and of course only football, and to a lesser extent Union in Europe and maybe Japan, and League in UK, can offer an increased overseas wage.

Either way if it's about money, these days football is right in the mix, for Aussies playing in Australia.

And of course for the Union/League boys, a lucrative overseas contract at a young age means no Wallabies ticket. A dilemma football, it seems, has already solved.


Sunday, 5 July 2009

Kaka plays AFL:)

Anyone seen the Kaka ad recently, you know the one selling Sony TV's, with Kaka, the celebrity, and the skill set.

Well Channel 7 have gone one better.


Canberra: Where it's mate against mate...forever!

The lads of Canberra, mates, Aussie till the end can continue to look forward to playing against their mates in the Kanga Cup, next week at 10 and then every year thru to 18 and then continue to play against their mates in the local leagues and maybe one day in the local Premier League, and then the lower leagues as they get older and finally again in the Masters.

We really are the epitome of mate against mate.

While Canberra waits for a decision on it's A-League bid, once again our Young boys have missed out on further development.

The FFA have announced the AIS will play in this year's Hyundai A-League Youth League. No that's not a Canberra team, merely a team with the best players in Australia playing in Canberra!

But surely a Canberra team, with a squad of 20 players from Canberra and the region could have got into the League by now.

We got a Women's team in so we know how to work with the FFA!

John Mitchell nearly got the nod last year, when he reached out to Wellington Phoenix, themselves in need of a Youth team or that should be STILL in need of a Youth team, but that was blocked. Nice try John, but maybe too visionary!

Indeed the recent review of Canberra football identified clearly the missing pathways for our players. It compared them to the Brumbies and showed our players had nowhere to go at any age.

You didn't have to pay for that advice did you?

Capital Football Board took up the reigns briefly but decided against joining or supporting a Phoenix proposal, or indeed a Canberra FC proposal or any proposal. And don't seem to have revisited the idea or have anything significant in place for this age group.

And still the youth of Canberra flounder, running around in the local Premier League losing further ground behind a player training and playing in the Youth League, or running off to other Club's in other States desperate for what cost?

And what now for our 17 and 18 year olds?

While everyone waits for a Canberra A-League team, will it be a panecea for all our ills? No! And god help our kids if we don't get a team because there is nothing else in the pipeline it seems.

Even the cashed up Gold Coast and new Townsville side haven't got a Youth team yet so one would expect a Canberra Youth side would have to wait even further should we get a team in.

The Youth side should have been a priority for Capital Football, by hook or by crook over the last couple of years and then handed over to an A-League side if and when it was admitted and could be financially sustained.

Why it hasn't been is beyond me. Has it even been considered?
What's the plan if the Canberra A-League bid is rejected. Has anyone heard it? There must be one right?

When will we see some, if any progress, for our Youth(boys).

Or do we just have to wait for an A-League team and then maybe in a further two or three years we might get a Youth team.

Clearly if ANU, or Canberra FC can do it then we should let them. Or any other private group.

Because Capital Football and it's Board clearly don't have the desire, or the funds to pull this one off. And why should they?

They have enough to do in my view, and running a club side is beyond most local administrations. They should empower others to get on with it and now!

For now all our best 18 years olds can do to hold onto any possible football dream is to move from Canberra as quick as possible.

Set themselves up in another city at 18, and hope to get a gig at an A-League side or try and win a contract through some TV show. Not really a great outcome for out huge junior player base is it.

I hope I'm wrong on this but Plan B needed and now!

With so many boys playing in the Kanga Cup this week, we need to be demanding progress possibilities for our boys.

A Youth team
A NSW Premier League team, or even two.

These are bigger priorities, to me, for Capital Football than the review of the local Premier League.

Is the best our boys can do is play football in the Canberra incubator, locked away from the real world.

Mate against mate....forever!


Man Utd: He's not Nicky Carle

Man United lost Ronaldo, the freak goal-scoring machine. Let's face it, United aren't a one man team, but without him and his goals, no championships and no Euro finals in the last three years in my view.

So they've spent their money on who.

Michael Owen...and even he was free! Bet the fans can't wait to see Owen in that new Rugby League shirt. Channel Nine Commentators will be shouting that it's further proof about their great game!

God love them. Owen will score for United, even I could, but he won't win them a title or European title.

I'll guess there will be further buys but is it possible we could see United outside the four.

Who next Mark Viduka, surely not. But he is free!


Aussie World Cup Fever

Over 50,000 Aussies applied for South African World Cup tickets, and 27,000 were lucky enough to get one.

And this was before we qualified, making us the fifth biggest nation of ticket applicants; a list that included England, USA and Canada!

Organisers are expecting a further surge from Australian fans now that we've confirmed qualification.

And of course it shows the interest to FIFA of Australian's, and can't harm our World Cup bid can it!

And we've sent yer man Kevin Rudd off to FIFA this week in Switzerland to do a bit of work for football.

Nice one PM.


Friday, 3 July 2009

Nearpost Radio reaching out

station location
2ARM Armidale NSW
3UGE UG FM Alexandra VIC
4NSA Noosa Heads QLD
2TLC Yamba NSW

Here's a list of some stations who take our Nearpost national football show live on Tuesday at 6.30pm or on the national network Wednesday 6.30. You can of course stream us from the website every Tuesday at 6.30 or catch the podcast on this blog every Wednesday.

Costa Rica, South Africa, Japan, Singapore, Germany and this week Scotland are just some of the places we have heard from listeners. And of course across Australia fans of football are turning to various sources for their football coverage.

T'internet is an amazing thing and with Kozzie and Alosi's Net TV show, other podcasts and radio shows increasing, 442 Magazine/website, Channel 9 TV, Fox 8 Football Superstar, Fox Sports and many more we are seeing a significant increase in football content across the land over the years

You can only expect it to continue, and the last frontiers await...national newspapers and free-to-air TV.

Be interesting to see how the build up to the World Cup is exploited by the media, and to football's long-term advantage, this time.


Aussie's Greatest to return? .

Australia's greatest ever player Mark Viduka looks sets to attempt to finish his career in the style a player of his ability deserved.

The Duke never played for a top side other than Celtic in Scotland, flirting with Leeds who were in the Dukes day on a roll for awhile.

Middlesboro and Newcastle; what was that all about.

So it was great to see the most talented or okay one of the most talented Aussies to reach the pinnacle, the World Cup in Germany, when let's face it we all thought he play out his career in some relegation battle up north.

And who else can allow a team to hang off him and see Tim Cahill, Mark Bresciano and Brett Emerton confidently take on the world.

If he is back, and does get to South Africa, in as good shape as a slow 34 year old can be, FIFA should increase our rankings from the current 16 to 10 based on that fact alone.

Or will a slower, older Viduka drag the team and team selection down?

Who knows but I'd love to see him in the squad, fit and ready to end his topflight career on the World's finest sporting stage.

Shame on the Aussie Frequent Flyer ACQ who might miss out as a result, but that's life innit, just ask Bruce Djite at the not again surely Bruce!

Type rest of the post here


Nice one Branko!


I don't want the job, I'm still bitter about my experience at Sydney.


Can't wait to get started.

Someone loves you in football land Branko, and not just Les Murray,

There are only 10 A-League jobs in the country and only one position up for grabs this year so far, and yer man the blast from the past....with let's face it a pretty ordinary success record, got it.

Got to love the spin


England..well maybe Germany

Canberra football star Josip Simunic has often stated his desire to play in England so it was a little surprising to see him sign for German shock side Hoffenheim.

After ten years in Berlin playing in front of 75,000 fans on many occasions, playing for Hoffenhiem, who must be cashed up given their tiny town, will be a "new challenge."

Joe is 31 so this could be his last major move. Where next Croatia or Canberra?


Wednesday, 1 July 2009

A-League for Canberra

It's July. Will Canberra get the nod this month?

Can we dare to dream, or will the journey end in tears?
One thing for sure is we haven't died wondering, we're in there fighting for our lives.

Will Canberra be taking the field in twelve months time, three weeks after the World Cup.

And if we are can you imagine the football talk around town over the next 12 months as the club takes shape, players are discussed a Coach is signed.


Football Passion Kaka style

When Matt Giteau signed for the Brumbies their was an outpouring of sorts from the Canberra Rugby fan base, Ben Cousins in AFL joining Richmond had an impressive turnout but 50,000 turning out to see Kaka as he arrives at the Bernabau outdid them all.


Nearpost Podcast

Nationally we cover the Jets, Van Egmond, Branko's appointment and start our A-League Season 5 review.

Gold Coast insider Bernie Lustica, Russ Gibbs and myself take a look at Gold Coast United and North Queensland Fury.

National Download

Locally Russ and Peter Funnell cover all the local news and Peter Funnell's "Fireside with Funnell" this week is Eddie Senatore.

Every week Peter has an interview with a someone from the local football community, with a story an idea or opinion to tell. With over 17,000 players plus coaches, refs, parents, volunteers and administrators getting interesting and quality material is never a problem.

Peter talks to Eddie Senatore about his exciting and somewhat radical proposals for Futsal in Canberra. Bring it on!
Local Download

And next week "Fireside with Funnell" hears from Lukas Cole, 16, Woden Valley junior just back from his trial with Blackburn and Notts Forest in the UK. Every boys dream?