Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Pissants on the move.

A new fanzine home of Adelaide United..starting with the blog.

Now I've thought it's time to put together an A-League Fanzine, by the fans for the fans with a perspective you just never find in the commercial mags.

Would be easy to put together some of the best bloggers, forum posters from across the country giving their views on our league all in one spot.

Still thinking on this.

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Anonymous said...

I think it's a good idea, you may be best to deliver it Eamonn as a kind of "neutral" but also the fact it is coming out of the capital, as one of the issues with Australia is that we have multiple power bases and we are still in the organic stage where often partisan issues can come into it. Obviously we have Melbourne and Sydney for example, we had to build Canberra as a new capital because of this, and in football terms Sydney are stronger at grassroots side of the coin whereas Melbourne is stronger in the upper tier with more members and progressively run club etc so it all generally balances out

I have often written a few "moderate" articles in the Melbourne IFM magazine and even the BWB fanzine although they are quite rare

PM me on the Melbourne Victory Forum (your hannef right) and we can talk in more detail