Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Podcast national fails!

Apologies to fans of the National show this week due I pressed the wrong record'd think after two years I'd get it right....and the Station is having a few issues!!!!

Locally we have another great show. Peter Funnell wonders if Vikings wouldn't be better off running Futsal in Canberra. (How is it possible that we have no Futsal facilities of our own?)

Alfred Galustian, Head of Coerver and new Tech Advisor to the FFA, Ray Junna Canberra United update us on the latest in Coerver development and of course Ray talks us theough United's first win.

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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Nearpost Podcast is here! Rejoice!

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We got all the issues from Jesse Fink to Fozzie, Socceroos to Dan Silkman, Greg Baum, to Ange Postecoglou, Ben Kennedy replaces Tando Velaphi, where should Harry play, should Dario play, why Aussies are sick of the Socceroos...well the Aussie media, is the A_League's all here, quiz questions and more football info and news than a FTA Commercial station...ever!

Local show talks to John Mitchell. What is his program for the ANU, why are they training like they are, do they even match your club, and what is their summer football program. How many games are they playing against A-League clubs?????

Peter Funnell gives an initial assessment of the High Performance program in Canberra

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Canberra Primary School goes High Performance

A girls only High Performance football program was offered by Players FC at Turner Primary School here in Canberra. It started yesterday.

16 places available, 19 girls signed up for the seven week course, ($70 per child), with minimal promotion. Didn't even make the school newsletter.

On the Turner Oval, Yr 3-6 girls come out of school at 3pm, ate, drank and then in time played football, did their drills, exercises and games under licensed coaches. A curriculum on display, leadership goals, and improved outcomes for all involved.

Parents pick them up at 5pm...tired, but safe. No driving to and fro, no distance, and no hassle for kids and perhaps more importantly for the parents.

I like this model. Version 1.


Half-Time Heroes better than ever!

There is a new website, a new look to the Aussie football emag and you can get it from the above link.

I've dropped out but don't let that stop you taking a look at the new, smaller and im my view improved HTH.

Easier to read, and more football than you could ever want...and it's free. Con Stamocostas is the man driving this baby now and I reckon he's come up with a great format for version 3. Check it out for yourself.


Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Nearpost Radio Podcasts: John Mitchell Canberra Visionary

Nationally download Who are the last seven teams to qualify for the last SIX world Cups (not England) and we tell you why Paddy Bordier thinks Nicky over Holman and Eamonn says no way.

Russ Gibbs W-League wrap, did they count the Gold Coast Ambo's who attended to Clive Palmer in the crowd numbers at the Roar game on the weekend.

We dedicate the show to former SBS and 2Ky commentator Paul Williams. Farewell Paul

Locally we're all action!

Peter Funnell talks to John Mitchell. One of Canberra football's leading football thinkers and Coaches, and like all visionaries he has his knockers....(who else is ahead of him though and which club....can't see anyone myself). John is not just talking the talk he's doing it. If you have a young player serious about his football, post 16,...I mean the only program worth consdering in my view and the other "big" clubs need to match the intensity.

As Belco and Canberrra FC Under 20's head to Hawker to play Woden and Tuggies this summer, have a listen to the ANU program and why indeed this isn't being promoted and supported much more strongly by Capital Fooball as the Premier Development program for our young boys particularly if as rumours suggest there will be no HP program for our 17 and 20 we say good bye to future Luke Pilkington's at just 16 or 17 or say hello to ANU....anyone got a better plan going in Canberra?????

Anyone even got a plan to develop our boys post 16 in Canberra?


Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Nearpost Podcasts: A-League crowds up, and who gets your Futsal money

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Nationally we cover Fozzie on the Young Socceroos, A-League, crowds, Danny Tiatto, Robbie Kruse,how did that Ref miss the Perf goal, Alex Brosque, Chris Grossman, why the Celtic crowd are louder thanBordeaux, even Liverpool but it was The Cove who took Paddy's breadth away, W-League, quiz questions and more and Lucy Zelic thinks Melbourne will beat Sydney FC.

What does she know?..oh and why we love SMH's Adele's all here..

Locally we hear from Canberra United Coach Ray Junna.

And with the ACT Futsal season about to start...yes it's another short season of futsal just 16 weeks, Peter Funnell talks to the CEO of Viking Futsal.

Recently someone pointed out to me that local Futsal is exploding with over 1500 kids northside alone, bringing in $240,000 in revenue.

Does that money stay in the game or head perhaps to ....netball through it's centre.

Vikings Futsal keeps every cent in the game, build resources and send all Futsal teams to championships FREE, send Refs abroad, but keep every cent in the game for the game, it's players and the kids AND they pay their staff/administrators.

Surely Vikings is a model for Futsal ACT and indeed every outdoor club over about 600 kids.

Think of the future. Will we ever have our own courts, resources for our kids??????
Will we ever pay those who do the hard yards in organising these huge and growing tournaments?



Sunday, 4 October 2009

Aussie Technical Revolution: Starts at Full-Back

Gabriel Heinze, Roberta Carlos, Patrice Evra, Danny McGrain, Ashley Cole, Daniel Mullen and Matthew Jurman.

The first five are tecnically adept full-backs playing with some style in their teams, the last are centre-backs placed into the Australian national team to play full-back in a World Cup. Ouch!

Now you know this, and I know this, but any Coach who puts these two players into this role means you can't attack, you can't control the game and you can't get a forward cross or interchange with skill and pace from wide.

In essence you shouldn't be at the World Cup if that is the beat pair of modern full-backs we can produce.

Surely there are a couple of young wingers across Australia with a heap of skill who we could have converted, a la Lucas Neill, into technically sound attacking full-backs.


Danny Tiatto: Same back to you mate!

I saw you Danny putting your finger up to me on the big screen.

Well i did it back louder and longer.

Robbie Kruse v Tiatto and co, great stuff. Fozzie might not have liked it, but Bozzo loved to.

Great game, particularly that first half, and great to see Danny Allsopp out of the Victory side.

Archie, Ney Fabiano, Carlos Hernandez and Robbie Kruse back to his best...well almost as good as the Gold Coast this mob.

Great crowds in Perth and Melbourne, Wellington outclassing the Gold Coast. This round of A-League is half over but it's been great to watch

With Canberra United getting flogged in the W-League and Brazil beating our young guns this morning..too much Aussie football is never enough.

Thank God for the Rugby League Grand Final...a chance to turn off the telly for a day, although it seems like the Brazil game was yesterday..only this morning apparently.. with over 10,000 expected in Adelaide and Sydney maybe this game is going to survive without Canberra after all!

With the Socceroos to come next week and Canberra's number 1 New Zealand fan desperate to see them at the World Cup...should be a great week for football.


FFA: What is your strategic plan for Canberra?

FFA: Show us your plan for elite football in the capital region.....

you do have a plan don't you and what part of the strategic plan covers the Capital tell!


Canberra: FFA not welcome in this Capital

Canberra Times journo David Jean has told the FFA to "get stuffed," in his Saturday article re;further A-League games in Canberra; although I don't recall David being front and centre as a Canberra A-League football supporter, perhaps not as anti as his mate Peter (I hate Canberra Football) Fitzgerald....but good article have hit the mood of the Canberra sporting public...

and I've had more than a few people telling me that is exactly how they feel.

Also a mother and daughter told me they not only recognise FFA Chief Ben Buckley on the telly but they boo when he comes on! Well done Ben!

And so the anecdotes and feeling continues from the FFA's appalling 12th Bid Licence process.

Face it, FFA you stuffed it big time. You might never have wanted Canberra, but it will take some smoozing to get the locals behind your business it seems. And you do want your business to grow don't you?

I'll take a Youth team in 2010, and two places in the NSW Premier League Comp and a provisional licence to the A-League at any date of your choice.