Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Win or lose: Frank Lowy should be saluted.


A statue at every football stadium in Australia?

The Frank Lowy FFA Cup?

It really would be the most wonderful thing for Australia, sport and as a country if we got the World Cup.

Having said that should we lose Frank should be honoured in some way by the football community.

We've come so far and despite the skeptics, we're in the race...we think!


Nearpost Poddie: Will we win the Bid?

Lucy Zelic, Paddy Bordier, and Eamonn Flanagan talk and spin all things Aussie football.

How many football poddies only cover Aussie football?

We are clearly Australia's number one football poddie, apart from all the others, We discuss all the news from Australian football. What more could you wish for from the Australian media?

World Cup 2022, World Cup 2011, Ange v Arnie, Flores and that pass, Beckham,we got it all.

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Crowds for women's sport

"The support has been tremendous at recent matches. 45,000 came to our game with Brazil in Frankfurt, and it was 30,000 for the USA match in Augsburg. Not so very long ago, figures like that would have been beyond our wildest dreams."


Wonderful crowds for women's football. Should be a great World Cup in Germany next year with many fans travelling from European nations to showcase the game.

Few Aussies will be there as well no doubt.


Bribe Allegation: Just had to be Jack (Warner)

You knew when FIFA Bribery was being talked of Jack Warner would be in the allegation mix.

And he is.

From the Guardian:

Jack Warner:

Who is he? He has been the president of the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (Concacaf) since 1990 and a Fifa executive committee member for 27 years, and is a Fifa vice-president.

What are the allegations? That Warner ordered $84,240 worth of tickets for World Cup matches in South Africa this summer, in order to sell them on to ticket touts. If that had happened, it would certainly be a breach of Fifa rules; the programme describes it as "continued involvement in the corrupt sale of World Cup tickets". Warner declined to comment.

Is this new? Yes. Warner has previous form. In 2006, auditors Ernst and Young identified tickets bought in Warner's name for the World Cup in Germany were resold for three times the face value. A Fifa investigation subsequently found Warner's son Daryan played an active role, but "no concrete evidence" that Warner himself had been involved. Panorama claims Fifa privately ordered Warner's family company to donate $1m to charity to "compensate" for the money made from selling on the tickets.

What is the impact? Serious, depending how solidly it can be proven that the tickets were intended for resale. England's 2018 World Cup bid team has assiduously courted Warner for his votes.


Battle of Aussies :Did Arnie bottle it?

The A-League is improving, even SBS says so, so it must be. In part, or mostly, it's due to the quality of our coaches.

But it's the much maligned Aussie Coaches, Ange Postecoglou, and former Socceroos Coach Graham Arnold who have been putting pride back into the local game and coaching fraternity. Even SBS think they have improved!

So when the two new heavyweights of Australian Coaching met on Sunday to me it was always going to be the highlight of the weekend...forget Beckham.

The Roar under Ange on fire, no real superstars though some would disagree with me there, but a flowing brand of football rarely seen by Australian clubs.

The Mariners; truly transformed with six new players, ball players and a Gus Hiddink, Pim Verbeek trained Coach in Graham Arnold.

So it was terribly disappointing to see Arnie completely change his team, by dropping Daniel McBreen, and in effect concede possession and space to the most confident ball playing team in the league.

Arnie flopped on his tactical test. The scoreline, 3-0 after 20 minutes supports this view. 5-1 all up confirms it.

Ange; he wasn't tested. Merely set the team out, as normal and off they went. If anything he may have told Eric Paartalu to mark, tightly, Mustafa Armini, but the young kid was so tired from his midweek bounces off Kasey Wehrmann Eric never had to move.

Arnie's confidence in his team, his own tactics went missing. Sure he doesn't have the complete squad, missing a forward or two to add real potency but the team has been playing well enough in recent games against the Jets, and Gold Coast despite no wins, to suggest Arnie's current mob and style could have challenged the Roar.

They did nothing.

Worse they looked like a rabble. Without energy, a plan, or confidence.

The Mariners will never get beaten again by the rampaging Roar, not this season.

Arnie will surely play a stronger formation next time?

Or will he?

At the moment Arnie may have come from Gus, but it's Ange that leads the tactical way in Australia - by some margin.

With Aurelio Vidmar, Branko Culina, Gary Van Egmond, and Miron Bleiberg there are a number of Aussie Coaches playing attractive football at times and not just this year. SBS don't seem to realise that.

Despite being the most successful coach in the A-League Ernie Merrick still has to convince this blog writer that he has the talent and tactical nous to produce a credible performance in Asia. Even in one game.

Aurelio, Gary and Branko did it over and over.

Laurie Mckinna arguably did better than Ernie.

For now it's the local game, local focus and Arnie flopped.

Will he learn from this tactical annihilation?


Aussie football media: Where are you?

Come out come out wherever you are.

1. Australia, FFA or Government has given $5 million to the AFC, no problems from me, but it hasn't been trumpeted loud and proud by anyone from either group. Weird?

And the Aussie media, the football media, are so limited in their analysis of the game and the issues surrounding it that they haven't even asked a question...of anyone!

2. Asian Football Under 20 Leading Scorer is an Aussie. Kerim Bulet. He playes in Czech Republic we are told.

After blazing a way in Asia at the recent Asia tournament for the Young Socceroos he never returned to his club, so it seems. And got into, allegedly some gang stuff in Sydney.

Not one of our leading football writers from SBS, 442, SMH/AGE or even (ahem) The Australian..okay stop laughing, have found out anything about our future Socceroo.

Remember some people wanted him in the team for the Asian Cup - only it seems if it's played in gaol.

But why hasn't someone found out why he didn't return to his club - they were expecting him back - like all normal contracted players do once they finish with their national team.

What's the story - there is one, a football one, but Aussie football media are sometimes asleep at the wheel.


World Cup: Australia v Brazil

Australia will play Brazil, Norway and Equitorial Guinea in the FIFA Women's World Cup in Germany 2011.

Good draw for Australia - but the Asian Champions will be severely tested by Brazil and former powerhouse, but declining power Norway.

The Nearpost knows nothing about Equitorial Guinea.

Two teams will go through - edge of the seat stuff I guess.


Monday, 29 November 2010

We want England tomorrow

Tomorrow morning (5.25am AEDT) the top 16 women's football nations will turn their attentions to the Frankfurt Congress Centre as the Final Draw for the FIFA Women's World Cup 2011™ takes place. As well as hosts and two-time world champions Germany, the other 15 qualified teams will find out who they will be facing in the group stages of the tournament, which takes place between 26 June and 17 July 2011.

The 50-minute ceremony begins at 19:25 CET (5.25am AEDT) and will be broadcast live on

Westfield Matildas Head Coach Tom Sermanni will be in attendance at the draw.

Four groups, nine stadiums, 16 teams and 32 matches - all will be revealed as Germany 2011 finally begins to take shape.


FIFA showing their true humanity?

If Australia hasn't bribed and paid the big dollars to the FIFA members are we really in within a chance of winning the World Cup 2022? Seems not.

You can guarantee Qatar has paid.

But Benny and Frank say we haven't.

So what chance us?

SonntagsZeitung reported today: (Translation)

Four days after the designation of host countries for the World 2018 and 2022, the Swiss newspaper SonntagsZeitung reported today that new suspicions of corruption within FIFA.

The Sunday newspaper reveals the existence of a list with the names of members of Fifa who received "payments of several million."

Asked by SonntagsZeitung, a Swiss resident, who had access to the list, said that members of the executive committee of FIFA are hiding behind the "corporate mailboxes" on the document. The paper said that a known member of the IOC also appears among the names.

These new suspicions are the result of the suspension on Nov. 18 of two members of the executive committee of Fifa after the Sunday Times had revealed in a survey that they had demanded money in exchange for their votes for the award of World Cups 2018 and 2022. Furthermore, the BBC should broadcast a documentary tomorrow too suggestive cases of corruption within FIFA.


Sunday, 28 November 2010

Qatar - no way.

Of course I want Australia to win the 2022 World Cup Bid, I'm such an Aussie optimist I still think we could win the 2018 as well - despite us pulling out some time ago.

For 2018 I'd be happy for Russia to get it. Spain/Portugal ho hum, but great for fans of course. And England - that would be nice for them but I feel no great excitement at an English World Cup.

But I'm only interested in 2022.

If Qatar win - it will provide further disgust with the game of football and it's administrators. It would be a disgrace, to the world, and to the environment. A win bought and paid for, both now and in the coming years. No model for a game supposedly setting the standards for the World of Sport.

How can the Head of the AFC Mohamed Bin Hamman be promoting so loudly and proudly his own country at the expense, and voting expense, of all Asian nations.

And the USA - can we really beat them? All Stadiums ready to go already - MSL crowds and Beckham, Henry and the like building the game over and over. Do they need a World Cup?

For us; we are a small nation, albeit attached to Asia and it's crucial timezones and population. Animosity from the other codes, maybe it will help to assist FIFA make their choice in our favour.

If they don't give the game to one of the wealthy countries such as Australia, perhaps the wealthiest country with the least developed football and football infrastructure in the World, this country may remain aloof from the professional World Game in a meaningful way forever.

Do such things matter? To FIFA?

Will FIFA look at what is good for the game, for them individually, who knows how they decide?

If we win we'll celebrate for 11 years on this blog alone.


Beckham - no Heart

I know, I know it didn't mean anything. The Jets v Beckham and Donovan Landon, Ricketts and co.

But I turned it on to see the crowd. A full stadium.

And then when Landon Donovan punched one in early and the A-League in the form of the Jets were being outclassed I found myself hoping it wouldn't be ugly and that Australian football would do okay.

Then Juninho scored and the game was still only ten minutes in. Fortunately it was disallowed.

And the Jets despite having half their team out began to stir.

I know it was only a friendly but seeing the Jets taking it to the Galaxy it felt good, and when Sasho Petrovski threatened and then scored, I was into it.

The Commentators pathetically discussed Beckham this and Beckham that. Pap! But I was watching.

And the Jets played well. Ali Abbas, Kasey Wehrmann, Nicolai Topor-Stanley, Ahmed Elrich were excellent. And the Young Jets stood tall in front of their biggest crowd ever. Some fine football throughout.

After it was all over - I turned to the Heart, a team I normally enjoy watching, but with few in attendance and the opposing team being Sydney FC, I just couldn't.

It ended 0-0.


Too much football is...too much...for Gosford and Arnie.

The Brisbane Roar came to town but no-one wanted to watch them, the so-called best team in Australia ever - against a resurgent and increasingly stylish Mariners.

Maybe all the Mariners fans had headed to watch Beckham and co; after all where else did those 23,000 Novacastrians come from?

Maybe there is, as we seem to think, a very limited market for football, match goers in Australia.

A Rugby League clash in Newcastle may well have seen a big crowd back up in Gosford the next day. Football didn't.

What the fans did miss was an annihilation of the home team.

The Roar were simply too smart - and re-born Coach Graham Arnold failed his first real test. Arnie simply lacked belief in his own team, it's own style and made a cardinal sin.

By withdrawing Daniel McBreen and playing just one striker, at home, Arnie handed territory and possession to the team who simply have thrived on possession and territory in the final third all year. Why would you?

And so Mustafa Armini and co were simply passed off the park. Or indeed run off the park.

It was embarassing early as three goals flew in. And the game was done and dusted.

Arnie's team is not a bad team. Today they were. Arnie is not yet, the complete coach.

Ange Postecoglou however is still to be really tested in the coaching stakes, this season at least.

The Roar have set the standard. Maybe the Gold Coast will have the resolve, certainly more than the Mariners to test their neighbours. If they get their full side settled they and Adelaide could test the Roar - maybe.

Of course Melbourne Victory with Archie back may have a say.

For now it's the Roar and daylight. And great to see Mitch Nicholls fulfilling his promise.

Roar 5 - Mariners 1 in Gosford!


Saturday, 27 November 2010

FFA spends $5 million in Asia?

Anyone else noticed that the "cashed-up" FFA spent $5 million last week.

FFA gave the AFC $5 million for football development programs.

I've no problem with that but since when did the FFA have $5 million to give anyone - maybe $100,000!

Or did it come from the Federal Government - if so why hasn't it been announced or indeed is it part of our World Cup Bid?

And if our annual budget is $95 million, that is a big proportion of our budget going o/s.

Maybe it came from the AFL! They seem to be onboard now talking up the World Cup Bid just one week out.

And guess who'll be gloating one minute after if we don't get it!


Follow our man in Brazil!/Craig_Foster

Craig Foster is in Brazil - his tweets are fascinating. Interested in football beyond your own game - check out Fozzie's Twitteroos.


The Reverse Pass - Flores, Ramsey and Friday footy

Friday football on Fox in Adelaide. You can't beat it.

And the game between United and Gold Coast didn't let us down. The quality of the football put the NSL lovers to bed once and for all - even anti-football naysayers would have been impressed withe visual splendour on and off the field.

We're faster, more technical, more tactical than we ever were in the NSL, and last nights game proved it once more. We're moving to another level again and again. And with the stadium packed in Red, the off-field atmosphere is fantastic.

Enter Marcos Flores, one pass just one, opened up the game. But what a pass, a one-two no doubt but with a twist, a chip, and precision rolled into one. Paul Reid couldn't miss. He didn't.

I laughed as Bruce Djite cushioned a ball back to Bas Van Den Brink, I'd seen the Dutchman's woeful earlier effort. And I laughed more when Van Den Brink's second effort screamed past Galekovic on the stroke or just past the stroke of half-time.

And Iain Ramsey let's not forget the young bloke. Sydney FC having released the kid last season can only watch as yet another creative innovative forward causes havoc in the final third...for another team!

This time he provided the winner, his fourth assist of the season on top of his three goals, but he provides so much more on the left.

A great game, plenty of nip and tuck and excellent ball control throughout as both sides tried to pull/push their opponents apart looking for that crucial opening.

Organised teams can stop goals, even win games, but even the Gold Coast as good as they are couldn't stop a Flores piece of magic and a mobile Paul Reid.


Friday, 26 November 2010

FTA: I think football won?

All the Socceroos World Cup qualifiers will be on FTA TV from 2013.

That's the outcome of the Aussie Governments latest unique anti-siphoning tv deal.

Finally Australians will get to see some Australian football on fta tv - maybe then the game can start to develop a larger, rusted on interest with our grassroots.

Aussie kids and parents can watch the game they actually play - finally!

But what will it do to the crucial FFA revenue.

Currently FFA get $17 million per year from Fox for all Socceroos and A-League games but most of that money is said to be from the Socceroos component.

Will this money, in total, be matched or increased by splitting the Socceroos and A-League games? Football for survival must increase it's revenue or further struggle.

With the A-League appearing in the top ten programs on Fox regularly throughout the Summer season hopes of the league standing on it's own two feet financially and bringing in further revenues from TV might not be totally unrealistic.

Competition from a FTA company would, of course, secure an increase.

FTA coverage of football will be hopeless if coverage of other sports codes in Australia is anything to go by but that's a different issue.

Of course the Socceroos have more than just World Cup qualifiers to sell.

Add in the Asian Cup Qualifiers and Socceroo friendlies and there is still a worthy product for Fox to pay for and increase their spend.

Additionally which FTA station actually take the Socceroos qualifiers will be interesting to see. Could there be competition from more that one station?

If so, and you'd think so, Australian football will have really, truly entered the mainstream. Until now FTA stations have run from football indeed in Channel 7 they actually bought the rights for $1 million per year in 1997; with the sole intention of ensuring the game was never shown on FTA.

How such a Station 7,9 or 10 will promote and run the Socceroos games and indeed what they will do for football in terms of promotion around these games will be interesting and crucial for the future of the game.

FTA channels pump their news full of whatever sports they are showing. Finally some channel will be talking up football to millions of their viewers over and over. And mostly it will be positive football talk.

What impact will that have on the next generations?

Who knows how much the Socceroos alone are worth?

Football has never had a mainstream FTA bidding for and promoting the game.

The interest in the Socceroos will be as high as State of Origin or the Ashes overtime and of course there are many more World Cup qualifiers than State of Origin games.

And you can expect some huge viewing figures particularly when Australia play China, India, Japan etc.

Wonder if the FFA or the FTA TV station get to sell those rights to Foreign Countries as part of the deal - if so they could add significant revenues to the FFA coffers.

Interesting times ahead for football but it's worth noting that FFA CEO Ben Buckley was lobbying hard to keep all football and paytv or so we are told.

That suggests despite Australians finally getting to see football the FFA may not actually achieve the increased revenues the rest of the game so desperately needs.

If this is true, football might just be the loser from the anti-siphoning rules once again.


Thursday, 25 November 2010

Friday night drool: Adelaide United v Gold Coast

After watching hours of cricket it'll be time for some sport, sport with excitement, sport that gets an outcome in 90 minutes not five days.

And Friday night football at Hindmarsh - bring it on.

Adelaide United v Gold Coast United.

Two strong teams, tactically with a number of talented individuals on the park.

Did you see young Aussie Iain Ramsey's skilfull composed finish for Adelaide last week - class, sheer Aussie class.

And fire up for more football this weekend, my pics are Saturday: the Heart at home to Sydney - don't miss that one and of course Mustafa Amini v Brisbane Roar on Sunday.

Goose bumps!


Jesse Fink: Asia truly baffling - for you?

SBS Commentator and Football Writer Jesse Fink called it at the AFC Awards last night. And of course we all get it right with hindsight. although I probably get it wrong even with hindsight, but.....

Newly minted Socceroos player Sasa Ognenovski is of main interest for parochial reasons, being shortlisted for AFC Player of the Year, with Australians featuring in seven other categories: including Kate Gill up for AFC Women’s Player of the Year.

But I wouldn’t expect much return for the Aussies. At this event you get a fair idea of Australia’s true place in Asia very quickly and that, as I see it, is at the back of the room, near the exit for the toilets

In case you didn't know:

Kate Gill won Asian Player of the Year, Sasa Ognenovski the male AFC Player of the Year and the Matildas won the AFC Team of the Year.

Love it when our Aussie media show their insights - makes you wonder how on top of the game of football and all that surrounds it they really are.

Nicky Carle for the World Cup - Jesse.(Sorry mate, we never forget.)


Education and Football: For girls and boys, worth a thought

Loads of Aussies are good at football, loads of boys and girls. But how many get a chance to play at the highest level, in Australia, across the World? Not many.

Most will need an education. I'd argue all.

So here's another pathway. Football and Education.

Over 130 Aussies in USA I'm told doing their Education, playing football. It'll will only get bigger.

Check out the local podcast on


Aussie young guns standing out. again and again.

Matt Ryan 18 the Central Coast Mariners young keeper is having an amazing start to his career. Great stuff Matt.

With Oliver Bozanic on fire at the other end last night and Mustafa Amini doing his thing, (see earlier post) the Central Coast Mariners are the place for young talented footballers.

And don't forget Trent Sainsbury slotting in at right back at just 19.

The Jets have veteran Ben Kantarovski of course and upfront Marko Jesic who is a sharp-shooter who just needs to keep injury free and he too could soar. A hard gig given his chronic injuries to date. And isn't their keeper Ben Kennedy making remarkable improvements after 50 games.

But all praise to Matt Ryan. The keeper role is a tough one but another sound performance from the young guy last night.


Mustafa Amini is 17 right?

He's playing number 10 for the Mariners and if you haven't seen him play yet and you're into Aussie football, it's time you did.

He's got such touch, in a key key position. And while you're about it compare him to every other Aussie midfielder going around in the A-League.

He has remarkable vision for a young player, which shows vision isn't about the age, but amazingly, to me, like all top top players he has great physical strength.

He bounced Kasey Wehrmann and co not once but five or six times and came away with the ball. And this was a midweek game for the young lad...and remember all Aussie players after one game a week or so the media keep telling me.

But it was Amini's ability to set players up with cute, oh so cute touches and then to play balls, one touch, so accurately with great awareness.

Matt Mackay, Mark Bridge, Billy Celeski and co do similar things sometimes. But I'm seeing a big big difference.

And doesn't it make a difference when a team has even one player who can play that first touch ball accurately.

Think Spain and Barca - then think Sydney FC.

Mustafa Amini, 17, Nearpost loves ya to bits. With Matthew Leckie and Amini Nearpost is starting after 6 years of the A-League and three years of blogging to build a team of young Aussies to watch and rave over.


Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The centre of English Football is Burton-on-Trent

I grew up in Burton-on-Trent. Twenty years. What a football education I had.

So it's no surprise to me that the future of English football will be based and run from this Brewery Town.

We played on the street, the neighbours knifed the ball if it ran onto his garden. Bastard!

I trained in the back garden 10m x 5m - me against my brothers. I learned to shield that tennis ball - you can't coach that stuff Mr Berger I'm afraid. Hours of it, millions of hours.

My first game of football when I was ten, I entered a league when I was eleven. Before then there were none.

And in the Senior Men's league we played in the mud, often with ice on the pitch, more brown than green at seasons end, but we always played. From August to May - that was a season.

In the local leagues Ref's ended in the river if the local club didn't get the right result; we drove in for away games against local village teams, changed in the car, stole the three points and ran quick as back to our cars and away.

We never shook hands, nor looked the mad buggers in the eye.

No river for us!

I scored the only goal once, after 80 minutes. A cup game. Important right? And as I turned to celebrate my team-mates were back in their own half. Not a well done or a thank you. Our life in our hands - local English football!

Often threatened, usually punched, black-eyed or grabbed around the throat, if you won it was worthwhile, sort of. But what if you didn't?

It was a mining area and the teams were tough - the other teams!

So you can understand why the English FA chose Burton for their HQ.

It all makes sense to me.


Midweek matchday; Not one but three

Midweek football is here again.

While some Aussies wait for the five day game that could end in a draw - do we all really like cricket?

Hmmmn not so sure - or else why did we have to invent the 20/20 version.

Anyway on Wednesday Brisbane at home to Perth, even the Roar can't stumble against God and co surely, or are the Roar fading?

Wellington take on Melbourne Heart with 17 year old Brendan Hamill back in the squad for the heart - watch this young defender; but have Wellington thrown their season away. They seemed to have forgotten how to win, even at home. World Cup hangover?

And of course the F3 Derby.

The Jets take on the Mariners - should be a cracker and the Mariners need to win if they are to push for a top two spot after their loss to the Gold Coast - The Jets with big Ljubo back only need Marko Jelic to keep scoring - yes a young Aussie with an eye for goal and maybe the Jets will continue to rise and improve as the season goes on.

Jets for the title? They've done it before after a woeful start. And they are starting to play.

Should be the best game of football these teams have ever produced. Arnie v Branko.


Nearpost Podcast: Socceroos bumbling along

Paddy Bordier, Aaron Walker and Lucy Zelic talk and spin all things Aussie football.

How many football poddies only cover Aussie football?

We are clearly Australia's number one football poddie, apart from all the others, We discuss all the news from Australian football. What more could you wish for from the Australian media?

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December 3rd approaching fast

Football fans in Australia are starting to hone in on the above date.

The date when the World Cup 2022 is determined - I know it's the 2nd but the 3rd our time.

Of course we'd need some plan should as many expect we don't beat the USA, Qatar (is that a real bid) or Japan and Korea (again already) and here's hoping we have such a plan and here's betting we don't.

But of course should we win, and dreams do come true, there had better be a huge plan in place to take us forward in the short-term never mind the next eleven years.

The benefits of an eleven year lead-in are almost too big to imagine for Aussie football and it's supporters.

And I guess watching the AFL twitch and spend copious amounts of money to fight off Australia's most popular game will be amusing given their stance to date.

We've already had many highs including World Cup qualification, huge playing numbers and record domestic league crowds in the A-League and A-League Final series.

The interest in the game is at an all time high. Men and women, boys and girls.

But a World Cup eleven years out, what could we do with that?

Could we win the Bid? Yes we can.

And from Day One Frank Lowy has mentioned the reasons, Asia is the future of the commercial world and Australia are a safe pair of hands.

If the Aussie bid can hold off Qatar, Korea and Japan that leaves a fight with the USA.

It's a big if, but not impossible. Few thought we could get the Olympics, albeit a lesser tournament, but we did.

This time if we win, the legacy for football in Australia, the boost to the growing game will be tremendous.


Nearpost Radio tonight

Lucy Zelic, Aaron Walker and Paddy Bordier talk thru all the Aussie football issues. Catch the pod here later after the show and or on course on itunes or


My Club is the Socceroos

David Carney must be one of the few players in the World who's club is Australia, the Socceroos.

Seems to Supa Dave he has to be released by Australia so he can join in training at Blackpool.

Isn't it supposed to be the other way around.


Patience with Aussie Youth

Only Brett Holman is playing in a major European League - Ere Divisie - albeit a second tier league since the Socceroos marched out in Germany in 2006.

Add Mile Jedinak - maybe - David Carney although he rarely plays at Blackpool and that's it. Richard Garcia, Scott McDonald and Josh Kennedy have all gain Socceroos selection but they aren't playing with a top club in a top league - in my view.

And so many have called begged for our Aussie Youth to begiven a go. Now!

But let's face it at 19 Tommy Oar is not Harry Kewell. Oar while outstanding in the recent Asia Cup u19 tournament - yes against boys defending - he's hardly played for Utrecht and yet people want him thrust right into the Socceroos. Not yet.

Matthew Leckie, Ben Kantarovski have similar fans and I'd argue have more experience than Oar - but Socceroos? Not yet.

Germany dumped some of their ageing stars and gave Youth a chance, but their Youth have performed at the World Cup not the Asian Cup.

So let's see how our lads go at next years u20 World Cup.

Then if they have performed and are getting more game time with their clubs; then I'd bring them into the Socceroos.

The Socceroos might be poor at the minute but Tommy Oar and co aren't going to win the Asia Cup for us.

Not this time.

So can we not accept that we are what we are, a team of over-age with few class players coming through in that 23-28 year age gap.

Soccer Australia were responsible for this generation, and this organisation was on it's knees in those development years - it shows.

Under the FFA we've qualified for two World Cup Men's tournaments. We didn't win but we qualified.

So patience with the Socceroos, patience with the young guys.

Taking Tommy Oar to the Asia Cup may happen but taking him to play with David Carney, Mile Jedinak, Scott McDonald and the like; will that really do him any good?


Monday, 22 November 2010

Sydney FC : Your Coach is boring boring boring

Yes the A-League is better this year, much better, but that doesn't mean that Sydney and Perth are any good does it?

So it was hot, it was a "new" pitch for both teams in Parramatta, but it was incredibly boring.

Sydney FC changed half their team this year and got what?

And Mike Cockerill SMH's No 1 Football Writer keeps talking up Alex Brosque, as you know says Mike, "Holger likes him."

Does he?

Why did he give him a few measly minutes against Paraguay, and less against Egypt - yes he didn't even take him.

Broquey ain't going to the Asia Cup Mike. Aim to get Sasa in that's as much as you can do. Alex ain't that fast, that fantastic or else he would have turned Sydney's season around by now.

Dreadful, slow football and not dis-similar to the turgid stuff they produced last season. This time same patterns, much much slower.

Vitaslev you might be foreign, you might even have won a championship on penalties last year but your teams are boring boring boring and this season they have less quality, even less pace all over the park. What Coach could produce such rubbish in his second year?

Fozzie likes teams to pass it etc etc don't we all, but when a poor team tries to play that style - Sydney FC is what you get. It was so bad at half-time I'd had enough.

And don't get me started on the Michael Baird inspired Perth Glory. They are worse!


Sunday, 21 November 2010

Mustafa Amini

When was the last time you saw a 17 year old playing professional football in Australia in a major attacking position?

There is a lot to like about Mustafa. Not least his first time short pass. It's sweet, shows maturity beyond..well most other Aussie A-League midfielders.

Watching Mark Bridge and Stuart Musialik in the earlier game; it was too slow, too predictable and not enjoyable too watch. They should be made to watch Barcelona and Spain over and over just before a game. It might inspire the turgid pair.

Mustafa is different it seems. It's his speed of thought, speed of touch.

He plays for the Central Coast Mariners - sometimes. Be sure and watch him, but don't expect too much, just delight in the bits and pieces he does, and sometimes it comes off, sometimes it doesn't. And despite not scoring yet we've seen his eye and power for a goal. Can't be far away.

For 17 years of age he's a very very interesting player. A number 10. Wow?

So far the A-League has produced a few real talents, still unproven but Mitch Langerak, Tommy Oar, Matthew Leckie, Luke Devere, Ben Kantarovski and now Armini might just be the pick. There are others who's stars have waned (Bruce Djite), other stars turn on and off (Nathan Burns, David Williams) but these six maybe the golden stars we await.


United stumbling this year?

With new signings and strong performances in the past two season United fans expected even more this season. Better performances if not results.

We're getting neither.

Canberra United conceded a very late goal to Melbourne Victory yesterday. Having chosen to sit near, very near, ABC Commentator Peter Wilkins during the game I felt a sense of inevitably as Wilko called the last corner of the game in the 94th minute.

"Could this be the chance for Melbourne to equalise."

It was and the relief and delight on the Victory bench was joyous to see in itself.

Victory deserved their point, and the team that plays attractive football, short-passing and quick movement, creates chance after chance, in my book, such a team deserves three points.

But football is never like that is it?

Victory started well controlled the ball and attacked United, but conceded softly in the fourth minute to a Caitlin Cooper header and with their young keeper Canberra fans just knew we'd rip em apart.

Canberra didn't and more depressingly they lacked, again, any real invention or craft coming from midfield.

Seems to me Sally Shipard, Cian Maciewjeski and Emily Van Egmond offer much the same, physical strength, varying amounts of skill and control but little variety.

Who plays the short-ball, the one touch ball. No Iniesta or Xavi in that mix is there?

Kahlia Hogg could solve a problem or three and will when fit, Grace Gill offers a shorter pass, more often. Interestingly with Cian, Grace Gill, Kahlia Hogg and Jenny Bissett last year, we were more enjoyable to watch, lacking at times just a goal scorer.

With Sally Shipard, Caitlin Munoz and ace goalscorer Michelle Weyman we could only be stronger. And we are on paper and can be on the pitch but not with the current formula. And non of the three from last season are starting.....yet.

For me it's the midfield three that needs to be changed. Emily Van Egmond might add more power upfront left or right, she can shoot, is fast in small bursts and would play a mean cross.

A midfielder? Not sure about that. Her position is too important to the team. Her touches at the moment way too many, too often and her balls too direct too long. She's young but will need to learn quickly if this team is to improve this season. At the moment her role is crucial, but she's not providing what the forwards or other midfielders need. Maybe she can't in that position.

Lyndsay Glohe is not Nicole Sykes. Lyndsay is strong but lacks a little of that zippy pace, that quick short pass that gets the midfield going and makes United that bit quicker, bit more mobile.

Melbourne were just that.

New players, new systems take time to mould but in the short W-League season confidence goes to the winners, and yesterday despite the score the Winners were Melbourne.

We're not dominating teams, not even at home. And more importantly we're not seeing the link play in the front six that gives you hope of a shot, or a goal. Certainly not often enough.

Ashleigh Sykes seems restricted by the presence of Michelle Weyman. Of course we needed a goalscorer but Ashleigh doesn't seem to be running so freely, causing havoc like she did last season.

Then again the ball delivery, and quick breaks have not been evident this season - not yet.

The squad is better, everyone says it, but getting the results may take time, but on yesterdays performance Canberra is not guaranteed a top four showing, or even an improvement on that, even in a seven team league.

On the plus, Caitlin Cooper was much improved, Ellyse Perry tightly marked still imposed herself. Sally Shipard, Lydia Williams and Caitlin Munoz showed their class, but Ellie Brush was probably my standout.

Sadly most of those players are in the back five or six...and that might just be the problem.


Saturday, 20 November 2010

How Aussie clubs make more money

Check out the website I mocked up from the English FA.

A great way for Aussie clubs to harness their collective consumer and community power over the coming years?

I'm talking junior clubs the ones with all our kids, mums and dads etc.

The cashback page is what grabbed me, check the right hand menu on the website and let your mind imagine how much money your club could make.

$100 more than now, $1,000, $10,000 or overtime with a value produce offered at your club $100,000 per year - who knows.

And of course every club gets a free easy to manage website.

Aussie clubs - time to get organised and grow our game at all levels.


Friday, 19 November 2010

Who should the media pick next?

Aussie media picked Nicky Carle or tried to, they wanted Richard Porta, now Sasa Ognenovski just 31 they picked.

But who next!


Mike got it wrong.

Mike Cockerill is bleeding this morning in his SMH article

I can't write anything - it's too much.

But Mike joins Jesse in the ex-Socceroo team pickers!


Thursday, 18 November 2010

Fury show Canberra the way: We can do it

Here's one way to get a Canberra A-League team funded - unlike other teams we are under no pressure so could build on existing revenues, get the Government money now but more importantly -

present and build a community model. Canberra has the supporter group base - many clubs alone across the region from Griffith to Snowy Mountains could become a few of the community partners.

Certainly a better model than the one we currently presented to the FFA.

Here's the article.

EXCLUSIVE: North Queensland Fury today presented FFA with their proposed survival plan which has a community ownership model as its centerpiece that the club predicts will raise up to $6.3m.

If the plan is approved by FFA, Fury will look to raise up to $6.3 million over three years from the North Queensland community to enable a community-based organisation to take over the A-League licence and become fully community owned by the beginning of the 2012/13 A-League season.

Local Fury Advisory Board member and former English league player Peter Brine said the proposal allows for broad based community ownership and a tax exempt status.

Fury will target up to 60 Foundation Members to fund $30,000 each over three years, as well as an unlimited number of Retain the Fury Members who would pay $3,000 over three years. All of the members would be the owners of the Club and would receive a range of benefits for their ownership.

Townsville Chamber of Commerce President John Carey said improving local economic conditions would help Fury succeed in their plans to attract local investment in the club.

“Fury is a vital part of our regional events mix and injects a lot of money into the regional economy," he said.

"There will be many people, and not just football supporters, who will want to contribute to secure a future for the club.”

Football Queensland CEO Geoff Foster added his support: “The FFA should be congratulated for the investment it’s made in Fury and now we need to back this model and deliver on the promise the game has in regional Queensland and beyond.”

Recently FFA chairman Frank Lowy was asked about Fury’s future and he said it was up to the local community in North Queensland to show their support for their A-League club.

Currently FFA own Fury but have not guaranteed the club's future. However they have said they will look at ownership proposals before deciding the club's fate.

With their future still uncertain, Fury are struggling to hold onto their star players with striker Isaka Cernak already moving to Melbourne Victory and keeper Justin Pasfield set to switch to Central Coast. Others are also being circled by rivals.

The club are hoping the FFA will continue their financial support throughout this season and next season to enable the club to build the cash reserves necessary to fund operations in the years that follow.

Brine added: “A move to not-for-profit community ownership has always been the goal of the local Advisory Board, our CEO Rabieh Krayem, and the FFA.”


What would Pim have done?

Okay now we are playing sexy attacking football - if you believe the media bulldust - it's great and will get the fans pouring in.

Unless we lose 3-0 to Egypt.

Interesting Pim probably wouldn't have lost, at least not by three, - but then he wouldn't have been exciting enough for the childlike Aussie football media.

Maybe for Holger as for Pim it will be about the players you are cast. And our mob can't play attacking football and win win win in the International arena at the moment.

Wait to hear the Aussie media criticise the selections with Mike Cockerill leading from the front.


Wednesday, 17 November 2010

My local club: Majura FC on the move

My local club Majura FC had football from May - September. We couldn't run other programs, we had no grounds beyond September, our volunteers were exhausted.

We've changed the model and now have football March 1 - December 10 every year. Read on to see the changes at one club.A number of Majura FC players/parents have expressed desire for more football, locally based, outside the normal May - September season and as a result Majura FC will offer a number of new exciting football opportunities in 2011 and in 2012.

In 2010 we've had 85 players and 13 Coaches take part in our new Summer Football program at the ANU, and many other players head to Capital Football HPP, Coerver Academy and others play Futsal.

The new Majura FC programs are designed to improve the skills, fitness and knowledge of our players. We are a voluntary run club and it has not been possible for our club to provide these "extra" programs with expertise, and without a fee, to the numbers who wish to undertake them in the past.

Anyone wishing to sponsor any of the programs below please contact 6248 5610. We'd welcome your partnership.

More details for parents and players will be available prior to and on Registration Day 2011.

To assist with your season planning and for our 2011 program read below.

Pre-Season Programs for 2011.

1. Coerver Skills Clinics - six sessions. Get those feet working prior to the season.

This is a specially designed pre-season program for Majura players. Programs commence early March. Fee to be announced. 100 places max. Boy and Girl groups (Sign-up at the Coerver desk on registration day. Majura FC will susidise this program.)

2. Goalkeeping Pre-season clinic. Current Matildas and Canberra United Coach and fmr National League and Australian U20 representative Paul Jones will take our keepers and aspiring keepers through their paces. 11.5 hours of coaching, keeper gloves and drink bottle provided. Cost $195. Sign-up on Registration Day.

3. Inaugural Capital Football Mother and Daughter clinics.

Aimed at mum's and daughters. From players aged 4-10 the program is run over four sessions designed to get mum and daughter having fun with the football. Cost $25 per adult. Sign-up on registration day.

4. Coaching Courses. Grassroots, Junior and Youth Licence courses will run prior to the season. Price to be confirmed. Details on registration day.


5. Coerver in-season. Due to the success of last years in-season Coerver programs Majura FC will offer another in-season program this year. Cost to be announced.
This training night is in addition to your normal team sessions and starts first week in May.

6. Depending on demand Goalkeeping in-season clinic. Matildas Coach and fmr National League and Australian representative Paul Jones will take our keepers and aspiring keepers through their paces. Costs and dates to be announced.

7. End of season.

Summer Football will return next season starting October 2011. Further details to be announced during the season.

2012: Planned event.

Majura FC (u13 girls in 2012) will tour Borneo in July 2012.


Andrew Barr kick him out, kick Labor out.

That would make a nice Nearpost sticker..... prior to the next election.

Let me know if you have a better idea.

See you tomorrow on here Andrew:)


Andrew Barr: Football fuming, now we're political

Nearpost will campaign to remove ACT Sports Minister Andrew Barr at the next election.

If you think Canberra's 20,000 players and families deserve more for football please forward this story to your friends, through facebook, through twitter etc.

ACT Sports Minister Andrew Barr has stunned and upset the football community of Canberra with his generous offer of $650,000 per game to bring Greater Western Sydney Giants to play three in-season games in the Capital.

And with Brumbies and Raiders CEO's also said to be fuming, but ready to ask for more - for their Canberra teams - could the ACT Labor Government have an election backlash on it's hands...

from the Football Community. (20,000 plus parents)

Not from the Peak Body Capital Football, they think a million dollars for a community synthetic facility is great work, compared to $650,000 for a game with no strings attached, no upkeep and CPI linked.

Having talked and listened to many in the community over the last few days it's clear to me the sporting, in particular the football community is fuming.

Football deserves $1 million per year, immediately. In truth we probably deserve more. But don't give it to Capital Football for an extra pitch they should get that anyway; give it to an organisation that can run such a future fund.

$200,000 for the W-League team, $300,000 for our A-League Youth team and $500,000 to build a business resource to get money for a future A-League team. What we could do with that.

This would change Canberra football forever. We deserve it. We pay masses of taxes and we pay them in Canberra.

Mr Barr: People are fuming. Football people. Canberra people. Presidents of Clubs, Coaches, Players, Parents. The football community is stunned not particularly by the generosity of the ACT government for an AFL team from out of town but by the failure of the ACT Government to support football and our huge community.

We are a huge community. We have blogs, radio shows, community newsletters,and word of mouth. Yes we all talk, all 20,000 of us. We all support the Brumbies and the Raiders and as football fans we feel stunned.

And we will talk down the Labor Government over and over until we get what we deserve. Starting here on this blog.

The ACT Government needs to do a damn sight more than hand over dollars for community grounds, Hawker or no Hawker.

We want grounds of course, 20,000 players need and deserve that, but AFL gets that anyway.

We want something that is good for Canberra, our 20,000 players, and the future of the game, the sport, the city.

Barr out, Labor out!

We won't stop until you give us what we the community deserve. We want a million dollars every year for our Youth team, our Futsal teams, our W-League and our future A-League team.

We want it now.

Volunteers in Canberra run the 20,000 players, boys and girls, men and women, keeping them fit, getting them on the park, and all the benefits that come with that and you have the hide to give them nothing - no assistance for future teams/growth.

Time to talk Andrew and talk fast.


A-League review is scary

Come on Australia, hold your breath.

FFA has but the feelers out with the Aussie media re;changes to the A-League and it's not good. In fact early signs are it's a shocker, although maybe the media are designed to suffer we the other media up!

1. Change the season: Start in October - finish in Feb with finals in March.

No, no, no.

That is not a football league. Too short, too short and what professional player will come to Oz or what professional player will improve with such a short season.

2. FFA CUP - maybe but not in a Group stage. Never ever. The cup unlike the first stages of the Champions League in Europe should aim to get some magic into the game and keep it.

Home and away group stages never do this, ever.

Think Celtic AC Milan in Europe. Celtic can always beat AC at home in a one off game. Over two legs and a group situation Celtic will NEVER EVER top Milan and get out of the group.

And the expectant results over two games reduces the interest even for this long-term Celtic nut.

So come on FFA keep the faith.

And it's not about the crowds in the A-League is it, the crowds are no different before or after the other codes finish - not significantly anyway.

So don't be defeatist, keep the season and work harder to grow the game, the fanbase, and keep club costs down while we do.

Get on to it!

And name for the Cup? The Double FA cup - thanks Con Constantine or the Miners Cup, the Rich Bastards Cup, the Buckley Cup, Canberra Cup, Nearpost Cup, Wozza Cup after himself, Ethnic Cup, the Old Cup, the Football Cup, or the.......

we couldn't sustain a league so we made a Cup cup.


Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Nearpost: Pure Football

Paddy Bordier and Eamonn Flanagan discuss all things Aussie football.

How many football poddies only cover Aussie football?

We are clearly Australia's number one football poddie, apart from all the others, We discuss all the news from Australian football.

And Quiz: Name the last three Asian Champions League Winners.....

or play right from your computer....


Monday, 15 November 2010

Centre of Excellence: Canberra can't ever have this

Centre of Excellence one step closer to reality

Following last week’s confirmation of $10 million in Federal Government funding, the Central Coast Mariners trust has taken another significant step in the creation of its Centre of Excellence at Tuggerah, with an agreement now in place for the construction of up to 10 multi use outdoor sports courts.

The Mariners trust has reached an agreement with the UK’s leading constructor of Five-a-side complexes, “Soccer 5’s”, with the development set to become their first, and flagship entry into the Australian market.

“Soccer 5’s” has a deep in-house knowledge of the Five-a-side industry in the UK. Neil Hickey (Soccer 5’s Development Director) has been building Five-a-side centres in the UK since their inception in the early 1990's, including one of the first centres at the famous Wembley Stadium.”

“The Mariners have embarked on a wonderful venture and when we were first approached, we were determined to be a part of it,” said Chairman of Soccer 5’s Jack Smith.

“We’ve been working with (Mariners trust Chairman) Peter Turnbull on this project fort six months and we intend on becoming the number one provider of Five-a-side complexes in Australia, and we already have plans to open another five around Australia in the coming 12 months.

“The Mariners Centre of Excellence will be our first however, and we will take great pride in it being the flagship for all future developments in the country.”

This component will be the first exciting part of stage one of the plans for the Mariners Centre of Excellence, which is awaiting issue of a construction certificate from Wyong Shire Council.

It is envisaged that Certificate will be issued before the end of the year, allowing work on the project to commence, as scheduled, in February 2011.

“Five-a-side football is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK and in Europe, and we are convinced it will be here in Australia as well,” said Turnbull.

“As this is such a major focal point of the Centre of Excellence, and also something which will be of major use to the Central Coast community, it was important to make sure we had the right builders and operators for us. We are satisfied we have achieved that and have full confidence in Jack and his team.

“Having seen their designs, frankly, I can’t wait to see it in operation, it will be superb,” Turnbull said.


Kiwis stuff-up

When you have no youth team, no young players particularly in the final third, wonder Coach Ricky Herbert has massively stuffed up by letting the only Kiwi in the world who can run at defenders, Costa Barbarouses, leave. (Apologies to Leo Bertos but that's it.)

Maybe he had no choice, but he should have played Costa a tad more over the previous seasons.

Under Ange at the Roar how good does the Kiwi look.

Fast, skilful, and playing intelligent football yet he couldn't get a game at the Phoenix!

Player problem or Coach problem? Me say Coach.


Aussie Football to cave in?

Is this the best we can have?

A reduced A-League season from October - March is on the cards if you believe the Aussie media who attended an FFA briefing last week.

Sure clubs are bleeding money, sure it's hard to get crowds when League and AFL swamp the media but will a shorter season help anyone?

And have the crowds grown significantly since the other codes ended?

And can any professional football, young or old really be happy with a contract that means you play for just six months. Pathetic.

And what happens if you don't make the six, you finish after five months!

Why bother!

Five or six months might be alright for the other codes of biff and bash but not for professional footballers. Who would come play for such a season?

And of course beyond that the idea of a group stage FFA Cup prior to the season, pathetic.

If we have to have an FFA Cup make it instant knockout, no ifs no buts.

But why not stick with the season for a few years, and work to build the crowds.

Long-term view anyone, anyone?


God: Let's not get carried away

Nice one Robbie:

A Robbie Fowler hat-trick is so newsworthy the Guardian put it on their website.

But in Australia hands-up who knew he scored a hat-trick, maybe his last one EVER!

Roddy Vargas had another shocker didn't he.


Heart attack!

I turned on the game after 25 minutes with the Heart 1-0 to the good.

The Commentators proceeded to talk the Heart up until the end of the half despite any neutral seeing it was the Roar who finished the stronger, over the last twenty.

But of course the Heart had the goal, apparently had missed a couple of other chances and were "dominating," not from the 20 minutes I saw.

And when asked who would win at half-time I said Brisbane.

Too young, too fast, too mobile. We seen it all before.

And so it came to pass.

I love watching the Heart in Melbourne, but they have John Aloisi, Josip Skoko and Gerry Sibon through the middle. They get tired!

Especially against the Roar - fitter, stronger, faster.

Like Man United they get their goals at the death.

Why are the other teams less fit?


Canberra United are home

Went to watch the mighty Canberra United take on a Brisbane Roar side famous for their quality but pumped by Sydney FC in their first game.

The Roar needed to lift and get something from this game and they did. It ended 1-1 with their goal coming in the seconds before half-time. Great time to score.

And notice it was the crafty ex-Canberran Amy Chapman who created the goal for the stylish Tameka Butt. We haven't forgot you Amy - nor yet forgiven you for that moment of magic! Great to see Amy back at McKellar. Talents clearly wasted Orange. Yuk!

United has often struggled against Brisbane, at home, but with a rebuilt, perhaps improved squad and a thumping of Perth hopes were high.

It was a strong performance right to the end with the new players Caitlin Cooper, Lyndsay Glohe and Michelle Hayman performing well, although all have room for improvement based on this performance if Canberra are really going to challenge the leaders Sydney.

All seemed to lack a little mobility compared to others around them. Maybe I'm too harsh.

We came to see a Heyman goal. We didn't get a goal, hardly a shot. Next time.

Midfield worked hard, Sally Shipard was simply amazing to watch. Her energy, awareness and composure shows why she is a Matilda.

In the forward line, to my mind we were a bit static, a bit linear, with no real pace to catch a long through ball - and there were too many - and no-one really coming deep.

Shu and Caitlin Munoz have this ability to drop, work the ball and release a player with a short ball but not so effective when played high and wide. Emily Van Egmond seems to want to hit it long, always, and with no Ashleigh Sykes until late in the game it was a wasted effort.

Brisbane are no mugs but still lacking in the final third. Fortunately.

United worked harder in the second half, got more players forward more often and when Ellyse Perry scored a technically wonderful goal it was no surprise.

Perry is an amazing athlete, clearly wasted in the colonial game of cricket, and will have some interesting choices to make this year - a World Cup year.

She missed the Asian Cup win due to cricket commitments, will she ensure she makes the World Cup team. We'll see.

Either way watching Ellyse play is worth the admission alone.

Lydia Williams and Ellie Brush were immense.

Great home start. Next up it's Victory, a team Canberra has struggled against at home, but surely this time we'll be too strong.

With Kahlia Hogg, Ashleigh Sykes, and Grace Gill just a few options on the bench for Coach Ray Junna the strength of the squad this time appears much stronger.

Mind you Sydney FC are off the scale. We're good for second place after the weekend's scores. But early days.

Go United!


Thursday, 11 November 2010

AFL: Australia can't hear you!

So many great Aussie sporting stars coming out to support the World Cup bid. Ian Thorpe, Steve Waugh, Mark Webber, Robbie Farah, Cathy Freeman and now Liz Ellis.

And from so many different sports.

And not an AFL player in sight.

Do you think the AFL have banned them; surely they aren't that pathetic are they?

From the FFA:

With less than one month to go, former Australian netball captain, Liz Ellis, is the latest Aussie to support Australia’s bid to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup™.

Ellis has swapped the ‘netball’ for the ‘football’ and now joins a range of other top Australian sporting stars including Steve Waugh, Brett Lee, Mark Webber, Robbie Farah, Ian Thorpe and Cathy Freeman who all want to see the FIFA World Cup™ come to our shores.

A member of Australia’s national netball team from 1992 until 2007, Ellis is the most capped international player for Australian netball. Ellis has represented Australia at four World Netball Championships and two Commonwealth Games. She was part of the team who won Commonwealth Games Gold Medals in 1998 and 2002, together with the 1995, 1999 and 2007 World Netball Championships title.

“Sport is a wonderful vehicle that brings together the nations and people of the world. The FIFA World Cup™ tournament is a perfect example of this – after all, it’s the biggest sporting event in the world. It would be terrific to see it come to Australia,” said Liz Ellis.

Australia has completed all the necessary preparation to show FIFA that we can host a technically excellent tournament that is also fun, safe and secure. But now it is time to demonstrate our nation’s strong public support for our bid.

“I encourage all Australians to support our bid to bring the FIFA World Cup™ to Australia in 2022. Just add your name at,” she added.

FIFA is set to announce the host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup™ on 2 December 2010 in Zurich.


Canberra oh Canberra: AFL smashes football

Canberra Government has poured $23 million dollars into the Greater Western Sydney AFL team over the next four years.

Don't the AFL need $23million dollars - think one billion TV deal and all those huge crowds and just 16 or 18 clubs. Wealth!

This wonderful gift to the AFL from Canberra taxpayers will provide just four home games each year in Canberra for the new franchise and some shirt sponsorship.

While the Raiders and Brumbies will be spewing, not to mention many members of non-sporting groups, it also shows the absolute pathetic lobbying and business skills of the Canberra football community, not just Capital Football, but our whole community.

Having been heavily involved in the A-League4Canberra bid we were able to "get", like the Raiders and Brumbies we were told just $800,000 per year absolute maximum, no if's no buts. And not a dollar before the team entered the league.

and not a dollar of start-up fees to assist with plans.

Makes you wonder long-term how Canberra can't support an A-League team. Just $6 million over three years from the ACT Government would probably have secured our place, financially, last time we put in oour bid.

Oh to be an AFL fan in Canberra.

Canberra Football needs a injection of ideas, leadership and vigour, or else we'll remain where we are.

The positive?

AFL, Union and League in Canberra will compete with each other.

Football can STILL fill the male sporting void in Summer. So nothing changes.

Time to get by Canberra AFL, Brumbies and Raiders winter season tickets!


Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Flores is back - I like that

Adelaide United 7pm on Fox tonight.

Perth are simply going down - again


Briabane Roar: Champions-elect? Overhyped?

You'd think the season was over wouldn't you.

Like the English cricket team, the Kiwi's at a Union World Cup, Newcastle United, or an NRL promotions campaigns, despite the best of intentions, Brisbane and football often ends in tears.

Brisbane Roar playing a bit of very neat football, defeating Adelaide United who were missing two of the Leagues never mind United's best players, and this only after United had missed some quality chances early on, and the media has gone all soft as usual in Australia.

Yes the Roar are playing well and won comfortably but.....

When Finals football comes along I'd suggest there are a number of clubs in the A-League who could do em!

Adelaide United - They can do anyone. With Matthew Leckie and Marcos Flores even Travis Dodd missing from the starting line-up they did enough in the first half to suggest they could beat Brisbane on any other day.

Central Coast Mariners - a sexy team? Well look at their midfield. Arnie has changed the whole team and style. Why can't they upset any team on their day; they can only get better.

Gold Coast United
- Can the more defensive United who attack with pace really be discounted. A strong performance in Melbourne last week was perhaps as significant as Brisbanes come season end. Take note.

Throw in Melbourne Victory, Melbourne Heart another improving side as the Coach experiments and gets rewards with youth, Wellington Phoenix anyone, and I'd be playing down the Brisbane Roar for the Championship just yet.

Long way to go lads and lassies. Thomas Broich, Matt McKay hardly an injury all season......yet.

Let's see what happens when a key player or two drops out, is suspended or has a shocker.

Nice start Ange but you've won nothing yet, and remember you ain't that good you couldn't even put Sydney FC away!


Nearpost poddie talking Aussie Football

Lucy Zelic, Paddy Bordier and Aaron Walker discuss all things Aussie football.

How many football poddies only cover Aussie football?
We are clearly Australia's number one football poddie, apart from all the others, We discuss all the news from Australian football.

or play right from your computer....


Friday, 5 November 2010

A-League Belter (s)

Everyone is talking about the Brisbane Roar Adelaide United game.

But Melbourne Victory v Gold Coast on Saturday won't be a bad little knockabout either.
Good test for both sides that one.

And can the Central Coast Mariners chase second spot with a win tonight over the Fury. Mariners can only get better, and nicely set up in third spot with two games in hand.

And they have a football team this year - so go the Mariners..on and off the park.


Stop the boats

Can't help thinking the "Stop the Boats," cry that rings out around Australia from certain Politicians, Shock-Jocks and the like is the political equivalent of "Football will take over if we get the World Cup,"

Both work on fear and get an instant response from the rabid members of the community.

Surely these people couldn't be the same - surely not!


Thursday, 4 November 2010

Canberra Players rob local football

2. If you want more money, get another job

Canberra Premier League Clubs are shooting themselves and the local game in the foot.

When Belconnen United, Canberra FC or whoever have to find tens of thousands of dollars to pay players each year to run around in the local Premier League they are ripping hard earned money out of the junior game, the development game.


Of course the players wouldn't take it if it wasn't offered, but who is to blame. The Players or the Club?

Here's what Goulburn President says about Player Payments in the Canberra Premier League.

1. The money you take is money from your club and your mates
2. If you want more money, get another job
3. We are not really professional (in terms of paying players) until the players start bringing in gate receipts (we have A league clubs that can't do that).
4. Don't ask your mates to pay you for doing something you enjoy.

What else could the clubs do with that money?

Peter Funnell has a much better handle on the local scene than me. His latest blogpost should be read.


Canberra Men's Pathway.

Belconnen United, Canberra FC, Woden Valley and Capital Football should sit down and plan how the Canberra United Mens team starts to move forward...and quick.

Entry into the NSW Premier League or even the State League, a team funded by the four groups above in equal parts, and run by some amalgamation of the above group, should be a priority with the focus on building a player base for a future A-League team.

A-League4Canberra should have some role in assisting this process and indeed any other welcome investors.

Games to be played at Belconnen And Canberra FC home grounds, and the team to be called

Canberra United.

All players under 21 with only 4 over-aged players on any game day. And each player can only be paid a minimum payment - ie so the club is sustainable and doesn't get dragged into paying STUPID wages to 27 year olds and older.

Capital Football should provide a limited and capped amount of funding to enable this to happen. They shouldn't have a major role in running the "club." That is not their strength.

Anyone got a better idea how to build boys/mens pathways, that also leads to us growing our team and support for A-League entry that is separate to a Capital Football run team.

Belconnen United or Canberra FC to go it alone? Not sure that is sustainable or attractive to Capital Football, and other sponsors who may support an organisation which has a broader goal for football in the region.


Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Woggabirlili: Football in Oz before AFL, AFL up in arms?

I love the photo and description on the Ausport website. Going to be few Andrew Demitriou's on the blower asap I reckon.

And for your next training session get into WOGGABIRLILI you know you want to.


Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Nearpost Poddie is back

Lucy Zelic, Paddy Bordier and Eamonn Flanagan discuss all things Aussie football.

And Fox Sports get a pasting! Lucy doesn't like the new host, Paddy and Eamonn would never put Bozza and Robbie together..ever. And why doesn't Mel get a fair go? The Mariners get a leg up and Matthew Leckie; why did he have to play...and then be hacked!

Who will Lisa De Vanna play for, Aussie A-League topscorers and will the Roar beat Adelaide this weekend.

How many football poddies only cover Aussie football?
We are clearly Australia's number one football poddie, apart from all the others, We discuss all the news from Australian football.

or play right from your computer....


2011 just gets bigger and bigger

2011 is shaping as a huge year for Australia’s National football teams:

* January 2011: AFC Asian Cup, Qatar
* Jun-Jul 2011: FIFA Men's u17 World Cup, Mexico (Qualified last night; were 2-0 down!)
* Jun-Jul 2011: FIFA Women’s World Cup, Germany
* Jul-Aug 2011: FIFA Men's u20 World Cup, Colombia

Asia Cup Bid 2015 to be announced in January

and of course Dec 2 World Cup Bid would get the party started nicely...well not for those miserable gits in AFL Head Office and many many journos...but maybe that would just make it more enjoyable....for me!


Monday, 1 November 2010

Mark Arbib: Nearpost loves your humour

TAYLOR AUERBACH: Yeah, my question is to Mark. As Federal Minister of Australian sport, could you perhaps tell us how many players are on an AFL side?

MARK ARBIB: That’s a good question. I’m going to tell you I don’t know.

Outraged the AFL are. Andrew, wads of money, Demitriou will have Arbib on a plane to Melbourne before you can say Football Federation Australia.

Nice move Mark....and is it only me who finds his answer funny!