Sunday, 28 November 2010

Too much football is...too much...for Gosford and Arnie.

The Brisbane Roar came to town but no-one wanted to watch them, the so-called best team in Australia ever - against a resurgent and increasingly stylish Mariners.

Maybe all the Mariners fans had headed to watch Beckham and co; after all where else did those 23,000 Novacastrians come from?

Maybe there is, as we seem to think, a very limited market for football, match goers in Australia.

A Rugby League clash in Newcastle may well have seen a big crowd back up in Gosford the next day. Football didn't.

What the fans did miss was an annihilation of the home team.

The Roar were simply too smart - and re-born Coach Graham Arnold failed his first real test. Arnie simply lacked belief in his own team, it's own style and made a cardinal sin.

By withdrawing Daniel McBreen and playing just one striker, at home, Arnie handed territory and possession to the team who simply have thrived on possession and territory in the final third all year. Why would you?

And so Mustafa Armini and co were simply passed off the park. Or indeed run off the park.

It was embarassing early as three goals flew in. And the game was done and dusted.

Arnie's team is not a bad team. Today they were. Arnie is not yet, the complete coach.

Ange Postecoglou however is still to be really tested in the coaching stakes, this season at least.

The Roar have set the standard. Maybe the Gold Coast will have the resolve, certainly more than the Mariners to test their neighbours. If they get their full side settled they and Adelaide could test the Roar - maybe.

Of course Melbourne Victory with Archie back may have a say.

For now it's the Roar and daylight. And great to see Mitch Nicholls fulfilling his promise.

Roar 5 - Mariners 1 in Gosford!

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