Thursday, 30 June 2011

We lost to Brazil, Uzbekistan and the tennis - Great night!

Ok I set the alarm and got up for the Matildas game - I'm still on a high from their last World Cup and with Tom Sermanni changing the whole team - why wouldn't I get up.

I thought we might beat Brazil - more later.

I fell asleep after the game only to wake to see Dylan Tombides getting sent-off for kicking an opponent - just when Jan's boys seemed to have some pressure on the ballas well - and then Teeboy gets sent-off - that's what you get when you take a 15 year old to a World Cup - great experience for him - but he can't go to the next one due to FIFA regulations not his age he's only 15 - so his 30 minutes here he'd better remember.

Back to the main game - the Matildas.

Brazil seemed so scared of De Vanna they dropped off and let us have the ball - and this Matildas team likes the ball - so despite the reputation of the Brazilians it was only control errors from young Cailtin Foord that actually gave the Samba stars any chance to make a goal in the first half.

Too harsh? David Carney would get the same treatment and this is a World Cup, 16 years of age or not!

The Brazilians nearly scored - they wouldn't have deserved it.

Australia played well throughout - the tempo of the game was always going to switch back and forth but we out possessed Brazil - a great sign for the rest of the tournament.

But we didn't score and in Lisa De Vanna we had our chances. Everyone talks Marta but De Vanna is a mercurial genius probably best used over 45 minutes than a whole game; she had two great opportunities for any striker and she fluffed them. Such is football.

Brazil scored a stinker of a goal - if only Cheryl Salisbury was four years younger - the ball bobbled and bounced and whilst there were a hundred Matildas in sight of the ball it just wouldn't get hoofed. I can't watch it again.

We looked good at times, very good playing out and keeping possession often - much more often than we did in the Asia Cup. But with no Kate Gill we're lacking something in the final third, at least against Brazil.

Caitlin Foord had a great game - remember the Brazilians are the favourites, Emily Van Egmond also did well more composed than I'd ever seen her for Canberra United - a new role, deeper and it worked. She's only 17.

Heather Garriock lacked the performance and energy of 2007. Her energy from that period alone could have been enough to carry us to victory last night. She wasn't bad - just not brilliant such was her performances in 2007. We needed just a little more thrust, more dynamism at times in the final third.

But we couldn't do it and gave away a nightmare goal.

We still gave away the ball a little too often against a top team - sometimes despite playing well it was our ball passing that let Brazil back in rather than their efforts. Disappointing.

Now it gets tense.

We have to win the next game against Equitorial Guinea themselves defeated by Norway. 10pm on Sunday night - I can do that!

We're playing well, no wonder Tom Sermanni has been upbeat - but we neegoal or two. We have the players should be afraid of no-one on last nights performance - let's hope the team gets the points against Guinea and set's up a humdinger against Norway.


Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Nearpost Poddies: Last Socceroo to score a hat-trick was........and go the Matildas!

Aaron Walker, Nick Cumpston, and Nick Amies talk Aussie Football

We've got Aussie football covered. Socceroos, Matildas, Harry, Joeys and all the footy news and talk. How many football poddies only cover Aussie football?

We are clearly Australia's number one football poddie, apart from all the others, We discuss all the news from Australian football. What more could you wish for from the Australian media?

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Matildas can beat Brazil tonight

Tom Sermanni has shocked the Matildas and W-League football followers by leaving out of his starting eleven in tonights game against Brazil three of the stars from the last World and Asia Cup.

Lauren Colthorpe
Claire Polkinghorne
Sally Shipard

and Aussie cricketer and footballer Ellyse Perry who burst on to the scene after the last World Cup - looked a shoe-in for a starting birth - has been overtaken by a 16 year old Caitlin Foord. Incredible.

Imagine England leaving out Steven Gerrard, John Terry and Rio Ferdinand before the first game of a World Cup. or Australia dropping Vince Grella, Jason Culina, Brett Emerton!

Takes guts - and a clear mind.

Sermannni has it - always has.

And don't forget Emily Van Egmond, just 17 herself, she has found herself in the starting line-up against Brazil. Against Brazil!

A Coach with confidence. Sermanni is a wily old fox and has shown time and time again he can mould a team, produce champion performaners and champion performances.

Can we beat Brazil?

Well the women's game has undoubtedly improved in Australia in the last four years - but so has the game across the World.

Australia has an abundance of skill and pace in the forward line, perhaps more skill in more forward positions than ever before.

I'm surprised Emily Van Egmond is starting but at 17 she's probably improved more since the end of the W-League than any of us good imagine - hard to base her selection on those performances we did see. Good luck to Emily a future star!.

We didn't dominate when we won in Asia, few games were won where we had most of the possession - but we showed an ability to defend against Asian teams who always perform strongly on the women's stage. A good measure.

And we should be even stronger now.

Fascinating to see how Australia go tonight - with the quality of the bench - don't forget to add Sam Kerr to the list above, Australia has a squad to cause some pain.

Can they beat Brazil - you know, I think they will!

And won't that shake the World.


Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Canberra football (still) lacks vision and growth - add the FFA as well!

It was reaffirmed that Canberra’s possible inclusion in the Hyundai A-League was postponed for the forseeable future. The idea of a separate, stand-alone Canberra team in the National Youth League was canvassed, but economic factors were identified as a major impediment at this stage

Pretty weak!

Capital Football and the FFA might be so excited they put this story on their website, I'd be ashamed and embarassed, and every parent of every aspiring boy in the U10 - U15 Representative football programs and those aspiring to such heights will see little "growth" as the headline suggests in this undynamic model.

So joining with the regional SNSW is good for business - and it sure makes sense for those regional towns to reap the benefits of coaching and playing against the stronger teams from Canberra - but again the major point in Canberra football remains.

How is it that Capital Football are unable to come up with the vision, the desire and the plan to give our boys post-15 a pathway. Maybe Southern NSW should take over Capital Football and not the other way round!

We've achieved the first base for the women, through the W-League. Although we were initially rejected from that league, nothing could stop our intelligence, resource gathering and great leadership and vision to get us in - and rightly so.

Where is the plan to build on what Canberra United has achieved or is this it?

How come we don't have the skills, intelligence, desire and vision to make a pathway for our boys? How many years have Canberra been unable to make any headway? And the final point in the story quoted above, put in as an after thought when the story should be:

FFA and Capital Football dismiss all hope for boys development pathway in Canberra - again!

Playing Albury and Wagga away post 15 is not a pathway is it?

Interesting Eddie Senatore is now on the Capital Football Board - Eddie is one of the drivers behind the Boomerang Futsal Club that plays......wait for it, wait for NSW (Sydney).

It can be done - we now have the talent on the Board who can implement Futsal pathways, different costs for outdoors we all know that, but why not use the talents on the new Capital Football Board for the outdoor game!

Can't be THAT hard to get a youth team can it?


Monday, 27 June 2011

Why Teeboy should have stayed home

FIFA rules say that boys u17 can only play at one World Cup.

Teeboy Kamara is 15 and could go to the next World Cup. He's that young. And at this World Cup he's been played for 15 minutes so far and then got injured.

He looked talented but raw raw raw and surely his development would be better if he'd got to play three games when he was more developed in two years time.

And of course another player has missed out by taking Teeboy.

You have to wonder if Aussie development is on the right track or as looks to be the case we are still lacking sufficient numbers of creative and attacking forward players from midfield.

Which begs the question: When was the last time the AIS produced a wonderful forward?


Sunday, 26 June 2011

Matildas all the rage.

Sally Shipard in Germany

And even the SMH are into it. Lisa De Vanna getting the treatment in the SMH today, yesterday great piece on Kyah Symon.

Matildas - making real in roads into the Aussie sporting community. Great stuff.

And with all the facebook/twitter coverage if you are interested in the Matildas you'll never have so much info coming at you on the Women's World Cup.

Westfield Matildas coach Tommy Sermanni and captain Melissa Barbieri will be among the key figures to give their personal insights via Twitter. Exclusive photos and the latest from inside the Westfield Matildas camp will be found on Facebook.





Official supporter thread


Key personalities

@tomsermanni (Tom Sermanni)

@bubs_11 (Melissa Barbieri)

@sallyshipard (Sally Shipard)

@samkerr1 (Samantha Kerr)

Ask the Experts live Tweet events

1. Tom Sermanni – 5pm AEST Monday 27 June #gomatildas

2. Melissa Barbieri – 5pm AEST Friday 1 July #gomatildas

3. Spencer Prior and Sally Shipard - 5pm AEST Tuesday 5 July #gomatildas

Some of the content Australian fans can look forward to during the FIFA Women’s World Cup include:

· Exclusive behind the scenes content including video and photos

· Ask the experts: Fans will be able to ask Westfield Matildas head coach Tom Sermanni and Captain Melissa Barbieri in a live question and answer session through Twitter. Fans are also invited to send their questions through Girls FC and Matildas on Facebook prior to the event

· Follow non-football related team activities and excursions

· Read player’s blogs

· Receive exclusive team tips and training drills

· Competitions encouraging fans to share their messages of support


Thursday, 23 June 2011

Australia v Brazil Friday 5.45am live on SBS

Nice way to end the week!


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Aussie Starlets: Three to watch?

Mitchell Langerak, Mustifa Amini and Dylan Tombides.

All three are at top German or strong English Clubs - Langarek is proven as a keeper having played in the A-League and in the Asian Champions League and in Germany with Dortmund he can surely only improve and challenge Adam Federici in years to come for the Soccerooos spot.

Mustafa has played A-League at 17, in a dynamic central role and done well. He has a long way to go but the expected move to Dortmund could see him further progress.

And then Dylan Tombides at West Ham. At 17 he's massively strong, reminding some of a young Mark Viduka. Like Harry Kewell he's making his mark in the UK at a young age, making the bench recently for West Ham.

Tons of Aussies go overseas - most languish in Div 1, 2 or 3 of their national leagues. We need more Tim Cahills, Mark Vidukas, Harry Kewells, Craig Moores, Stan Lazaridis, Josip Skoko, Scott Chipperfield, Tony Popovic, Tony Vidmar, Brett Emerton, Vinny Grella, Marco Bresciano, John Aloisi,Josh Kennedy, Lucas Neill even Spider the list went on and on didn't it - playing in the major European leagues if we are to have a real chance of improving international results.

Arguably in the five years since 2006 only Brett Holman and Adam Federici have shown the ability to crack a contract and play consistently at a level high enough to make a major impact on the International stage.

Others like Matt Spiranovic, Rhys Williams, James Troisi, Michael Zullo, Mile Jedinak are possibly looking at maintaining their position in their teams or ready to make the next move in a year or two. But apart from Rhys Williams I won't be expecting too much.

But in the three players mentioned at the head of the article we have a spine developing - possible superstars - although there is an awful long way to go.

We need some players able to play Champions League a la the quality of a Kewell or Viduka - we'll always have the Stejovski, Wilkshire, Culina and co to put around them - but we need the creme.

The signs are encouraging that the next generation Socceroos are starting to progress still albeit a long long way behind the class of 2006 in terms of playing experience.

Remember Premier League players like Lazaridis and Skoko couldn't even get 5 minutes at a World Cup! What we'd give for a flying Stan the Man now! In Zullo maybe we have one, developing yes, certainly one to watch after recent attacking displays and getting game time like a young Emerton at full-back in the Dutch Ere Divisie.

I see no superstars in Neil Kilkenny, Jon McKain, Carl Valeri, Robbie Kruse, Dario Vidosic and that generation.

But maybe just maybe we have three to really build and improve a team in years to come.

Wouldn't it be great to see one or two young Aussies burst onto a World Cup field in 2014!


Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Nearpost Poddie: Joeys, Matildas, Harry and more

Paddy Bordier, Nick Cumpston, and Nick Amies talk Aussie Football

We've got Aussie football covered. Joeys, Matildas, Harry and Bernie and all the footy news and talk. How many football poddies only cover Aussie football?

We are clearly Australia's number one football poddie, apart from all the others, We discuss all the news from Australian football. What more could you wish for from the Australian media?

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U17 win but you know who not happy! And fair enough too.

If Australia wants to win a World Cup then the style of play and individual performances at the U17 and U20 World Cups are always a good guide to how well or otherwise a national team might perform in coming years and certainly to their style.

Australia has shouted long and loud about how we are going to change, indeed are changing our style of play, but after todays performance the Kaz Patafta inspired U17 team of 2005 under Ange Postecoglou was no worse than this performance.

And remember Ange was slated by some.

Australia fought back to beat a talented and possession dominating Ivory Coast with two great finishes from West Ham's Dylan Tombides and Perth Glory's Jess Makarounes, but football fans were left bemused by the performance given the amount of money, time and energy placed into the new football programs for our young boys.

Craig Foster on Twitter said:
Question to Boultbee, who runs the AIS: was that acceptable today? After 2 years daily work? With most expensive development coach ever?

And the question needs to be asked!

Ange Postecoglou felt Fozzies wrath after World Cup some years ago, it hasn't done him any harm and now the FFA and their Coaching Staff will need to discuss the development or we might argue our lack of.

It was dire.

40% possession in a game of football tells it own story - and certainly given we're putting all this emphasis on technique and style of play, dominating teams, keeping possession and controlling the games - then from those perspectives it was a disaster.

Yes we won - but really is that how we want to play. The defence unable to clear a ball, a midfield unable to link with defence and keeping the ball - we couldn't do it.

Well done to the lads - somehow they won.

But on this performance Australia's hopes of improving it's football technique, culture and style of play is a long long way off!


Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Nearpost Poddie out now: Name our THREE World Cup opponents?

Paddy Bordier, Nick Cumpston, Nick Amies and Eamonn Flanagan talk Aussie Football

We've got Aussie football covered. Socceroos, Matildas, Harry and Bernie and all the footy news and talk. How many football poddies only cover Aussie football?

We are clearly Australia's number one football poddie, apart from all the others, We discuss all the news from Australian football. What more could you wish for from the Australian media?

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Nearpost sweet. One less fuckwit to keep track of.

Seems the Nearpost has upset Mr John Birmingham - who would have thought! He must be having a bad day. Wonder if he'll get a job in India.

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Nearpost talks Matildas, Socceroos, and Harry Kewell 2nite from 6.30 , antif

It's the Matildas, Socceroos and Harry Kewell and a big welcome to guest Nearpost presenter Nick Amies.

We're streamed live 6.30 aest or get the poddie on itunes or here on the blog.


Sunday, 12 June 2011

We love Harry but - FFA: Harry or the kids? Nearpost solution is free.

I love to go to the beach and build a castle, a sand castle. But despite all the oohs and aahs from passers by I know that in the arvo someone will have come by and stamped on my creation.

Nothing permanent.

And such is football in Australia - it seems to me.

How many times have we heard Manchester United are coming, or in recent times Celtic, Juventus or Beckham. Now I think such "events" are great and assist the game but where's the substance - long-term.

And of course add in Robbie Fowler, Ian Rush, Dwight Yorke, George Best Juninho, Romario - yes we've had a heap - and still our clubs at the professional level are built on my sandcastle.

Clive Palmer has pumped in millions, so Con Constantine (lest we forget) Tony Sage (christ how much money can one guy waste on an ageing team - again) and many others.

No club has anything to show for it, no certainty of real tenure given the ongoing size of the losses.

We're in a pickle.

And now Bernie Mandic, Harry's Agent is feeding us juicy bits - Harry is interested.

Jesse Fink, is off to India, but before he goes he thinks Harry should come and save the league and the FFA should pay, nay Lowy or was that Mike Cockerill. Nind you they also thought Nicky Carle and Ricardo Porto should lead the Socceroos in 2010!

Harry would be great - with and for everyone. Even the anti-football media would want a piece for a while. But can we afford him?

Craig Foster wrote a great piece on the cost of football for kids - he's right with all the kids paying for our adult brethren, men in most cases, to play in front of two men and a dog. And some of that rego goes to the FFA.

Can Bernie Mandic really demand that his client gets more than $600,000 in which case the FFA (your kid) may stump up the money for Australia's alledged richest agent and Harry.

Key questions before we hand over the dosh.

When did the last Socceroos return and do something for the game - and not for his pay packet when euro dollars ran out.

Not Tony Popovic - My plane stopped in the middle east - not John Aloisi, couldn't get a club so will play once I get a million (shades of Harry???), not Craig Moore, Stan Lazaridis, Paul Agostino (who?) all earned more than they could have in Europe - only Jason Culina I'd argue has come back to assist the game and get a wage similar to what he would have got in Holland.

So when in crisis let's get Frank or the FFA to pay.

How is that going to be sustainable?

Hasn't this game learned anything?

We need to keep all clubs, connect and work much harder converting players and fans of football and other codes into A-League fans.

When we have a core 10,000 every week at all clubs - then we can go to level 3 - spend a bit or waste the credit card on Bernie Mandic and Harry.

Bernie got $2million from Harry's $5 million transfer to Liverpool so it was reported at the time - how much does Bernie want this time for negotiating the deal - $5 from each kid playing football in Australia?

What if Harry gets injured? We'll be a laughing stock - and Harry might.
What if Harry has no other clubs after him other than QPR - does Harry need us more than we need him?

Nearpost Solution
Why not offer Harry one dollar more than he can get from any club anywhere else in the world and see how much Harry and Bernie really want to do for Australia, the A-League and our kids.

After all Harry seems like a great bloke - possibly badly advised.

And how come he's only talking up the move now - could it be coz no-one wants an ageing 33 year old in their forward line in Europe.

Will the FFA stare em down or will the kids pay again?


Friday, 10 June 2011

Aussie football on SBS in June/July - hooray - daily highlights- hooray

We're playing Brazil TWICE live on SBS.

Daily highlights from the Women's World Cup and the best U17's take on the World.

Then it's the Under 20's in August.

Check out the kick-off times and schedules here

In a big month for Australian football, the Matildas and Joeys begin their FIFA World Cup campaigns, while the Young Socceroos prepare for the FIFA U-20 World Cup in July.

FIFA U-17 World Cup broadcast schedule(PDF, 189K)

FIFA U-20 World Cup broadcast schedule(PDF, 139K)

FIFA Women's World Cup broadcast schedule(PDF, 133K)


Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Radio stars wanted!

Nearpost is suffering from Termites it seems.

We are looking for a one or two hosts/presenters who'd like to join the team to keep the show going. This may require once a week/ once a fortnight commitment with the other members of the team.

We'll train any presenter/host.

You need to have a passion for Aussie football - we don't talk Man Utd or Arsenal on the show - just Aussie football, mens and women and nothing local - that's Peter Funnells Nearpost Local show.

We're a national show, sent out to Community Radio Broadcasting Network across Australia and we're podcast on itunes and on this blog.

6-30p- 7pm every Tuesday. That's it, at the Griffin Centre in Civic.

If you love A-League, W-League, Aussies overseas, Socceroos, Young Socceroos etc etc and all the big Aussie issues - and you are on top of the detail we'd love to hear from you. Or you just want to host radio - get in to it.



Socceroos find Serbia a little harder than Kiwis! Holger is great!

Aussies found the game a little more meaningful against Serbia than the run out against the Kiwis.

Michael Zullo was tested and showed he has a lot to learn but still showed enough to get some more opportunities.

Adam Federici and Brett Holman were both outstanding against top opposition and Serbia were a class outfit - recently beaten by South Korea it should be noted despite missing 4 or 5 key players.

Carl Valeri had a mixed game, some great things some not so hot but again showed why playing in Serie B is better than playing in the lower leagues of England.

Leeds' Neil Kilkenny has probably played himself out of the team with another dire performance. Lacking control - crucial in the international midfield - he has had his chances.

Archie Thompson looked lively but is well behind Josh Kennedy, Harry Kewell and Tim Cahill in the striking department - we may still need him, however, in the Asia Qualifiers.

James Troisi was less impressive last night - was the Kiwi game his level? Hopefully he can improve further.

Matt McKay was strong, very strong again and showed he's ahead of Troisi by miles both defensively and in the attacking areas. Crucial to have both in International football, Troisi has litte defensively it seems!

Rhy Williams will offer a lot in coming years, and late entrants Robbie Kruse and Dario Vidosic offered something.

The question remains while many newcomers are showing signs of hope - where is the next Lucas Neill, Tim Cahill, Brett Emerton, Marco Bresciano, Harry Kewell and co.

Players who can play in the highest leagues for many years.

We got a draw with Serbia with a team playing in lower leagues.

And it wasnt too bad considering the cattle we have.

Good enough to take us to the World Cup again.

Along way to go and lots of fast Asian forwards to test us out.

The best thing about last night?

Holger Osieck - he has a plan - gets the ball moving forward and is bringing in young guns who are performing above themselves it seems. They'll need to improve by the Qualifiers but we seem to have more players who can do a job now than six months ago.

Nice appointment FFA - I think you got it right


Monday, 6 June 2011

Young Roos better away from the UK! Proven?

The Socceroos young guns stepped up to defeat NZ 3-0 yesterday. Despite the usual whingeing from many fans about the play there was plenty for me to like about Holger's team performance.

Particularly the crisp passing and pacy interchange in the final third. We don't often get to see it in the Green and Gold - and Josh K was on the field too, who would have thought!

And the message for me is that if young Aussies want to contribute in the forward six of the team then get out of England!

Dutch based Brett Holman continues to show why he's the best of the new generation - playing years in Holland has clearly helped - and his movement and thought is the best on the ground.

While Big Brett Emerton a loyal servant to the Roos his lack of that something extra will see him play a less important role as his pace declines - even a little.

But it was the Europeans who impressed. Turkish based James Troisi got out of the UK just in time, Rhy Williams is looking good but defenders can flourish in any league I'd argue - even the UK.

Michael Zullo looks to be improving at left-back - remember he was the winger originally at the Roar - anyone want to move Taj Minniecon to left back at the Gold Coast - for another day maybe.

Zullo is learning his trade in Holland.

The clamour and support for Nicky Carle has not been quite the same frenzy for Neil Kilkenny but the Leeds midfielder did his hopes no good with a lack of touch, and vision time and time again and that was just the warm-up.

On this performance he was old Australia.

And of course his play mate Serie B Carl Valeri is just so far ahead in terms of possession, team play and football intelligence.

Mark Milligan surpassed Kilkenny quickly. His touch and passing was crisp and effective. He made the error to hand the Japanese the Asia Cup in 2007 when he was on the rise - and his career crashed from that point. He's now in J2 would you believe but clearly ahead of Kilkenny who is flogging himself in the English Championship.

New Zealand were poor, very poor, and if any team suited Kilkenny it was this big team full of white men. But sadly for me Kilkenny doesn't have it. If he plays on Tuesday it maybe his last chance for sometime! Bring back Mile Jedinak - and yes Mile plays on the Euro mainland.

If Mile had gone to the English leagues would we ever have seen him in a Socceroos shirt!

And finally Dario Vidosic did enough off the bench to get me interested. Pacy and skilled he took the ball to the opposition. He's in Germany.

When did we last see so many at Socceroo level show such sparks of something. Throw in Robbie Kruse and Matt Mckay and pressure for places is building.

With the odd U20 starting to shape up in a year or two - maybe it's only the centre back positions where we seem lacking. We still need a Mark Viduka or Harry Kewell and we don't have any of that stature yet - but another Tim Cahill - well in Holman we have a different type of Timmy but quality and a star none the less.

Who else can play Champions League from this generation? Time will tell.

A weakened Serbia side will be a better test.

Still some hope for the Green and Gold fans - finally! Good job Holger!


Wednesday, 1 June 2011

In Canberra we want:

In no particular order:

1. Blatter out.

2. Capital Football to produce a vision, a plan for our boys post-15. (It is possible to make professional ranks despite missing out on the AIS or ACTAS - just not in Canberra football.)

An A-League Youth team, inspired but not run by Capital Football.

Dollar for dollar girls v boys expenditure. For every dollar Canberra United get we should aim to match this and provide another organisation the resources to run a Youth team.

This is not an attack on Canberra United - only a fool would think that - this is a call for a plan for our boys.

Do Capital Football care - or do they just wish to keep taking all our boys money in their HPP program etc

And if we only have a pathway for girls - y o y o y o did we start with U10 BOYS development squad - completely ignoring the girls - the most important group given we've only got a girls pathway.

And finally, how many years does it take a board to come up with a plan for boys?


Nearpost Poddie: Blatter out, Socceroos abroad and all the news

Lucy Zelic, Paddy Bordier and Nick Cumpston talk Aussie Football

We've got Aussie football covered. FIFA, Socceroos abroad, and all the footy news and talk. How many football poddies only cover Aussie football?

We are clearly Australia's number one football poddie, apart from all the others, We discuss all the news from Australian football. What more could you wish for from the Australian media?

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