Sunday, 12 June 2011

We love Harry but - FFA: Harry or the kids? Nearpost solution is free.

I love to go to the beach and build a castle, a sand castle. But despite all the oohs and aahs from passers by I know that in the arvo someone will have come by and stamped on my creation.

Nothing permanent.

And such is football in Australia - it seems to me.

How many times have we heard Manchester United are coming, or in recent times Celtic, Juventus or Beckham. Now I think such "events" are great and assist the game but where's the substance - long-term.

And of course add in Robbie Fowler, Ian Rush, Dwight Yorke, George Best Juninho, Romario - yes we've had a heap - and still our clubs at the professional level are built on my sandcastle.

Clive Palmer has pumped in millions, so Con Constantine (lest we forget) Tony Sage (christ how much money can one guy waste on an ageing team - again) and many others.

No club has anything to show for it, no certainty of real tenure given the ongoing size of the losses.

We're in a pickle.

And now Bernie Mandic, Harry's Agent is feeding us juicy bits - Harry is interested.

Jesse Fink, is off to India, but before he goes he thinks Harry should come and save the league and the FFA should pay, nay Lowy or was that Mike Cockerill. Nind you they also thought Nicky Carle and Ricardo Porto should lead the Socceroos in 2010!

Harry would be great - with and for everyone. Even the anti-football media would want a piece for a while. But can we afford him?

Craig Foster wrote a great piece on the cost of football for kids - he's right with all the kids paying for our adult brethren, men in most cases, to play in front of two men and a dog. And some of that rego goes to the FFA.

Can Bernie Mandic really demand that his client gets more than $600,000 in which case the FFA (your kid) may stump up the money for Australia's alledged richest agent and Harry.

Key questions before we hand over the dosh.

When did the last Socceroos return and do something for the game - and not for his pay packet when euro dollars ran out.

Not Tony Popovic - My plane stopped in the middle east - not John Aloisi, couldn't get a club so will play once I get a million (shades of Harry???), not Craig Moore, Stan Lazaridis, Paul Agostino (who?) all earned more than they could have in Europe - only Jason Culina I'd argue has come back to assist the game and get a wage similar to what he would have got in Holland.

So when in crisis let's get Frank or the FFA to pay.

How is that going to be sustainable?

Hasn't this game learned anything?

We need to keep all clubs, connect and work much harder converting players and fans of football and other codes into A-League fans.

When we have a core 10,000 every week at all clubs - then we can go to level 3 - spend a bit or waste the credit card on Bernie Mandic and Harry.

Bernie got $2million from Harry's $5 million transfer to Liverpool so it was reported at the time - how much does Bernie want this time for negotiating the deal - $5 from each kid playing football in Australia?

What if Harry gets injured? We'll be a laughing stock - and Harry might.
What if Harry has no other clubs after him other than QPR - does Harry need us more than we need him?

Nearpost Solution
Why not offer Harry one dollar more than he can get from any club anywhere else in the world and see how much Harry and Bernie really want to do for Australia, the A-League and our kids.

After all Harry seems like a great bloke - possibly badly advised.

And how come he's only talking up the move now - could it be coz no-one wants an ageing 33 year old in their forward line in Europe.

Will the FFA stare em down or will the kids pay again?


Anonymous said...

we can only pray they don't waste money we cannot afford to waste

Jm said...

the canberra team should buy harry and then they have to give us a team.

where do all our regos go to capitol? surely they could afford to buy him?