Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Crumbs, Canberra has won?

So we didn't get the 12th licence purely it seems because we weren't called Western Sydney.

And the FFA has certainly angered many Canberrans with their process of selection. If indeed there was ever a process.

But when the dust settles many will agree, the Canberra Bid Committee although failing in their aim to get the 12th licence has moved Canberra back into the world of professional least in intent.

And in time it will be this bid, this committee that will have done the ground work for a future professional team, one in my view that still needs a way better model if a team is ever to survive and flourish in I believe it can.

The momentum of the bid, resulted in 20,000 turning up to watch the Socceroos, the community actually realising what "the A-League" was, and perhaps the biggest achievement was to look to the future and away from the "we've failed with the Cosmos" era. No mean acheivements in Canberra!

Many have criticised the Committee, myself included, for failing to maintain the momentum of the Socceroos crowd, for failing to get the money needed, and for failing to attract the right people on to the committee in the first place, and maybe for not going hard enough to the FFA after that Socceroos game when we were at our strongest point, in terms of community and financial support.

Now is the time for Ivan Slavich to review those on the Committee and those who can or will take the bid forward. Will Ivan remain? He should. And in today's Canberra Times he says he will. A bid without Ivan would seem unlikely to succeed in my view.

I can attest to the hours upon hours he has put into to make this thing happen. Ivan's drive and energy has been an eye-opener although I had some disagreements along the way; that is normal I guess.

And if the FFA are to be believed, and I don't believe them, Canberra will be the 13th team in the league.

Hmmmm nice thought, but if we are to be that team, why not give us a date for entry no matter how far away.

The sop from the FFA that we are to get more A-League games and Internationals is just that a meaningless sop to a region the FFA has treated appallingly in my view. They certainly haven't assisted the game to grow in this region by their sham of a licence process.

Indeed right now the thought of more A-League games in Canberra seems like a waste of time. And the link with the Mariners seems to distract us from the main game: A team of our own and as a subsidiary a pathway for our young players.

Is it time for the Bid Committee to disband or do they have the ability to take and build on the momentum; a momentum which in most people's view has died. There is the answer for the Committee members I guess, although I'm in favour of new energy around Ivan should he remain.

The way ahead?

A Youth team in the A-League would be a better sop from the FFA. And the Canberra Times is reporting that the FFA want to go this way.

Well why would we believe the FFA, but to start with a Youth team next year would placate many of us and build some real momentum alongside Canberra United in my view.

It would enable us a pathway for our players so when our team comes in, if it ever does, we have a pool of players ready to go, an administration in place and a community able to get behind a team, a brand and keep some of the A-League4Canberra momentum.

Further the Youth Team, Boomerangs Futsal and Canberra United W-League should all be branded as one, formed into one club, to promote the elite football from the region not just Canberra.

The Bid Committee if they remain needs to reenergise and force some answers from the FFA. Are they up to the task? Were they ever able to galvanise the community?

When will the FFA give us our start date.
What will they do to assist us. A youth team is a bigger priority than more Mariners A-League games. We don't want A-League games and will not support them in the numbers required to build a successful brand in Canberra.

Any volunteer A-League committee do not have the energy to promote of finance A-League Mariner games. They are a distraction to the main cause of our own A-League team. Capital Football clearly dont have the communication abilities or resources to be throwing behind the Mariners games to ensure 10,000 people drop the games!

International games: We'll take them; if we get them because they FFA spend money to promote those.

And my final thought:
Who will the develop a business model that is really sustainable, reveal it to the community and take this Bid to a new level?

We have the time now, no pressure of Bid races etc, so let's go to stage two once the dust has settled and build on the Memberships, the 13400 pledges, the regional support, the 100 Ambassadors, the clubs of the ACT and the goodwill of many many volunteers who gave up their time to promote this thing.

We have a large database of emails, paid-up members, volunteers etc etc, there needs to be some thought given to how best to bring this community along and of course more importantly the business acumen and finances required for a team to succeed.

In the long-term view: Did the Canberra Committee succeed or fail?


Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Nearpost: Radio Local


Nationally we talk Expansion and why the FFA love Canberra. Ben Buckley did you take your national capital for a little ride? Are you continuing to take the city for a ride?

And all the A-League, W-League and football talk you could ever dream of.

Locally: Download

Peter Funnell talks to one of Canberra star footballers, Ned Zelic.
And Pat McCann gives the lowdown on High Performance Futsal program progress.


Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Nearpost Podcasts

download here

Quiz questions, dedications and the best wrap in the world of the A-League!

And locally with the best coverage of local football in the Australian Capital Peter Funnell talks to Cap Football CEO Heather Reid on that A-League bid, High Performance, ACT Premier League and all things local football.

Download the local show here


Sunday, 20 September 2009

FFA: Stick YOUR World Cup Bid

The FFA: How's your World Cup bid process going in Canberra?

No A-League Licence, no World Cup bid from Canberra. That's what the ACT Government are saying...and that's what I say.

Yeah, take that FFA.

Who would want a few World Cup games in Canberra in ten years time, a hefty taxpayer bill for us poor sods, more Mariners stale crumbs in the coming years, and no legacy for football in the region......only the College Street mob.

Canberra bites back.....and the mood from Canberra is...we're enjoying the chew.


Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Nearpost podcast

What will become of Lucas Neill, will Mark Viduka ever play again and who did he ring for advice? Are Perth unfit, why Michella went to bed instead of watching her eam, The Jets, Bernie thinks we're okay for strikers in Australia even though non scored in our league on the weekend.

Has it ever happened in AFL?

Download National Show.

Peter Funnell catches up locally with Ray Junna, Canberra United's Coach, and Pat McCann talks Capital Football High Performance and his USA Coaching experiences.



Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Half-Time Heroes out now.

It's packed with cartoons opinions humour and analysis. Take a look today.
Who is Australia's biggest celebrity football fan.


Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Nearpost podcast this week

Lucy Zelic says give Pim the flick, we dedicate the show to Tarek Elrich, Paddy Bordier reveals his A-League team after five seasons!

And why we all love the Gold Coast...and it's the team we all want to watch.And why the FFA have stuffed Canberra and their own expansion plans. Watch your back Lucas!

We've got it all here on Nearpost podcast. Don't miss it!

Download here.

Locally and timely in view of all the violence at the local Rugby games and Football games on the weekend with at least THREE games abandoned, nice one lads, and at Canberra Stadium as well, Peter Funnell catches up with George Huitker who keeps it real.

It's only a game, and a junior one at that.



Friday, 4 September 2009

Half-Time Heroes Wed 9th Sept.

If you like a copy sent to you, it's free, email


Thursday, 3 September 2009

Canberra: Is it really happening?.

I'm hearing the FFA are saying we're the front runner and we may get the nod.

Well no better time to announce it than tomorrow in my view.
No suggestion of that but it's time for the FFA to decide on Canberra's fate.

Frank Farina gives us a big plug on the SBS site, Fox Sports mention every player whoever played for Canberra on tonights game...seems like everyone is talking about us, everyone wants us..finally.

I'll wait for the FFA.


Canberra shafted, or handed falsehope?

In the SMH today: Canberra handed inside running as Meissner pulls out of FFA race for new team

Western Sydney have pulled out the day before the A-League game in Canberra. Make of that what you will, but Buckle-up Ben has hardly given us any encouragment has he. Ever?

Read his comments once more!

Canbera by default? Was it ever thus?

Pressed on whether Canberra now had pole position, Buckley responded: ''By definition when the numbers are reduced - those still left have a better chance. Canberra is a strong bid, but other bids are well advanced also.''

Full article below.

Canberra handed inside running as Meissner pulls out of FFA race for new team

CANBERRA has suddenly moved into pole position to become the A-League's 12th team after western Sydney's leading bid yesterday withdrew from the race.
Colourful businessman Joe Meissner notified Football Federation Australia that he would no longer be continuing his submission for ''personal reasons'' - leaving the FFA scrambling to find an alternative for a second team in Sydney.

FFA chief executive Ben Buckley declined to confirm Canberra's bid - which has government support - was now the frontrunner, although he admitted there were ''time pressures'' to find a viable team from western Sydney for 2010.

With a second Melbourne side already confirmed, there is a growing chance of an 11-team league next season.

Meissner's bid was believed to have won the support of the FFA board 10 days ago, pending the submission of a final list of financial guarantees. But before those guarantees were provided, Meissner, who was unavailable for comment last night, withdrew his bid.

Bid chairman Ian Rowden, a former board member of Sydney FC, said: ''We're all disappointed it's come to this. A lot of hard work had gone into the planning and we believe we were poised to create a strong and viable team, which would have been competitive on the field and would have helped grow the game off the field. That opportunity still exists and I'm sure there will be a second Sydney team at some stage in the future.''
The western Sydney bid's chief executive, Berti Mariani, who says the group had the necessary backing, said: ''Some things in life you can't predict and obviously we're all coming to terms with what's occurred.''
Buckley, however, said that far from being a setback, the withdrawal of the Meissner bid proved the FFA was right to insist on stringent criteria being met before any licence was issued.
''Naturally we're disappointed a consortium has pulled out, but it was never our only option,'' Buckley said.
''As we went through due diligence, this consortium wasn't able to meet the financial criteria. To me that reinforces how important it is we plan for expansion in a prudent way. The FFA needs to make sure successful bidders have the finance in place to operate a club. We make no apologies for being tough on that. What we won't do is issue a licence unless a bid meets the criteria. We can't afford to take unnecessary risks.''
Asked whether the Meissner bid had been the frontrunner, Buckley replied: ''I'm not prepared to say that.
''What I can say is they were well advanced and we commend them for the time and energy they put into the bid.''
The withdrawal of the bid opens the door for a rival western Sydney bid promoted, but not financed, by Socceroos skipper Lucas Neill to get a reprieve, although at this point it lacks the necessary financial support.
Buckley said having a new team in western Sydney for next year had not been ruled out.
''We haven't given up, in fact, I've been in active discussions with other consortia this afternoon,'' he said.
''There is some time pressure as far as season six goes - I concede that. But we've seen in the past what Gold Coast, North Queensland and Wellington have been able to achieve in a sort space of time, so anything is possible.''
Asked whether the FFA was keeping a close eye on the AFL's planning for a western Sydney side, Buckley added: ''This is not a race, our timetable is not dictated by other sports. We have to do what's right for the A-League and for football.''
Canberra remains the only bid that has met all the requirements and, with the national capital to host its first A-League match tomorrow night - when Central Coast Mariners play a ''home'' game against the Perth Glory - the timing is tempting for the FFA to make an announcement.

Pressed on whether Canberra now had pole position, Buckley responded: ''By definition when the numbers are reduced - those still left have a better chance. Canberra is a strong bid, but other bids are well advanced also.''
The Socceroos have reached an all-time high of No.14 in the world in the latest FIFA rankings released on Wednesday.

Australia is up two spots, despite only playing an international friendly against Ireland, which the Socceroos won 3-0, in almost three months.
Australia heads teams such as Denmark (16th) and Portugal (17th). Brazil is still the No.1 rated team ahead of Spain and the Netherlands.


Nearpost Local Podcast

Apologies only the local show appears this week. We will have a foolproof National show system in place next week, rest assured.

Locally Peter Funnell focuses on Ray Junna, Clive MacKillop on referees and so much more.Download

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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Half-Time Heroes: FFA are not a goose...or are they?

It's back, edition two coming next Wednesday, 9th Sept.

More writers than an A-League crowd, well more readers that's for sure. But only a goose would plan 3pm games in the middle of the junior football season wouldn't they.


Majura September Newsletter