Sunday, 30 May 2010

Matildas: Champions of Asia

Australia defeated DPR Korea in the final of the AFC 2010 Asia Cup. With the scores locked at 1-1 after the Aussies had led early, extra-time saw no further goals and the Aussies won the final on penalties.

And remarkably in the worst sodden penalty spot perhaps ever seen for a Continental final all five Aussie penalty takers scored. Sally Shipard, Kylie Ledbrook, Kate Gill, Heather Garriock, and Kyah Simon all scored to win the Asian Cup for Australia. DPR Korea missing just one penalty as Australia held their nerve.

The Matildas played wonderfully well in the first half. Perhaps the most enterprising of the tournament and after taking the lead early looked pretty comfortable until late in the second half.

Korea DPR an excellent side showed they have plenty of technique as they pressed early but the Australian team has a wonderful defence with Servet Unzular and Kim Carroll looking very composed in the centre of defence.

Australia were able to play much more football than in previous games, with Kate Gill providing some wonderful link play with her tight ball control.

Indeed it was her ball which enabled the ever willing Clare Polkinghorne to play in Sam Kerr. The sixteen yard kept her cool and ran in on goal and coolly finished.

There's clearly more to come from this young Australian, and she nearly won the game for the Aussies in the second half when Polkinghorne released her again, but her rising cross just went over Kate Gill's head, the game at 2-0 surely would have been Australia's.

But DPR Korea hit back and after a quick couple of chances took the game to extra-time with a headed cross finding the net.

The rain poured down in Chengdu and the pitch already struggling after so many games, turned into a quagmire.

But both sides dug in and slugged it out. End to end, tackle for tackle. But no-one could break the deadlock, not for the want of trying. And so to penalties.

A great tournament and a great win for the Australian's with the new defence well tested and well prepared for Germany. They can only get better.

Kim Carroll and Servet Unzular superb throughout, Ellise Kellond-Knight composed adds so much style to the Aussie backline and playing style.

Clare Polkinhorne is a must for any team, who energy and determination perhaps seen as more important than her undoubted passing ability.

Sally Shipard is back and made a huge impact on this tournament she'll be set for Germany. Kate Gill is now the complete player, Coach Tom Sermanni has some nice problems.

Lisa De Vanna injured and Sarah Walsh unable to play the Asian Final and yet Australia were still good enough to take the final.

With Caitlin Munoz, Ellyse Perry just two of a host of other players pushing for a place next year in the World Cup Squad one wonders if Aussie football has ever been so strong.

Sepp Blatter says the future of football is feminine so perhaps it's appropriate that the Matildas are the first Australian team to win in Asia.


Saturday, 29 May 2010

Matildas news blackout?

Socceroos, Socceroos, Socceroos are everywhere. Even kicked the Super 14 final, Canberra Raiders and AFL off the front page of the Canberra Times, in winter, and the World Cup hasn't even started, or maybe it has!

But more importantly all the football writers are already in South Africa it seems and as a result only the Australian, hardly reknown for its coverage of men's football never mind womens', seems interested in the Matildas. But of course even it really focused on a player who wasn't there, Cricketer, Footballer and Football Superstar host Ellyse Perry. Can't afford phone calls to China? No surpise, I guess.

(And as an aside, I predict Ellyse will have to choose football over cricket this year if her World Cup aim is to come through, seems to me football give-in to the not so friendly and supportive cricket mob from what I've seen, but this could change now we're at the World Cup. Will cricket really support her, my prediction is No! Can Ellyse really expect to play both and compete to her max on the World Stage? Cricket with all due respect is hardly football, think England, Brazil, Germany, USA and North Korea in the football as opposed to who New Zealand and England and a few more.)

Anyway, it's the final tomorrow night, an Asian Cup Final against those pecky, unsporting North Koreans. Coverage from the ABC, and all your usual media outlets has been woeful. Apart from ABC's wonderful coverage of the game, you hardly know this was one of the nations most popular female sports.

Anyway; I think we'll win! Our defence is strong as. We're confident and of course we recently beat the Graham Souness's "one-half and I'm off," North Koreans in Brisbane. Historically that was and is no mean feat.

No-one expected Japan to miss the final and their is no love lost between the Koreans and outselves. So expect grit and fireworks all around the pitch.

Same team as the semi-final I expect and these players Sally Shipard aside haven't played more than two games. They should be good to go and the game is being played at a later, cooler time.

No pressure now we've qualified so let's see the impact that has on the teams' performance.

Would like to see Collette McCallum, Clare Polkinghorne and Sally Shipard supporting our defenders when they have the ball much much more, or else the football which has been character building rather than controlling may continue.

Hopefully we can boss this game with the ball a little more, as we did in Brisbane. I see no reason why this can't be our best footballing show of the tournament, and with Sam Kerr to explode in the final thirty we might just have our icing on the cake.

The new De Vanna? At 16 you wouldn't bet against her, watch with interest.

As for the rest of the team, I'd like to see Elise Kellond-Knight do what she does best, control the ball, confident in her wonderful ability and get the team moving sweetly. With Elise in full flow, Heather Garriock up ahead we must have as good a left-side as any in the World.

Great to see the Matildas in the final, be nice if some mainstream media would come on board a tad more, but I suppose women only get noticed in the final! A la the Twenty/Twenty cricketers.

Anyhoo enjoy the game and if the North Koreans walk off I'll be looking at the AFC Final Ref to hold them to the professional football standards immediately. It's about time some in Asia Football Confederation held them to the rules. Go the Matildas.



Thursday, 27 May 2010

Can Matildas win in Asia? Yes they can!

Australian teams play with spirit, often over skill or so it's said, but anyone who follows the World Game know England, Italy and even Brazil can dig out a victory with character and tactical nous move evident than skill when required.

This Matildas performance had loads and loads of the former. And what joy to the followers of the Matildas.

Coach Tom Sermanni spoke of the 1-0 victory over Japan in the semi-final of the AFC Asia Cup last night as the Matildas greatest ever victory.

It maybe, but it wasn't pretty.

Matildas faced the 14 run unbeaten Japanese side, the best in Asia currently, without the mercurial forward Lisa De Vanna who broke her leg in the previous game.

And didn't we miss her. Her pace, her skills her ability to cause havoc and provide an outlet for the team left the team floundering in attack. In fact we didn't attack, not really.

Japan controlled the game, perhaps more hindered by the dire Chengdu pitch than the Aussies, but they found it hard to make clear cut chances. They hit the post in the first minute and threatened from deep but the Matildas held their shape, the defensive lapses of previous games were gone.

And from no where with shades of the Aussie men, they scored a beautiful, but ugly oh so ugly goal. The improved Katie Gill placing the ball sweetly and delicately over the Japanese player standing on the line. How the technically gifted Japanese players swung and missed the ball in the prior melee only they will know.

In the second half the Japanese continued to press and the game seemed to be the longest game of football I'd ever watched. Could Australia hang on?

We did. Sally Shipard was immense once again. The whole team scrambled, covered and closed down. Melissa Barbieri, the keeper perhaps the player of the match.

Kate Gill had a half chance, and Sam Kerr set-up Clare Polkinghorne at the death, but one goal was all Australia needed.

So to the final. An Asian Final. But the real prize is the World Cup and Germany 2011 already locked in the bag.

Like their men counterparts in Aussie football the women's game need to be at the World Cup for the growth of the sport; and now they are.

Will they win the Asia Cup? They might. If they can get beat the best in Asia, basically nullify the real Japanese goal threat, they could go one step further on Sunday, but it won't be pretty, not on this form.

Long-term though we're sweet and maybe pretty!

Lisa De Vanna will be back and Sam Kerr showed in five minutes what a welcome addition she'll be in Germany with another year of W-League behind her. Bring in Caitlin Munoz and this team could well excite next year.

For now it's all Asia and finals football. Can the Matildas bring home the first Asian prize in Australia football? Yes they can!


Woo hoo Nicky Carle to Sydney FC

Now we truly have God, an Aussie God, coming to Sydney to the A-League.

Not good enough for the Socceroos, not yet anyway, but Nicky in Sydney. Makes you want to dance.

Boca Juniors to Melbourne, Everton to everywhere, Heart are here, Skoko is back, Fowler fires up Perth, Adelaide reborn with Flores, and now Nicky.

Oh and the Matildas in the Semi tonight, and Socceroos flags starting to fly.

Football on the move...and Nicky is back. Can't wait!


A record crowd?

55,000 watched Australia v New Zealand on Monday.

I think that was a record crowd for a football match between these two countries, but haven't heard it anywhere to confirm.

Also interesting: Wouldn't the League boys love to get such a crowd to an International.

And of course when did Union or League ever get 55,000 to send them off to a World Cup?

And AFL well can't even get such a crowd for their one international against the Irish!


Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Majura Newsletter: World Cup Edition

I edit my local junior football club, Majura FC's newsletter and here it is. Kai Thornton's, (aged 12), World Cup quiz is worth a look for kids of all ages. Feel free to use it on your websites but please acknowledge Kai and your source.


Wow, that's ugly man..smell the fear!

Jon Green they call him and he wrote about the Australia New Zealand game for the ABC. So now even the ABC get to bag the game of football.

Interesting to me is the age of this seemingly long line of sports writers simply looking to bag the game. Dinosaur anyone?

This is what the Green man wrote; and he works for the ABC. Aussie journalism at it's best once more. And note the pathetic references, to AFL, the great and brave Barry Hall, now theres a coward on an Aussie sports field if ever I saw one, boring, new game...dear old Jon. Guess you won't need your passport for this weekends AFL round eh!

As the great Australian poet Les Murray once mused, "I like the World Cup, it cheers me up". Well no he didn't actually; maybe it was the other one.

But here, apparently, we go again. Australia against the wide footballing world. Will we like this World Cup? Probably not.

If last night's spiteful snorefest from the MCG was any guide, the Australian campaign will be a short one marked by the sort of ugly studs-up, shin-gouging violence that is the last resort of the desperate and the outgunned.

Unable to better the tall, disciplined New Zealanders we resorted to hacking them down. We won, thanks to a cruel deflection and a late lucky strike that came from the depths of dead time, after a second half that was so ring-a-rosey with substitutions it was more like a training run than anything worthy of keeping 50,000 sitting in the soft, cold rain.

But it was the yellow-carded hacking of the first half that set the tone. Unlike an enraged Barry Hall headlock, soccer's violence is something gutless that comes cold-bloodedly from behind. It's typical of the code's overwhelming sense of calculation and accurate finesse. Nasty for its cool intent.

But that's soccer. Watching last night on the telly -- action so limp even the commentary team gave up on it for long silent pauses - was like seeing a Fremantle possession drill extended to occupy 90 minutes. And then broadcast in 3D. Apparently.

What a sublime consummation that must have been, lame sport viewed through silly glasses... oh brave new world that has such wonders in it.

Last time round there seemed some sense of urgent feistiness about the Socceroo campaign to take on the world. There was an appealing freshness, a wonder at the revelation of this new game. They exceeded expectations, had an unlikely run against the house in the biggest lottery on the planet. It ended in tears of course, but somehow that just added a touch of under-dogged lustre.

This time round? The same bunch of guys slopes off to a sudden death in South Africa, expectations are low, interest lower. And last night was the perfect send off. Ill-tempered. Boring. Wet.


Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Nearpost 25 May talks Socceroos, Serbia and Matildas

Paddy and Lucy are joined by myself Eamonn Flanagan, a man who leads from the back, and will be cheering loudly for Australia no matter who they play and how badly they play.

Three World Cups! We are there and the Nearpost are talking Matildas, Socceroos and Serbia tonight. And no matter how we do at the World Cup we are going to enjoy it....I used to have to follow Ireland so I know what defending for the ninety is all about, with players from Coventry City and the like!

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Monday, 24 May 2010

All aboard toot toot! Mark Stevens number one!

Will Mark Stevens ever get to write about anything other than an AFL game from Etihad or a training session from Geelong. Nice one Mark, bring it on...and put away your passport you'll never need it.

Why would you mention football unless as you say the AFL game was "hardly full of highlights" surely not a boring game Mark, so boring that all you can talk about is one man who stood up and then sat down.

Mark Stevens wrote:
This is what he wrote, in a national newspaper, I kid you not!

BRACE yourself for an onslaught of artificial passion.

Everyone is about to become an expert. The Socceroos are about to play in a World Cup. Everyone is about to become an expert.

Those who could not give a toss about Australia's best soccer players for months on end suddenly will become flag-waving fans.

There are genuine supporters out there, of course, but the bandwagon will be full of part-timers.

It is all about national pride, agreed. But it is a matter of life or death for most? No.

Passion can not be turned on at the flick of a switch. It takes years to build, on a week-by-week basis.

It is precisely why club sports, built on tribal rivalries, produce the real emotion.

One scene on the siren at Etihad Stadium last Saturday night said it all.

A middle-aged North Melbourne fan sprang from his seat on the outer wing, punched the air and then slumped back in total relief. It was so animated, so joyous, you could not miss it even from the press box on the opposite wing.

North had stumbled home after running out of gas. It was hardly a game full of highlights but, for the bloke in blue and white, it was as sweet as it comes.


Sunday, 23 May 2010

Aussie superstar in doubt

Australia went down 1-0 to China as Coach Tom Sermanni shuffled the decks a la Sir Alex Ferguson, but unlike Sir Alex the introduction of a World Superstar, in this case Lisa De Vanna, just after half-time not only failed to change the score but worse still saw her leave the field with a shocking injury.

The Matildas face tournament favourites Japan or Korea DPR in their semi on Thursday, my monies on the talented and free flowing Japanese, Don't miss it, it'll be a belter.

Back to tonights game.

Aussie started poorly, played without real shape or ability to keep the ball despite having Heather Garriock into the team that started against Vietnam.

And no surprise when Avi Luik was poorly positioned defensively and China took the lead with a cracking finish.

Maybe Lydia Williams could have saved it. I say maybe because when you see the saves she made in the rest of the game anything is possible for Lydia.

China pushed hard until half-time and in truth Australia created little and had little real ball.

De Vanna came on early in the second half and the team lifted. Is she that inspirational or did Sermanni push Tamara Butt and Sam Kerr further forward. Collette McCallum also added some much need quality in the forward play when she came on and despite China having two or three clear chances to seal the game, it was Australia who finished stronger.

In part China sat back but Leena Khamis and Collette McCallum went close, and Butt got into excellent positions on the right but failed to cross with quality time and time again. She'll be disappointed but looked tired in the heat.

Next up is the semi, a mega clash no matter who.

Rested Lauran Colthorpe, Collette McCallum, Clare Polkinhorne, Katie Gill and Kim Carroll, Ellise Kellond-Knight will all return.

Two games to secure our place at the World Cup. The TV viewer will expect we have to do it without the mercurial Lisa De Vanna.

The Matildas with or without De Vanna showed tonight they have plenty to threaten any of the top teams and with a stronger team line-up over the next two games Sermanni will be very confident they can progress to the World Cup, although we may have to wait for the 3rd/4th play-off if Japan top their group.


Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Matildas won 2-0

Well we beat Vietnam with a second string or part thereof. It wasn't that pretty and at times it wasn't that comfortable, but only because we couldn't completely kill the game.

Thought Sally Shipard was immense, Sam Kerr looked lively when she came on. We failed to hold the ball enough for my liking, particularly in the final third.

Defensively, when tested, we weren't always smart but against Vietnam we were never going to be punished. In midfield the intensity dropped at crucial times and we scored through a piece of opportunism from Leena Khamis and a penalty.

Some creative work around the Vietnamese box in the second half was way more incisive than the first, and led to the penalty. Why Lauren Colthorpe tried to switch play three times in three minutes from right back to left wing, with a short ball on I fail to understand.

But a win's a win despite what many say and now, perhaps, the real test, South Korea on Friday at 5pm on ABC.

Bring it on!


Matildas making waves?

Can you tape the game?

I'm going to give training a miss and watch the Matildas.

Can I come over with the kids, I want to watch the Matildas.

These are just three of the comments I've received this morning!

Think back five years....when did you ever hear such comments? Even Terry Henry, attended the Olympic football games in Canberra, nice one Terry, was talking them up on the Nearpost like the professional he is.

There's a growing interest in this team, Australia, the Matildas. Tonight the Asia Cup Finals start v Vietnam live on on ABCTV 5pm AEST and of course the additional and possibly real prize of a trip to the World Cup if we come in the top three.

I think we can, I think we can..I really do, need a win tonight. Crucial!

And I'm with Sally Shipard, Matildas Star, read her blog to find out the real mood!


No A-League in Canberra

The A-League draw is out and guess what....Central Coast Mariners are not coming to play home games in Canberra.

Good! They were poorly promoted by themselves.

We don't want them, we want our own team. And after the way the FFA treated Canberra last year it was all a disaster in terms of PR, A-League 12th team announcements and then "oh btw you can still go to an A-League game tomorrow," between two teams few care about.

However it might have been interesting to bring the Mariners Perth game here, as last year, given they have signed Robbie Fowler...but of course no-one would allow that would they?


Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Nearpost May 18, 2010

Should Joel really go...and say that about Pim, will Harry get to South Africa, can the Matildas do it in Asia and Mr Flores set to take the A-League by storm?

Paddy and Lucy are joined by Uber-host Terry Henry, a man who leads from the front and supports Arsenal.

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Friday, 14 May 2010

Finally football awakes!

the A-League champions are set to roll-out an historic free membership program for a large number of junior players aged 12 and under registered.

The potential breadth of reach is huge with figures supplied by Football NSW suggesting up to 100,000 kids could qualify for the offer in conjunction with one of the 14 member associations.

Branding the membership "Junior Branding the membership "Junior Blues", Lugt is excited by the possibilities but is taking a wait-and-see approach on how well it's received.
Frome the 442 website.

We know it should have been done years ago, but finally finally someone in football gets it.

Just because you play football doesn't mean you want to watch the big men. Especially if your mum or dad don't care about the game. So you have to build it, assist the link and encourage it.

It takes time, and now this is a great start. Well done Sydney FC.


Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Nearpost talks Socceroos and Adelaide United

Should Nicky really go, why Brett Holman divides the Nearpost, the A-League at the World Cup, yes 13 of the 31 have played in the A-League, we've got the news and views Socceroos and Adelaide United's round of 16 epic clash.

Paddy and Eamonn are joined by Liam Cosgrove, a man who is off to South Africa, and has been to the last THREE World Cups! Go Liam, go Australia.

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Socceroos 2011: The next Generation unveiled

You can find out all about the 31 players chosen for the World Cup on every other website in the country so thought more interesting to fans would be the future, our future and it's starting to look brighter:

Some players will retire post-South Africa or more likely post-Asia Cup 2011 but the seeds of the future are being sown and here's how your Asia Cup squad cup could look come January and indeed your next qualification for the World Cup 2014.


Brad Jones/Adam Federici/Mitch Langarek (seems fine to me)

David Carney, Mark Milligan, Lucas Neill, Luke Wilkshire, Brett Emerton, Jade North, Rhys Williams, Shane Lowry, Michael Beauchamp (will be fine in time you'd think.)

James Holland, Carl Valeri, Jason Culina, Tim Cahill, Mile Jedinak, Harry Kewell, Brett Holman, Nicky Carle, Richard Garcia. (Plenty of scope for here given Wilkshire and Emerton still in the mix, plus Vidosic or Oar to slot in.)

Josh Kennedy, Scott McDonald, Matthew Leckie, Tommy Oar, Dario Vidosic, Nikita Rukavystya. With Nikita, Tommy and Dario progressing we have some pace and skill, probably good enough to qualify through Asia?

Not the greatest squad we've ever had but good enough to remain in the top four in Asia? Maybe, just!


Friday, 7 May 2010

Fozz has em up in ARMS!

Over at THE ROAR the natives are restless with Sir Fozzie for taking Aussies to task on the codes of football which are actually handball codes, and of course people are...well up in arms!

Here's what I Foz is actually saying:

Linking an Australian sport best suited to support the aspirations and growth of Australian economic nation is a question smart Aussies should consider. Why?

Because we should surely invest most money in codes that enable girls and boys to remain healthy for life, codes that best assist our nation's culturaland economic aspirations.

Fozz reckons football best represents Australia economic/cultural and sporting growth of all the codes. You might not like the man but the ideas are worthy of consideration and on many levels it's more economic, has better benefits for boys and girls and the future of the country to promote and encourage/ support football development rather than...

say AFL to China, or Rugby League across the globe or indeed these codes to girls.

Are the boys and girls of Australia really going to benefit from encouraging them to play League or AFL. Is it going to keep them fit for life is just one questions I might pose.

Maybe some people in Australia miss one major point of the book! But then hands up who's read it!

And Fozzies handball point remains and indeed is critical to get Australians to bring to their football, grassroots, supporting of their kids, support of national teams the games what you like if it keep your blood pressure down...but Foz is pointing out that the other three codes are played with their hands....or haven't you noticed. And there's a fair bit more to it than that point.

He uses the argument debate to further point out the difference between the three other footy codes and football. A crucial difference.

Without Aussies understanding this difference we bring our attitudes from the other codes, and let's face it more Aussies watch AFL and League more often than football so it's natural some attitudes from those codes flow into football. Foz argues they are useless attitudes when applied to football. As a small skilful player, I agree!

Get in to him, tackle him, crunch him, be a man (whatever that means) are great AFL/League attributes and make the game better....and a team succeed but try and apply that to the Brazilian or Dutch football team and this is where the Aussies need to aim to succeed in football.

Those "Aussie" attitudes can never assist Australian footballers succeed on the international stage, can they?

All Aussies can fight on the field, we've all had our weekly fill of AFL and League values flowing through our TV's, school yard and workplaces. These attitudes from the other codes and supporters cannot help Australia EVER succeed in footballl.

To the base of supporters who follow many codes these so-called Aussie attitudes have to be revisited if football is to progress. That I reckon is what Fozzie is really saying in my view.

And you can still call it football if you think it's football!


Canberra Grammar School: Education basket case?

Canberra Boys Grammar is the most expensive school in the city bar none. Holds itself up as the leader of boys education. But it's sports policy shows just what a sham of a claim this is.

Yes, I'm a proud Public Education teacher of some years so put that into the mix and read on.

17-1 that was the score for the Boys team in the opening round of Div 1 Under 13's last weekend. And the so-called leaders of boys education were hammered.

But don't blame the boys, absolutely no way, blame the Sports Master ( I think they still use that term) and ultimately Simon Murray the Principal.

This school has no idea what it has in it's hot little hands. It has many many boys who want to play football, yes even at 8 and 9, but the school simply won't allow them.

Why? Because some boys would vote with their feet and choose football over Rugger! God forbid we can't have that.

But hats off to Boys Grammar they did get Capital Football in to assess the boys pre-season and I'm told the Selector suggested they are a Division Two team. But Grammar didn't take that. Ego!

So of course they play Canberra FC first game, many of whose boys did HPP all summer and of course many train with Canberra FC from early Feb if not before. You see Grammar football is not to be follied with, it's a serious pursuit these days.

Canberra Grammar don't start training until the week prior to the season for football, but of course you guessed it Rugby has been training for ages.

The thing that gets me is the school leadership is just so thick. Imagine putting boys into maths and english classes way above their standard without any preparation. Could destroy the boys. Well why is sport and football any different or is the school only about academic and rugby success?

They have the best facilities in the town, their grass is even green, they have the best financial resources of any school, and with some smart training guidelines from 6 years onwards they could be producing players of National League standard and beyond in droves. Quite simply they have all the advantages.

Imagine providing this sort of educational standard in English or Maths they'd be laughed out of town. Do they really value all their boys?

And if I was a fee-paying parent I'd be in to them immediately.

The whole football community are laughing at Canberra Grammar right now; no their boys we feel and value what any young boy goes through when his team is beaten so badly; but what are they going to do about it? More Rugger anyone.


Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Free text to your team members!

Free SMS to your players, Canberra United Fans or just your Under 15 team

If you are organising a team you can plug in the numbers and send FREE SMS mesages to all players, it costs 7c if they reply yes or no, but to contact your players it's free.

Need to cancel training, need to tell that key striker to bring his glasses, or the sub he's playing this week or your "late" player to get to the game or else your left back in the changing rooms...have fun!

Works for me!


Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Fozzie praises the Bloggers (he meant me you know it)

It's all there in black and white, Craig Foster praises Australia's football bloggers as having more knowledge and insight than the profesional football print's all there in his new book Fozz on get out and read all about Aussie Fozzie football....

Okay he didn't include me, but he must have meant Mike Salter and Tony Tannous, and I'm a friend of Mike AND Tony so by default he meant me...after all who is the other blogger...... and he might have meant me, and he didn't mention those "other" journo's personally...but I know who he meant!


Nearpost dedicates to the Fozz

A-League, Socceroos, Sydney FC..they love them on the Nearpost even when they aren't playing, Perth Glory, Asian Champions League, FFA, Asia Cup, India, World Cup Memories we've got it all.

Lucy Zelic, Paddy Bordier and Terry Henry take you through all the Australian football news and views, quiz and this weeks dedication to Craig Foster because he wrote a book.

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