Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Matildas won 2-0

Well we beat Vietnam with a second string or part thereof. It wasn't that pretty and at times it wasn't that comfortable, but only because we couldn't completely kill the game.

Thought Sally Shipard was immense, Sam Kerr looked lively when she came on. We failed to hold the ball enough for my liking, particularly in the final third.

Defensively, when tested, we weren't always smart but against Vietnam we were never going to be punished. In midfield the intensity dropped at crucial times and we scored through a piece of opportunism from Leena Khamis and a penalty.

Some creative work around the Vietnamese box in the second half was way more incisive than the first, and led to the penalty. Why Lauren Colthorpe tried to switch play three times in three minutes from right back to left wing, with a short ball on I fail to understand.

But a win's a win despite what many say and now, perhaps, the real test, South Korea on Friday at 5pm on ABC.

Bring it on!

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Anthony Hatton said...

We were the physical better team and Vietnam put very little pressure on our players. Yet we couldn't keep the ball, we weren't patient and our passing short and long was very bad.

I don't see any standard, no style of play. no width in attack. The players looked like they were making it up as they were along.
Very disappointing from a National Coach that's been there for a long time.