Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Is there an imposter on me blog...

No it's Terry Henry star of Nearpost radio; I've given him licence to well continue the standard that we've all enjoyed so much....Go Terry!


Terry takes over

I think it works Eam!


Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Nearpost Podcast

Lucy, Paddy, Terry and Fred talk World Cup, Ghana and goal line technology.

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Friday, 25 June 2010

Australia: Wow we lost but that's ridiculous.

Australia crashed bravely out of the World Cup and so distraught is the Nation, the Parliament, that we changed the Prime Minister immediately.

And because the Matildas are showing themselves to be achieving at a higher level than the boys we made an appointment to PM that reflected this, we appointed a women PM for the first time ever, Julia Gillard.

(Surely the only way a Welsh person could get to lead a country but that's another story!)

Blimey. That's what you call taking sport seriously!


Thursday, 24 June 2010

Australia: I salute you!

This group of players have got us to two World Cup Finals.

And for this I'm truly thankful.

We've produced some wonderful players in the past, including Ned Zelic, Paul Okon, Mark Bosnich, Aurelio Vidmar the list goes on but none of them were able to get us to or able to Harry Kewell, Luke Wilshire, Vinny Grella, Craig Moore, Scott Chipperfield and co got us to not one but two World Cups.

They scored goals, played wonderful football and won two games. (Brett Holman is our second top scorer at World Cups...ever.)

Thanks for the memories. It's been a fantastic achievement. Football has made a huge imprint in Australia as a result of these players.

Which other code has a Tim Cahill plastered across the nation; the kids now know our Socceroos, I'd argue more than any Wallaby, AFL or League player.

With more games in Asia than ever before the profile of the Socceroos, the work of these players will never be undone. Nice feeling isn't it.


Aussies: Glorious in defeat!

We lost at Dunkirk but that doesn't stop us celebrating or remembering our fallen heroes, and we lost in South Africa.

Pim Verbeek blew the World Cup in the first game in Germany perhaps caving into all the incessant media about how we must play over the previous years perhaps not. Perhaps he thought Jason Culina on the left for the first time ever was a plan, Richard Garcia should take on the Germans with Tim Cahill up front.

His plan his failure.

In truth we should have beat Ghana as we always knew we had to, even before the German debacle and if Luke Wilkshire had scored a point blank sitter we would have. If Josh Kennedy had followed up the rebound we would have won as well.

Against Serbia it was too much. We could have been crying in our beer but for the brilliance of Mark Schwarzer who saved us again and again. Why?

Because Pim exposed our defence by pushing David Carney and Wilkshire forward. Oh we loved it, particularly in the second half but we could have been, should have been two down.

And then the great Aussie spirit. We ran, we chased and through Tim Cahill and the wonderful Brett Holman we had some wonderful World Cup moments. Brett Holman's moment was full of joy.

Could we get another? I thought we could. I thought the Germans would score again against Ghana though in truth they were lucky to be ahead.

And so Big Mark hero of the Qualifiers again and again dropped a realtively simple shot and we were out.

Craig Foster looked like a goose in this World Cup calling for the head of Pim so early, or maybe so late. Les Murray draped in green and gold the same. Fozzie is a commentator with passion I've never seen. Is he well?

Mike Cockerill lost the plot also; trying to deflate the team and Harry Kewell. Very strange reporting from Cockerill once again. At least he wasn't commentating.

But mostly the Aussies are happy this morning. We're all delighted at our performance, heroic, brave etc etc

For me we went out and the last two games showed how we can play. A wasted opportunity, shades of Italy down to ten men four years ago.

But for now we all THINK we did great.

I think with hindsight we've underachieved. I didn't think Pim could get us to this level especially after the warm up games, maybe Pim didn't either.

Enjoyed the ride. Who's going home tonight.


Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Majura FC club newsletter

Apart from the radio show and this blog I throw together my junior clubs local newsletter, here's the latest one.


Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Serbia you are next!

Game on and with Coach Pim Verbeek throwing in the towel and the two year game plan against Germany we are now in a hole.

But should the Germans beat Ghana 4-0 and they could easily, especially if they score early and the game opens up then the Aussies just have to win.

A tall ask but anything is possible in this World Cup, just ask New Zealand.

Enjoy the game.....mate!


Nearpost talks World Cup: Serbia you are next.

It's Australia, it's the World Cup.

Who will get sent off? What formation will Richard Garcia start in? Where's Harry, where's Mike, Has Fozzie got his way and sacked Pim, or has he backed down, are the former Captains picking the team, who will the Aussie media hit next, and yes we've got our Aussie scarves on when we do the show, just like Mr Neutral, Les Murray..he started on Channel 10 you can take the boy out of the muck but you ....

Anyway we're not Ed, Sam and Santos but we're definitely funnier than Les and Craig..they're meant to be funny as well yeah?

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Friday, 18 June 2010

Anticpation building. Go you Socceroos.

The Aussie spirit starts to rise. Forget the media the support from the fans is loud and proud. True football fans, excitement before the big game, the next game.

We were down on Monday but slowly the belief returns. Speaking to everyone aged from 5 to 105 and the mood is upbeat.

Surprisingly so given our lead-in, and Vinny Grella out (although some are happy about this) Timmy Cahill out and Harry Kewell underfire from you know who.

But can we do it?

Surely we will play better, surely we'll have a strong performance.

Should we perform, and we must, it's game on. And surely Ghana can't destroy us in the first ten. The longer we remain in the game, the confidence can rebuild and quickly.

Australia need to play the game of their life. And we need to win.

Will Brett Holman replace Cahill. Will Harry play? How will bounce back?

Do-or-die at the World Cup. Love it! Go Australia


Thursday, 17 June 2010

Aussie football media losing the plot

First SBS commentator Craig Foster calls for Coach Pim Verbeek to announce his team and strategy to 2 or 3 former Aussie Captains for approval before each game!

Now what Coach of a team would ever agree to that, at any time?

I admire Craig and his thoughts..a lot..but this is crazy stuff. Which particular three did he have in mind?

Himself, Mark Viduka and Paul Okon?

And then there's Mike Cockerill. He's lost the plot.

Critical of Harry Kewell, very short-sighted, I'd argue unprofessional as well, given Kewells' efforts for the team across the Qualifiers and of course not his fault if he's not picked to play. Aussie fans remember Kewells contribution in getting us to South Africa.

And couldn't Harry play midfield for another four years for the Socceroos a la Ryan Giggs. With his ability I reckon Harry could re-invent himself yet.

As for Mike Cockerill well he's dug his own hole this time it seems. And no help from me either!

Never mind the team what is happening to our football media? They've completely lost and misjudged this one.


Socceroos next Coach: Aussie proud please

If he's not Australian he must never:

Talk down the local game, the local players or the A-League.

In fact part of his job, now, must be to talk up the local game and players.

He must assist the local players who only play 30 games a year to train and prepare for other internationals at a high level. They could easily add another 10 games plus camps to their playing base and play as the national team will, same tactics etc.

We must have a team capable of competing with Japan and Korea etc which comes from the local base. ie there fitness and skills must be lifted outside the A-League season. Of course we will still use the overseas players but the local guys could play NZ home and away every year, Indonesia, Thailand etc etc.

FFA can keep a heap of these "home-based" Socceroos on special contracts much like many Asian nations do. That way we lift our pool of talent and the local league and national team benefit.

Because our overseas talent pool isn't so strong post this World Cup, I'd like to hear the FFA's development plan for our future Socceroos especially our home-based ones which we will be using time and time again.

Wouldn't it be great to see a home-based squad improving over the next four years, rather than being criticised when they are thrown into a must-win game re:Kuwait or Indonesia.

FFA: Appoint the Coach but make sure you have a guy who understands the market he's coming into, both in a sporting sense and playing sense this time.

And let's hope the next Coach is the last overseas Coach ever. I'd like an Aussie next time please!


Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Futsal: Massive skill development coming to Canberra

So FFA and Australia love Small Sided Games with the ball rolled out from the back.

Well what about Futsal. In Canberra 98% of Futsal teams throw or welly the ball down the field from age 6-16. Ever see a keeper roll the ball out, every time, in Futsal in Canberra?

But now there is hope.

Boomerangs FS (ACT) are being promoted by the Australian Sports Commission to roll out the after school program for futsal - 6 to 10 year olds starting in term 3. We have 5 schools on board, no throwing just kicking.

After school is the way to go, most schools have halls now thanks to Rudd, basic drills for 15 minutes, let them play for 30 minutes, mum or dad pick them up 430 - three days a week for one term -

In the ACT, Boomerangs players 15 and over will do the coaching with some adult supervision. Our reason - better health, better social skills development (for our coaches as well as the kids) and of course a feeder into the under 12 boomerangs teams for 10 years and over.

I reckon with this program 3 times a week the standard of futsal and football skills for our kids will improve at a greater rate than we've ever seen before, in greater numbers.

Wow, will be very interesting to see where this leads our players.


Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The game of our lives. Australia v Ghana

We need the game of our lives.

Not to win, not to have a chance of qualifying. Merely to show the World that we don't capitulate, we don't give up, we're a proud nation and we really are able to compete on the World Stage no matter how difficult it might seem for us.

And right now it seems difficult.

And the next Australian Coach must have a clause in his contract telling him never to talk the local game down, instead to build a home squad, over four years as other countries do, to supplement the perceived better talent abroad.

Japanese and Koreans have many home-based players; it's time we spent the extra time our A-League players have each year in camp working on improving their potential. Let's get serious with the local boys!


Are Aussies crap at sport?

Now I know we think we're great, but beating the English and a few white South Africans at cricket, winning the Rugby League World Cup against three other nations doesn't make us brilliant at sport..even though we think it does.

Nor does winning the State of Origin. No-one else plays last time I looked; although I'm often told it's the World's Greatest Sporting event, that and the Anzac Day game at the AFL with the World's Greatest Athletes taking part.

So to John Bermingham, from the AGE, and the like, who love to tell us how they hate football but just love writing about it, here's to you. Head the ball mate!

The Olympics; take out the swimming and we're not very good at running it seems to me. And this is a true test as let's face not all nations have a swimming pool but most have people who can run or play football.

And of course AFL is hardly a measure despite what many seem to think.

Football, basketball and running are probably the true measures of a countries success in key sports played by a significant portion of the world.

In womens sport football and basketball we are excellent, not so in running. In men's we are okay in basketball, but in football and running we are not so athletically gifted for a nation of superstars are we. Maybe we're not the super sporting nation after all.

Broaden the sporting base to include Tennis, Rugby Union, and Cycling. Only cycling do we make a real impact at the moment, and who knows whose using what drugs in that sport.

So a pass mark for outstanding athletes but hardly the super sports nation many seem to think we are. Time for an AFL World Cup to boost our ego once more methinks!

Australia are ranked about 20 in football for a reason. Probably where we stand in men's sport across the board.


Nearpost: Are Aussies crap at sport?

Consider this; next weeks show will review our victory over the Germans! That's what this idiot wrote last week!

This weeks Nearpost has special guest and former Olyoo Ivan Zelic and Terry Henry, Lucy Zelic and Patrick Bordier take us through all the World Cup action. And will Australia regain some sporting credibility when we take on Ghana.

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Monday, 14 June 2010

Australia: Officially in transition..we have been for four years!

Well we've seen it coming for a long time really and this morning revealed what we all know. We're too slow, too old and have few new players from 2006 other than Brett Holman playing at a level worthy of making an impact in the World Cup

Our top players our top team is just not where they were four years ago either individually or collectively. Today we found out what we kew already.

You don't struggle against New Zealand, an aging Denmark or outclassed by the USA if you are going to make an impact.

We were hammered by Germany, much as Holland did the same to us in a recent friendly although that night in Sydney we scraped away with a 0-0, that didn't matter this did.

We had a chance if Richard Garcia had scored after 2 minutes, might have kept the score to 4-1 or a penalty decision should have gone our way early in the second half, but we were mesmerised by a fit German side.

You need to be fit to compete at the World Cup, super fit. And this Aussie team isn't. Hiddink had them fit, Pim and Arnie (shades of Asia Cup) clearly doesn't. Haven't heard the team complaining about the training regime either.

Without fitness how can you compete against a German team all playing in the Bundesliga. Where do our guys play?

Brett Emerton was the pick of the bunch, Mark Schwarzer made some strong saves, he had to, but he was badly at fault for the second but somehow you knew it didn't matter.

In the end Brett Holman showed the tempo required to play at this level. Few could match his energy.

Vince Grella, Emerton, Craig Moore, Scott Chipperfield, Lucas Neill and co were hardly able to match their opponents today.

But there's always another game. So bring it on and here's hoping we can improve.

Up to you Pim!


Sunday, 13 June 2010

England the great improvers!

So England have improved in 60 years.

Last time they lost 1-0 to the USA in 1950, this time a 1-1 draw. More to come no doubt from the Three Lions but in another sixty years you just never know, the English could actually beat the USA.

How much do yer reckon Dicky Green the keeper gets a week? $100,000 I'd hazard a guess. And his technique for pass backs is how good?

Algeria? I expect them to beat England. Now that's a scary thought for the home of football innit.


Asia 1 Europe 0

Was it Gary Bloom who said Greece would attack with flair and Korea would defend and play on the break.

Shows what the Europeans know about football and Asia. We all knew the Koreans would do themselves and us Asians proud.

Loved it.

They thumped the Aussies earlier in the year so we knew they could play and did you see that second goal from Park. Greece on their way out, but at least this time they are only losing 2-0 every game not 4-0!

Still good to see a win for Asia and Korean football. Aussies to beat Germany, anyone anyone!


Comedy on SBS!!! Who would have thought

Another sign we Aussies are coming of age.

No more do we have to import Football humour from the UK, or even have the (cringe, barrel scraping) Footy shows various (NRL and AFL) give us some Aussie humour for our round ball game.

SBS with Santa, Sam and Ed are bringing us the humour, the FEVER, every night. It's great about 20 years too late, and sadly it's followed by Les and that is dullski innit.

But I suppose two guys in black in a studio talking about Mexico or France...yeah that's what the people want one hour before another game.

You'd think they'd be able to give us a bit more from around the grounds, country especially with all those cameras/people over there.

Still analysis is important but while Fozzie is great, Les as the head of the show..for me he lacks knowledge, humour etc but that's clearly just me.

Anyway thumbs up for Fever on SBS everynight.
Thumbs down to the useless highlights package at 7am. Where they give you the score or scorers before the action during, for example the England game. Useless.
Thumbs up for Fox Sports highlights show, with Simon Hill, Murray and Harps/Bozza. Great wrap.


Saturday, 12 June 2010

Did you see that Ref?

That French cheat Thierry Henry appealing for a penalty....and the ref didn't give it...ha de ha de ha

Altogether now..we hate Thierry Henry....cheat, we hate Thierry Henry...


Friday, 11 June 2010

Nearpost on the BBC World Service

Australia only won one game in the FIFA 2006 World Cup (against Japan 3-1) but I doubt few nations got as much joy from that tournament, not even eventual winners Italy!

Football or soccer as it’s often known in Australia hardly raised a ripple under the Australian Rules and Rugby League media barrage in the years prior. But Australians love sport and our first World Cup in 32 years was something to savour.

We’d never scored a goal at a World Cup, but when Tim Cahill (Everton) equalised with 10 minutes to go against Japan the millions watching around the country erupted. When Cahill and John Aloisi (Melbourne Heart) scored to seal the win in the early hours of the morning over 7 million of our 20 million saw the game at 2am!

Qualifying against Uruguay through a prolonged penalty shoot-out had the whole country talking football, actually winning a game at the World Cup left us wanting more. The media went mad.

And then we “beat” Croatia 2-2 with a late goal from Harry Kewell, before being cruelly defeated by a Francisco Totti penalty in the last minute. Were we robbed?

This time it’s different.

We qualified through Asia. 14 games but the locals expected it! You know how we Aussies think we’re great at cricket and rugby, well now people expect us to qualify.
This time we’re having debates about style, our aging team and lack of goalscorers.

We know our Coach plays 1-4-3-3 but we all call it 1-4-2-3-1. And no-one thinks he’s taking more than one striker to South Africa.

It was getting, well shall we say a little desperate as we struggled to beat New Zealand, limped past Denmark and then got hammered by the USA. The nation was starting to worry.

From nowhere the mood changed. The German Coach Joachim Loew has suggested the Australians are boring. He’s right but he may regret saying it. Added to that the Ghanaian midfielder Sulley Muntari reckons we’re there for the taking and before you know it the great Aussie competitive spirit is coming into Jo’burg on many many flights. We’re fourth on the ticket purchased by nations list.

And of course now our golden boy Harry Kewell has been pronounced fit to play.
If Australia get out of this group you can probably thank Muntari and Loew, but whatever happens Australia are at the party again and football continues to grow in Australia.


World Cup: Hopes rising

Time for intellectual discussion to be set aside.

Go the bloody Aussies; and Bfwana Bfwana. Got a great feeling from the Street Parade in South Africa yesterday...

so did some other Aussie, as when I woke up this morning someone had knicked my flag off my car....but I have two more so don't panick.

Flag and the hopes are flying high...well before the game at least.


Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Nearpost June 8 2010: Germany next

Nearpost host has ticket for the World Cup Final, will the Socceroos beat Germany, is Vinny too slow, Lucas too fat, can we score, should Valeri play, will Emerton get on the pitch, we hear from the Groin, quiz, dedication and more news than any other podcast in the country bar none!

Consider this; next weeks show will review our victory over the Germans!

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State of Football: Insight SBS tonight

Now this show is on after the Nearpost Radio shows so okay you can turn on the TV...after Nearpost Local is finised, immediately.

But just a thought.

People, some are always complaining that the NSW Premier League and VPL clubs have nowhere to go, we want our own FFA Cup etc etc; this has seen South Melbourne head off to play in Singapore a great initiative, but why don't the best two in NSW play off in a final series against the best in VPL and why hasn't this been going on for years.

Surely the inept and insular looking NSWFF could organise this quite easily...but then again maybe they couldn't. After all they can't let a Canberra team into the Premier League..guess they don't really want to develop the standard of the league.

Canberra FC should put their application in from Queanbeyan, NSW, see how Jim Forrest rejects that! NSW Premier League seems to be just Sydney local league div 1!


Got your World Cup Final ticket?

One of the Nearpost presenters has been offered a ticket to the World Cup Final. And they've taken up the offer.

Flying out two days before the final returning a couple of days after. But who is it and who will they be watching? And it's not me, Eamonnn.

Find out on the Nearpost 6.30pm tonight


Monday, 7 June 2010

HTH: Time to kick ass, June Edition

More coverage of the Matildas Asia Cup win than probably any other media outlet in the country, including Russ Gibbs and Sally Shipards take on things and of course a more interesting and diverse set of writers about the Aussie game, including all your World Cup stuff than any other professional outlet. And don't we need diversity!

Reckon it's the best edition EVER!


Friday, 4 June 2010

Wow! Sydney FC rock!

Hold on to your hats!

Events NSW has launched the "Sydney Festival of Football," in July. An event to be held every year for three years.

Blackburn, Rangers and AEK Athens will surely get the fans in, with many Rangers fans expected to travel from all over the World, a la Celtic fans last year in Brisbane.

(Yes I'll be in the Celtic end for this one!)

With cheap cheap prices, this is a fantastic deal for all Sydney fans, all football fans. Two games a day and what a way to kick off the A-League season.

This shows the power of football to use it's intelligence and world-wide appeal and make a dink in th domestic media market when the other codes are at their peak.

Can't see this one failing! Nice one FFA, NSW and Sydney FC. Details


Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Podcast: Matildas , Socceroos Ghana

Best Matildas analysis in the country? Terry Henry, Lucy Zelic, Fred Otong, our resident Ghanaian (he thinks Holland 4 Ghana 1 can beat Australia) and Paddy Bordier talk Matildas and then Eamonn goes on a Matildas MONOLOGUE, I kid you not.

A review of the Socceroos Denmark game and why Nicky and the A-League are getting it right.

Terry hosts the show with dedications, quiz and all the news making it the best football podcast in the country bar the ones onn 442, SBS and that's all of them isn't it...but no-one has a half-time hitch like the Nearpost and no-one but no-does a monologue like the Nearpost...well Les Murray has a go....

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