Thursday, 24 June 2010

Australia: I salute you!

This group of players have got us to two World Cup Finals.

And for this I'm truly thankful.

We've produced some wonderful players in the past, including Ned Zelic, Paul Okon, Mark Bosnich, Aurelio Vidmar the list goes on but none of them were able to get us to or able to Harry Kewell, Luke Wilshire, Vinny Grella, Craig Moore, Scott Chipperfield and co got us to not one but two World Cups.

They scored goals, played wonderful football and won two games. (Brett Holman is our second top scorer at World Cups...ever.)

Thanks for the memories. It's been a fantastic achievement. Football has made a huge imprint in Australia as a result of these players.

Which other code has a Tim Cahill plastered across the nation; the kids now know our Socceroos, I'd argue more than any Wallaby, AFL or League player.

With more games in Asia than ever before the profile of the Socceroos, the work of these players will never be undone. Nice feeling isn't it.

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