Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Podcast: Matildas , Socceroos Ghana

Best Matildas analysis in the country? Terry Henry, Lucy Zelic, Fred Otong, our resident Ghanaian (he thinks Holland 4 Ghana 1 can beat Australia) and Paddy Bordier talk Matildas and then Eamonn goes on a Matildas MONOLOGUE, I kid you not.

A review of the Socceroos Denmark game and why Nicky and the A-League are getting it right.

Terry hosts the show with dedications, quiz and all the news making it the best football podcast in the country bar the ones onn 442, SBS and that's all of them isn't it...but no-one has a half-time hitch like the Nearpost and no-one but no-does a monologue like the Nearpost...well Les Murray has a go....

or play right from your computer....

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