Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Futsal: Massive skill development coming to Canberra

So FFA and Australia love Small Sided Games with the ball rolled out from the back.

Well what about Futsal. In Canberra 98% of Futsal teams throw or welly the ball down the field from age 6-16. Ever see a keeper roll the ball out, every time, in Futsal in Canberra?

But now there is hope.

Boomerangs FS (ACT) are being promoted by the Australian Sports Commission to roll out the after school program for futsal - 6 to 10 year olds starting in term 3. We have 5 schools on board, no throwing just kicking.

After school is the way to go, most schools have halls now thanks to Rudd, basic drills for 15 minutes, let them play for 30 minutes, mum or dad pick them up 430 - three days a week for one term -

In the ACT, Boomerangs players 15 and over will do the coaching with some adult supervision. Our reason - better health, better social skills development (for our coaches as well as the kids) and of course a feeder into the under 12 boomerangs teams for 10 years and over.

I reckon with this program 3 times a week the standard of futsal and football skills for our kids will improve at a greater rate than we've ever seen before, in greater numbers.

Wow, will be very interesting to see where this leads our players.

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Anonymous said...

What a great initiative by the Boomerangs. First they've got into the NSW league and now this. Further proof that futsal in Canberra should be run by passionate futsal people. Makes you wonder why Capital Football with their fulltime employees haven't been able to do this.