Thursday, 17 June 2010

Aussie football media losing the plot

First SBS commentator Craig Foster calls for Coach Pim Verbeek to announce his team and strategy to 2 or 3 former Aussie Captains for approval before each game!

Now what Coach of a team would ever agree to that, at any time?

I admire Craig and his thoughts..a lot..but this is crazy stuff. Which particular three did he have in mind?

Himself, Mark Viduka and Paul Okon?

And then there's Mike Cockerill. He's lost the plot.

Critical of Harry Kewell, very short-sighted, I'd argue unprofessional as well, given Kewells' efforts for the team across the Qualifiers and of course not his fault if he's not picked to play. Aussie fans remember Kewells contribution in getting us to South Africa.

And couldn't Harry play midfield for another four years for the Socceroos a la Ryan Giggs. With his ability I reckon Harry could re-invent himself yet.

As for Mike Cockerill well he's dug his own hole this time it seems. And no help from me either!

Never mind the team what is happening to our football media? They've completely lost and misjudged this one.

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sarah said...

I agree about mike cockerill Eamonn. I won't write any more because I don't want to get you into trouble again. I know he doesn't like criticism, the poor baby.