Friday, 18 June 2010

Anticpation building. Go you Socceroos.

The Aussie spirit starts to rise. Forget the media the support from the fans is loud and proud. True football fans, excitement before the big game, the next game.

We were down on Monday but slowly the belief returns. Speaking to everyone aged from 5 to 105 and the mood is upbeat.

Surprisingly so given our lead-in, and Vinny Grella out (although some are happy about this) Timmy Cahill out and Harry Kewell underfire from you know who.

But can we do it?

Surely we will play better, surely we'll have a strong performance.

Should we perform, and we must, it's game on. And surely Ghana can't destroy us in the first ten. The longer we remain in the game, the confidence can rebuild and quickly.

Australia need to play the game of their life. And we need to win.

Will Brett Holman replace Cahill. Will Harry play? How will bounce back?

Do-or-die at the World Cup. Love it! Go Australia


Hamish said...

I think it's fair to say that they made us proud again. What a shame that after so much build up and discussion about his groin etc, Harry's total time playing at the WC was just over 20 minutes. For that 20 minutes, he did, I think, prove Pim right to have him there.

aremania1981 said...