Sunday, 13 June 2010

Comedy on SBS!!! Who would have thought

Another sign we Aussies are coming of age.

No more do we have to import Football humour from the UK, or even have the (cringe, barrel scraping) Footy shows various (NRL and AFL) give us some Aussie humour for our round ball game.

SBS with Santa, Sam and Ed are bringing us the humour, the FEVER, every night. It's great about 20 years too late, and sadly it's followed by Les and that is dullski innit.

But I suppose two guys in black in a studio talking about Mexico or France...yeah that's what the people want one hour before another game.

You'd think they'd be able to give us a bit more from around the grounds, country especially with all those cameras/people over there.

Still analysis is important but while Fozzie is great, Les as the head of the show..for me he lacks knowledge, humour etc but that's clearly just me.

Anyway thumbs up for Fever on SBS everynight.
Thumbs down to the useless highlights package at 7am. Where they give you the score or scorers before the action during, for example the England game. Useless.
Thumbs up for Fox Sports highlights show, with Simon Hill, Murray and Harps/Bozza. Great wrap.

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