Tuesday, 8 June 2010

State of Football: Insight SBS tonight

Now this show is on after the Nearpost Radio shows so okay you can turn on the TV...after Nearpost Local is finised, immediately.

But just a thought.

People, some are always complaining that the NSW Premier League and VPL clubs have nowhere to go, we want our own FFA Cup etc etc; this has seen South Melbourne head off to play in Singapore a great initiative, but why don't the best two in NSW play off in a final series against the best in VPL and why hasn't this been going on for years.

Surely the inept and insular looking NSWFF could organise this quite easily...but then again maybe they couldn't. After all they can't let a Canberra team into the Premier League..guess they don't really want to develop the standard of the league.

Canberra FC should put their application in from Queanbeyan, NSW, see how Jim Forrest rejects that! NSW Premier League seems to be just Sydney local league div 1!


thetony said...
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thetony said...

It would be great if FFA really launch their own FA Cup. I'm sure, at least, they will be able to promote this game to lots of people in the country with this tournament.

Also, Play off in a final series between the best two clubs in NSWPL and VPL is a very very good idea.

BTW, here's the latest match highlight of BGFC.

Their head coach has resigned from the club after the match. His job has been replaced by a brazilian head coach.