Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Nearpost podcast this week

Lucy Zelic says give Pim the flick, we dedicate the show to Tarek Elrich, Paddy Bordier reveals his A-League team after five seasons!

And why we all love the Gold Coast...and it's the team we all want to watch.And why the FFA have stuffed Canberra and their own expansion plans. Watch your back Lucas!

We've got it all here on Nearpost podcast. Don't miss it!

Download here.

Locally and timely in view of all the violence at the local Rugby games and Football games on the weekend with at least THREE games abandoned, nice one lads, and at Canberra Stadium as well, Peter Funnell catches up with George Huitker who keeps it real.

It's only a game, and a junior one at that.



martyB said...

Victim mentality much guys?? Blaming the FFA for the poor showing at the Mariners-Glory match... shame shame shame. The FFA gave the Canberra bid the opportunity to again show the support it has. It was up to the BID group to advertise. (Don't pull the "and does West Sydney have supporters" argument because we don't have one single bid to follow [up until today].)

Anyway, despite coming from Sydney, I'm all for a Canberra side whether its for next season or the one after.

Other than ↑↑↑, good podcast; will definitely follow future editions.
And the British accent always makes you sound like you know what you're talking about Eamonn!

Eamonn said...

actually you're right and off-air I'm completely with you Marty the Committee had their chance..they blew it...

that said if the FFA wanted a strong franchise and to assist a franchise the day after we gto 20,000 to Socceroos game ..was the time...

still Canberra will regroup and come again bigger and stronger in my view

as for Brit accent...never be fooled by that stuff know I'm just full of meself:)

martyB said...

You weren't a 'strong franchise' after the Socceroos match.... the bid still hasn't raised the start-up money required ($6 million IIRC.)

And as for the FFA 'assisting a franchise', come on... we all know they're using that card on West Sydney! :P

Eamonn said...

We were a strong franchise, money community support and great football infrastructure.