Monday, 6 June 2011

Young Roos better away from the UK! Proven?

The Socceroos young guns stepped up to defeat NZ 3-0 yesterday. Despite the usual whingeing from many fans about the play there was plenty for me to like about Holger's team performance.

Particularly the crisp passing and pacy interchange in the final third. We don't often get to see it in the Green and Gold - and Josh K was on the field too, who would have thought!

And the message for me is that if young Aussies want to contribute in the forward six of the team then get out of England!

Dutch based Brett Holman continues to show why he's the best of the new generation - playing years in Holland has clearly helped - and his movement and thought is the best on the ground.

While Big Brett Emerton a loyal servant to the Roos his lack of that something extra will see him play a less important role as his pace declines - even a little.

But it was the Europeans who impressed. Turkish based James Troisi got out of the UK just in time, Rhy Williams is looking good but defenders can flourish in any league I'd argue - even the UK.

Michael Zullo looks to be improving at left-back - remember he was the winger originally at the Roar - anyone want to move Taj Minniecon to left back at the Gold Coast - for another day maybe.

Zullo is learning his trade in Holland.

The clamour and support for Nicky Carle has not been quite the same frenzy for Neil Kilkenny but the Leeds midfielder did his hopes no good with a lack of touch, and vision time and time again and that was just the warm-up.

On this performance he was old Australia.

And of course his play mate Serie B Carl Valeri is just so far ahead in terms of possession, team play and football intelligence.

Mark Milligan surpassed Kilkenny quickly. His touch and passing was crisp and effective. He made the error to hand the Japanese the Asia Cup in 2007 when he was on the rise - and his career crashed from that point. He's now in J2 would you believe but clearly ahead of Kilkenny who is flogging himself in the English Championship.

New Zealand were poor, very poor, and if any team suited Kilkenny it was this big team full of white men. But sadly for me Kilkenny doesn't have it. If he plays on Tuesday it maybe his last chance for sometime! Bring back Mile Jedinak - and yes Mile plays on the Euro mainland.

If Mile had gone to the English leagues would we ever have seen him in a Socceroos shirt!

And finally Dario Vidosic did enough off the bench to get me interested. Pacy and skilled he took the ball to the opposition. He's in Germany.

When did we last see so many at Socceroo level show such sparks of something. Throw in Robbie Kruse and Matt Mckay and pressure for places is building.

With the odd U20 starting to shape up in a year or two - maybe it's only the centre back positions where we seem lacking. We still need a Mark Viduka or Harry Kewell and we don't have any of that stature yet - but another Tim Cahill - well in Holman we have a different type of Timmy but quality and a star none the less.

Who else can play Champions League from this generation? Time will tell.

A weakened Serbia side will be a better test.

Still some hope for the Green and Gold fans - finally! Good job Holger!

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