Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Nearpost sweet. One less fuckwit to keep track of.

Seems the Nearpost has upset Mr John Birmingham - who would have thought! He must be having a bad day. Wonder if he'll get a job in India.

nearpost Eamonn Flanagan
I just unfollowed @JohnBirmingham. I keep track of all my followers and quitters with #NutshellMail.

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John Birmingham
JohnBirmingham John Birmingham
@nearpost sweet. One less fuckwit to keep track of.

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Eamonn Flanagan
@nearpost Eamonn Flanagan
@JohnBirmingham nice one John - why did you feel the need to follow me anyway. Keep you anger to yourself, peace and love from the fuckwit:)
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Andy said...

1) Who is John Birmingham? Is it the geez who wrote 'He Died with a Falafel in his hand?. I'm guessing not.

2) What the fark is that post all about? It made no sense.

AJ said...

Great choice to unfollow him. I used to read alot of what he wrote on twitter, his blog and his books, now I can't stand him. Hadn't yet unfollowed him myself but now I will.

Anonymous said...

i blame capitol football, ben buckley and todd carney!

where is the canebrra aleague team!!!!!!!!!!

JM said...

is john birmingham a coach? maybe he could sign me?