Monday, 27 June 2011

Why Teeboy should have stayed home

FIFA rules say that boys u17 can only play at one World Cup.

Teeboy Kamara is 15 and could go to the next World Cup. He's that young. And at this World Cup he's been played for 15 minutes so far and then got injured.

He looked talented but raw raw raw and surely his development would be better if he'd got to play three games when he was more developed in two years time.

And of course another player has missed out by taking Teeboy.

You have to wonder if Aussie development is on the right track or as looks to be the case we are still lacking sufficient numbers of creative and attacking forward players from midfield.

Which begs the question: When was the last time the AIS produced a wonderful forward?


JM said...

i am the next big forward so they should get me over there! they should have known he would get hurt, why couldnt they tell that before he went over? ive never been hurt except when i made myself on fifa and i was out for 3 weeks obut that wasnt in real life anyway. But even though i was out for 3 weeks i still scored 50 goals for man utd so imagine how many i could score in real life!

JJ said...

You have to wonder if the FFA even know about these rules. I remember a few years ago when they played a 17 year old David Williams at the U20 World Cup which then ruled him ineligible for the 17s the following month. The FFA didn't know this and put him on the squad list for the 17s and by the time FIFA told them he was ineligible to play in the 17s it was too late to bring in a replacement and they went in 1 player short for the U17 World Cup.

Anonymous said...

'Which begs the question: When was the last time the AIS produced a wonderful forward?'

Mark Viduka?