Saturday, 27 November 2010

FFA spends $5 million in Asia?

Anyone else noticed that the "cashed-up" FFA spent $5 million last week.

FFA gave the AFC $5 million for football development programs.

I've no problem with that but since when did the FFA have $5 million to give anyone - maybe $100,000!

Or did it come from the Federal Government - if so why hasn't it been announced or indeed is it part of our World Cup Bid?

And if our annual budget is $95 million, that is a big proportion of our budget going o/s.

Maybe it came from the AFL! They seem to be onboard now talking up the World Cup Bid just one week out.

And guess who'll be gloating one minute after if we don't get it!

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Anonymous said...

Spot on Eamonn. If it's FFA money, the State Federations should know. If it's Bid or some other form of taxpayers money, it should have been announced publicly. M