Sunday, 28 November 2010

Beckham - no Heart

I know, I know it didn't mean anything. The Jets v Beckham and Donovan Landon, Ricketts and co.

But I turned it on to see the crowd. A full stadium.

And then when Landon Donovan punched one in early and the A-League in the form of the Jets were being outclassed I found myself hoping it wouldn't be ugly and that Australian football would do okay.

Then Juninho scored and the game was still only ten minutes in. Fortunately it was disallowed.

And the Jets despite having half their team out began to stir.

I know it was only a friendly but seeing the Jets taking it to the Galaxy it felt good, and when Sasho Petrovski threatened and then scored, I was into it.

The Commentators pathetically discussed Beckham this and Beckham that. Pap! But I was watching.

And the Jets played well. Ali Abbas, Kasey Wehrmann, Nicolai Topor-Stanley, Ahmed Elrich were excellent. And the Young Jets stood tall in front of their biggest crowd ever. Some fine football throughout.

After it was all over - I turned to the Heart, a team I normally enjoy watching, but with few in attendance and the opposing team being Sydney FC, I just couldn't.

It ended 0-0.

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