Sunday, 28 November 2010

Qatar - no way.

Of course I want Australia to win the 2022 World Cup Bid, I'm such an Aussie optimist I still think we could win the 2018 as well - despite us pulling out some time ago.

For 2018 I'd be happy for Russia to get it. Spain/Portugal ho hum, but great for fans of course. And England - that would be nice for them but I feel no great excitement at an English World Cup.

But I'm only interested in 2022.

If Qatar win - it will provide further disgust with the game of football and it's administrators. It would be a disgrace, to the world, and to the environment. A win bought and paid for, both now and in the coming years. No model for a game supposedly setting the standards for the World of Sport.

How can the Head of the AFC Mohamed Bin Hamman be promoting so loudly and proudly his own country at the expense, and voting expense, of all Asian nations.

And the USA - can we really beat them? All Stadiums ready to go already - MSL crowds and Beckham, Henry and the like building the game over and over. Do they need a World Cup?

For us; we are a small nation, albeit attached to Asia and it's crucial timezones and population. Animosity from the other codes, maybe it will help to assist FIFA make their choice in our favour.

If they don't give the game to one of the wealthy countries such as Australia, perhaps the wealthiest country with the least developed football and football infrastructure in the World, this country may remain aloof from the professional World Game in a meaningful way forever.

Do such things matter? To FIFA?

Will FIFA look at what is good for the game, for them individually, who knows how they decide?

If we win we'll celebrate for 11 years on this blog alone.

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