Thursday, 18 November 2010

Fury show Canberra the way: We can do it

Here's one way to get a Canberra A-League team funded - unlike other teams we are under no pressure so could build on existing revenues, get the Government money now but more importantly -

present and build a community model. Canberra has the supporter group base - many clubs alone across the region from Griffith to Snowy Mountains could become a few of the community partners.

Certainly a better model than the one we currently presented to the FFA.

Here's the article.

EXCLUSIVE: North Queensland Fury today presented FFA with their proposed survival plan which has a community ownership model as its centerpiece that the club predicts will raise up to $6.3m.

If the plan is approved by FFA, Fury will look to raise up to $6.3 million over three years from the North Queensland community to enable a community-based organisation to take over the A-League licence and become fully community owned by the beginning of the 2012/13 A-League season.

Local Fury Advisory Board member and former English league player Peter Brine said the proposal allows for broad based community ownership and a tax exempt status.

Fury will target up to 60 Foundation Members to fund $30,000 each over three years, as well as an unlimited number of Retain the Fury Members who would pay $3,000 over three years. All of the members would be the owners of the Club and would receive a range of benefits for their ownership.

Townsville Chamber of Commerce President John Carey said improving local economic conditions would help Fury succeed in their plans to attract local investment in the club.

“Fury is a vital part of our regional events mix and injects a lot of money into the regional economy," he said.

"There will be many people, and not just football supporters, who will want to contribute to secure a future for the club.”

Football Queensland CEO Geoff Foster added his support: “The FFA should be congratulated for the investment it’s made in Fury and now we need to back this model and deliver on the promise the game has in regional Queensland and beyond.”

Recently FFA chairman Frank Lowy was asked about Fury’s future and he said it was up to the local community in North Queensland to show their support for their A-League club.

Currently FFA own Fury but have not guaranteed the club's future. However they have said they will look at ownership proposals before deciding the club's fate.

With their future still uncertain, Fury are struggling to hold onto their star players with striker Isaka Cernak already moving to Melbourne Victory and keeper Justin Pasfield set to switch to Central Coast. Others are also being circled by rivals.

The club are hoping the FFA will continue their financial support throughout this season and next season to enable the club to build the cash reserves necessary to fund operations in the years that follow.

Brine added: “A move to not-for-profit community ownership has always been the goal of the local Advisory Board, our CEO Rabieh Krayem, and the FFA.”

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