Friday, 5 November 2010

Stop the boats

Can't help thinking the "Stop the Boats," cry that rings out around Australia from certain Politicians, Shock-Jocks and the like is the political equivalent of "Football will take over if we get the World Cup,"

Both work on fear and get an instant response from the rabid members of the community.

Surely these people couldn't be the same - surely not!


Guido said...

Yes, I think that too. It is interesting that this view of 'invasion' comes both from the left and the right. Writers like Martin Ferguson who is from the 'left' see football as a multinational corporate machine ready to gobble up the local game. While people on the right such as Geoffrey Blaney has written how he 'feared' for 'our' game (that is Australian Rules) You can read what he wrote here: That is after we qualified for the World Cup in 2005!!

Anonymous said...

The reason I support football is because I see it as a vessel that can change Australia for the better and get the general population interacting with people from many different countries and cultures