Friday, 5 November 2010

A-League Belter (s)

Everyone is talking about the Brisbane Roar Adelaide United game.

But Melbourne Victory v Gold Coast on Saturday won't be a bad little knockabout either.
Good test for both sides that one.

And can the Central Coast Mariners chase second spot with a win tonight over the Fury. Mariners can only get better, and nicely set up in third spot with two games in hand.

And they have a football team this year - so go the Mariners..on and off the park.


john said...

Hi Eamonn

Not even sure what Gold Coast are trying to achieve this year. Miron has given up talking. Bit of a feeling that we could be without both Fury and Gold Coast next year.

Be interesting to see how AFL Suns go next year - that is what the stop the boats is really all about. The AFL will do whatever it takes. A quaint game AFL. Nice monopoly with no regulation too.

Anonymous said...

Brisbane are the best footballing team going forward since the inception of the A-League - more power to them - if every club played like that crowds would surely rise.
However let's see if they can hold it together and win the premiership (it would be good for the A-League if they did).

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