Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Aussie football media: Where are you?

Come out come out wherever you are.

1. Australia, FFA or Government has given $5 million to the AFC, no problems from me, but it hasn't been trumpeted loud and proud by anyone from either group. Weird?

And the Aussie media, the football media, are so limited in their analysis of the game and the issues surrounding it that they haven't even asked a question...of anyone!

2. Asian Football Under 20 Leading Scorer is an Aussie. Kerim Bulet. He playes in Czech Republic we are told.

After blazing a way in Asia at the recent Asia tournament for the Young Socceroos he never returned to his club, so it seems. And got into, allegedly some gang stuff in Sydney.

Not one of our leading football writers from SBS, 442, SMH/AGE or even (ahem) The Australian..okay stop laughing, have found out anything about our future Socceroo.

Remember some people wanted him in the team for the Asian Cup - only it seems if it's played in gaol.

But why hasn't someone found out why he didn't return to his club - they were expecting him back - like all normal contracted players do once they finish with their national team.

What's the story - there is one, a football one, but Aussie football media are sometimes asleep at the wheel.

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