Monday, 15 November 2010

Canberra United are home

Went to watch the mighty Canberra United take on a Brisbane Roar side famous for their quality but pumped by Sydney FC in their first game.

The Roar needed to lift and get something from this game and they did. It ended 1-1 with their goal coming in the seconds before half-time. Great time to score.

And notice it was the crafty ex-Canberran Amy Chapman who created the goal for the stylish Tameka Butt. We haven't forgot you Amy - nor yet forgiven you for that moment of magic! Great to see Amy back at McKellar. Talents clearly wasted Orange. Yuk!

United has often struggled against Brisbane, at home, but with a rebuilt, perhaps improved squad and a thumping of Perth hopes were high.

It was a strong performance right to the end with the new players Caitlin Cooper, Lyndsay Glohe and Michelle Hayman performing well, although all have room for improvement based on this performance if Canberra are really going to challenge the leaders Sydney.

All seemed to lack a little mobility compared to others around them. Maybe I'm too harsh.

We came to see a Heyman goal. We didn't get a goal, hardly a shot. Next time.

Midfield worked hard, Sally Shipard was simply amazing to watch. Her energy, awareness and composure shows why she is a Matilda.

In the forward line, to my mind we were a bit static, a bit linear, with no real pace to catch a long through ball - and there were too many - and no-one really coming deep.

Shu and Caitlin Munoz have this ability to drop, work the ball and release a player with a short ball but not so effective when played high and wide. Emily Van Egmond seems to want to hit it long, always, and with no Ashleigh Sykes until late in the game it was a wasted effort.

Brisbane are no mugs but still lacking in the final third. Fortunately.

United worked harder in the second half, got more players forward more often and when Ellyse Perry scored a technically wonderful goal it was no surprise.

Perry is an amazing athlete, clearly wasted in the colonial game of cricket, and will have some interesting choices to make this year - a World Cup year.

She missed the Asian Cup win due to cricket commitments, will she ensure she makes the World Cup team. We'll see.

Either way watching Ellyse play is worth the admission alone.

Lydia Williams and Ellie Brush were immense.

Great home start. Next up it's Victory, a team Canberra has struggled against at home, but surely this time we'll be too strong.

With Kahlia Hogg, Ashleigh Sykes, and Grace Gill just a few options on the bench for Coach Ray Junna the strength of the squad this time appears much stronger.

Mind you Sydney FC are off the scale. We're good for second place after the weekend's scores. But early days.

Go United!

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Danielle Warby said...

Sounds like a top game! I'm hoping to make it down to Canberra for a few games this season. Even though I do support Sydney ;-)