Thursday, 25 November 2010

Jesse Fink: Asia truly baffling - for you?

SBS Commentator and Football Writer Jesse Fink called it at the AFC Awards last night. And of course we all get it right with hindsight. although I probably get it wrong even with hindsight, but.....

Newly minted Socceroos player Sasa Ognenovski is of main interest for parochial reasons, being shortlisted for AFC Player of the Year, with Australians featuring in seven other categories: including Kate Gill up for AFC Women’s Player of the Year.

But I wouldn’t expect much return for the Aussies. At this event you get a fair idea of Australia’s true place in Asia very quickly and that, as I see it, is at the back of the room, near the exit for the toilets

In case you didn't know:

Kate Gill won Asian Player of the Year, Sasa Ognenovski the male AFC Player of the Year and the Matildas won the AFC Team of the Year.

Love it when our Aussie media show their insights - makes you wonder how on top of the game of football and all that surrounds it they really are.

Nicky Carle for the World Cup - Jesse.(Sorry mate, we never forget.)

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