Sunday, 21 November 2010

Mustafa Amini

When was the last time you saw a 17 year old playing professional football in Australia in a major attacking position?

There is a lot to like about Mustafa. Not least his first time short pass. It's sweet, shows maturity beyond..well most other Aussie A-League midfielders.

Watching Mark Bridge and Stuart Musialik in the earlier game; it was too slow, too predictable and not enjoyable too watch. They should be made to watch Barcelona and Spain over and over just before a game. It might inspire the turgid pair.

Mustafa is different it seems. It's his speed of thought, speed of touch.

He plays for the Central Coast Mariners - sometimes. Be sure and watch him, but don't expect too much, just delight in the bits and pieces he does, and sometimes it comes off, sometimes it doesn't. And despite not scoring yet we've seen his eye and power for a goal. Can't be far away.

For 17 years of age he's a very very interesting player. A number 10. Wow?

So far the A-League has produced a few real talents, still unproven but Mitch Langerak, Tommy Oar, Matthew Leckie, Luke Devere, Ben Kantarovski and now Armini might just be the pick. There are others who's stars have waned (Bruce Djite), other stars turn on and off (Nathan Burns, David Williams) but these six maybe the golden stars we await.

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