Monday, 22 November 2010

Sydney FC : Your Coach is boring boring boring

Yes the A-League is better this year, much better, but that doesn't mean that Sydney and Perth are any good does it?

So it was hot, it was a "new" pitch for both teams in Parramatta, but it was incredibly boring.

Sydney FC changed half their team this year and got what?

And Mike Cockerill SMH's No 1 Football Writer keeps talking up Alex Brosque, as you know says Mike, "Holger likes him."

Does he?

Why did he give him a few measly minutes against Paraguay, and less against Egypt - yes he didn't even take him.

Broquey ain't going to the Asia Cup Mike. Aim to get Sasa in that's as much as you can do. Alex ain't that fast, that fantastic or else he would have turned Sydney's season around by now.

Dreadful, slow football and not dis-similar to the turgid stuff they produced last season. This time same patterns, much much slower.

Vitaslev you might be foreign, you might even have won a championship on penalties last year but your teams are boring boring boring and this season they have less quality, even less pace all over the park. What Coach could produce such rubbish in his second year?

Fozzie likes teams to pass it etc etc don't we all, but when a poor team tries to play that style - Sydney FC is what you get. It was so bad at half-time I'd had enough.

And don't get me started on the Michael Baird inspired Perth Glory. They are worse!

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A Football Story said...

Dude you are just riffing without thinking and you are soiling the name of the one and holy Brosque

strongly disagree