Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Patience with Aussie Youth

Only Brett Holman is playing in a major European League - Ere Divisie - albeit a second tier league since the Socceroos marched out in Germany in 2006.

Add Mile Jedinak - maybe - David Carney although he rarely plays at Blackpool and that's it. Richard Garcia, Scott McDonald and Josh Kennedy have all gain Socceroos selection but they aren't playing with a top club in a top league - in my view.

And so many have called begged for our Aussie Youth to begiven a go. Now!

But let's face it at 19 Tommy Oar is not Harry Kewell. Oar while outstanding in the recent Asia Cup u19 tournament - yes against boys defending - he's hardly played for Utrecht and yet people want him thrust right into the Socceroos. Not yet.

Matthew Leckie, Ben Kantarovski have similar fans and I'd argue have more experience than Oar - but Socceroos? Not yet.

Germany dumped some of their ageing stars and gave Youth a chance, but their Youth have performed at the World Cup not the Asian Cup.

So let's see how our lads go at next years u20 World Cup.

Then if they have performed and are getting more game time with their clubs; then I'd bring them into the Socceroos.

The Socceroos might be poor at the minute but Tommy Oar and co aren't going to win the Asia Cup for us.

Not this time.

So can we not accept that we are what we are, a team of over-age with few class players coming through in that 23-28 year age gap.

Soccer Australia were responsible for this generation, and this organisation was on it's knees in those development years - it shows.

Under the FFA we've qualified for two World Cup Men's tournaments. We didn't win but we qualified.

So patience with the Socceroos, patience with the young guys.

Taking Tommy Oar to the Asia Cup may happen but taking him to play with David Carney, Mile Jedinak, Scott McDonald and the like; will that really do him any good?

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