Tuesday, 23 November 2010

December 3rd approaching fast

Football fans in Australia are starting to hone in on the above date.

The date when the World Cup 2022 is determined - I know it's the 2nd but the 3rd our time.

Of course we'd need some plan should as many expect we don't beat the USA, Qatar (is that a real bid) or Japan and Korea (again already) and here's hoping we have such a plan and here's betting we don't.

But of course should we win, and dreams do come true, there had better be a huge plan in place to take us forward in the short-term never mind the next eleven years.

The benefits of an eleven year lead-in are almost too big to imagine for Aussie football and it's supporters.

And I guess watching the AFL twitch and spend copious amounts of money to fight off Australia's most popular game will be amusing given their stance to date.

We've already had many highs including World Cup qualification, huge playing numbers and record domestic league crowds in the A-League and A-League Final series.

The interest in the game is at an all time high. Men and women, boys and girls.

But a World Cup eleven years out, what could we do with that?

Could we win the Bid? Yes we can.

And from Day One Frank Lowy has mentioned the reasons, Asia is the future of the commercial world and Australia are a safe pair of hands.

If the Aussie bid can hold off Qatar, Korea and Japan that leaves a fight with the USA.

It's a big if, but not impossible. Few thought we could get the Olympics, albeit a lesser tournament, but we did.

This time if we win, the legacy for football in Australia, the boost to the growing game will be tremendous.

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