Saturday, 27 November 2010

The Reverse Pass - Flores, Ramsey and Friday footy

Friday football on Fox in Adelaide. You can't beat it.

And the game between United and Gold Coast didn't let us down. The quality of the football put the NSL lovers to bed once and for all - even anti-football naysayers would have been impressed withe visual splendour on and off the field.

We're faster, more technical, more tactical than we ever were in the NSL, and last nights game proved it once more. We're moving to another level again and again. And with the stadium packed in Red, the off-field atmosphere is fantastic.

Enter Marcos Flores, one pass just one, opened up the game. But what a pass, a one-two no doubt but with a twist, a chip, and precision rolled into one. Paul Reid couldn't miss. He didn't.

I laughed as Bruce Djite cushioned a ball back to Bas Van Den Brink, I'd seen the Dutchman's woeful earlier effort. And I laughed more when Van Den Brink's second effort screamed past Galekovic on the stroke or just past the stroke of half-time.

And Iain Ramsey let's not forget the young bloke. Sydney FC having released the kid last season can only watch as yet another creative innovative forward causes havoc in the final third...for another team!

This time he provided the winner, his fourth assist of the season on top of his three goals, but he provides so much more on the left.

A great game, plenty of nip and tuck and excellent ball control throughout as both sides tried to pull/push their opponents apart looking for that crucial opening.

Organised teams can stop goals, even win games, but even the Gold Coast as good as they are couldn't stop a Flores piece of magic and a mobile Paul Reid.

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