Wednesday, 17 November 2010

A-League review is scary

Come on Australia, hold your breath.

FFA has but the feelers out with the Aussie media re;changes to the A-League and it's not good. In fact early signs are it's a shocker, although maybe the media are designed to suffer we the other media up!

1. Change the season: Start in October - finish in Feb with finals in March.

No, no, no.

That is not a football league. Too short, too short and what professional player will come to Oz or what professional player will improve with such a short season.

2. FFA CUP - maybe but not in a Group stage. Never ever. The cup unlike the first stages of the Champions League in Europe should aim to get some magic into the game and keep it.

Home and away group stages never do this, ever.

Think Celtic AC Milan in Europe. Celtic can always beat AC at home in a one off game. Over two legs and a group situation Celtic will NEVER EVER top Milan and get out of the group.

And the expectant results over two games reduces the interest even for this long-term Celtic nut.

So come on FFA keep the faith.

And it's not about the crowds in the A-League is it, the crowds are no different before or after the other codes finish - not significantly anyway.

So don't be defeatist, keep the season and work harder to grow the game, the fanbase, and keep club costs down while we do.

Get on to it!

And name for the Cup? The Double FA cup - thanks Con Constantine or the Miners Cup, the Rich Bastards Cup, the Buckley Cup, Canberra Cup, Nearpost Cup, Wozza Cup after himself, Ethnic Cup, the Old Cup, the Football Cup, or the.......

we couldn't sustain a league so we made a Cup cup.

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