Thursday, 4 November 2010

Canberra Men's Pathway.

Belconnen United, Canberra FC, Woden Valley and Capital Football should sit down and plan how the Canberra United Mens team starts to move forward...and quick.

Entry into the NSW Premier League or even the State League, a team funded by the four groups above in equal parts, and run by some amalgamation of the above group, should be a priority with the focus on building a player base for a future A-League team.

A-League4Canberra should have some role in assisting this process and indeed any other welcome investors.

Games to be played at Belconnen And Canberra FC home grounds, and the team to be called

Canberra United.

All players under 21 with only 4 over-aged players on any game day. And each player can only be paid a minimum payment - ie so the club is sustainable and doesn't get dragged into paying STUPID wages to 27 year olds and older.

Capital Football should provide a limited and capped amount of funding to enable this to happen. They shouldn't have a major role in running the "club." That is not their strength.

Anyone got a better idea how to build boys/mens pathways, that also leads to us growing our team and support for A-League entry that is separate to a Capital Football run team.

Belconnen United or Canberra FC to go it alone? Not sure that is sustainable or attractive to Capital Football, and other sponsors who may support an organisation which has a broader goal for football in the region.


Hats said...

De ja vue

Anonymous said...

Think about this for a second... how do you think a team of 90% u/21's would go in the ACTPL? Ask ANU and Woden....not top 5...put that team in the NSW Super laeague say (which on a whole is a bit better than the ACT PL) and that team would be in religation trouble from the get go. They would soon find themselves in the NSW State League 1, which again would be a struggle, with a very likely situation of being down to the NSW State League 2, which is a standard below playing in the ACT PL. How does this help? Yes it is very idealistic, but not very realistic. Also the likely hood of all these clubs working together is not great? Yes everyone in Canbeera soccer knows each other, but that's not to say we are all one big happy family, clubs are always competing with each other on and off the pitch. It would be much easier for the strong/well backed clubs to go it alone, with no age restrictions. As part of being in the top NSW leagues you must have an u/20's team anyway so these kids will be playing at a very good standard and the handful that break into the first team, will get rapid development of playing in the second highest standard in the country.

Eamonn said...


I settle for any football outside of Canberra for our boys/men.

The solution can be worked out, but someone needs to lead the thing; Capital Football, a club, a group of clubs, A-League4Canberra, Boomerangs, who knows but it needs to get done.

Or else nicking all that money for HPP is reallya little naughty from Capital Football.

Do you really need to pay all that money for all those years to play ACT Premier League. Don't think so!

Anonymous said...

hmmm Eamonn you're right where does that $550 summer HPP payment x 350 players go ... $192,500 ... interesting isn't it ... apart from the HPP coach payments and maybe someone's wages at CF I reckon at least half of this is a profit ... wonder what happens to it?