Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Briabane Roar: Champions-elect? Overhyped?

You'd think the season was over wouldn't you.

Like the English cricket team, the Kiwi's at a Union World Cup, Newcastle United, or an NRL promotions campaigns, despite the best of intentions, Brisbane and football often ends in tears.

Brisbane Roar playing a bit of very neat football, defeating Adelaide United who were missing two of the Leagues never mind United's best players, and this only after United had missed some quality chances early on, and the media has gone all soft as usual in Australia.

Yes the Roar are playing well and won comfortably but.....

When Finals football comes along I'd suggest there are a number of clubs in the A-League who could do em!

Adelaide United - They can do anyone. With Matthew Leckie and Marcos Flores even Travis Dodd missing from the starting line-up they did enough in the first half to suggest they could beat Brisbane on any other day.

Central Coast Mariners - a sexy team? Well look at their midfield. Arnie has changed the whole team and style. Why can't they upset any team on their day; they can only get better.

Gold Coast United
- Can the more defensive United who attack with pace really be discounted. A strong performance in Melbourne last week was perhaps as significant as Brisbanes come season end. Take note.

Throw in Melbourne Victory, Melbourne Heart another improving side as the Coach experiments and gets rewards with youth, Wellington Phoenix anyone, and I'd be playing down the Brisbane Roar for the Championship just yet.

Long way to go lads and lassies. Thomas Broich, Matt McKay hardly an injury all season......yet.

Let's see what happens when a key player or two drops out, is suspended or has a shocker.

Nice start Ange but you've won nothing yet, and remember you ain't that good you couldn't even put Sydney FC away!


Adrian said...

Yes, they are being overhyped by the media but give them their time in the sun Eamonn! It's not been very often in the past 6 years that Brisbane has been talked up.

Eamonn said...

True Adrian and who wouldn't enjoy a bit of fast flowing football for ninety minutes...and great to see a decent crowd in to watch.

john said...

Interesting that the Courier Mail focus - when on soccer at all - is largely on Gold Coast. Even some of the stories about Brisbane have been interviews with Miron. Up here the media is no-where near soft. I would say it is passive aggressive. After the the first year that the Broncos didn't make the finals (I wonder won owns them?) and the Lions have been a mess, there is little interest in letting the Roar get the air space with fans.

Anonymous said...

I went out to see the NYL Roar play the AIS this afternoon. They were really good especially int he 2nd half, eventually winning 4-1. A player of real quality Luke Brattan scored 3 and set up the fourth. Looks like Ange has more to choose from coming through. Whatever they are doing at the Roar they should keep doing it.