Monday, 15 November 2010

Aussie Football to cave in?

Is this the best we can have?

A reduced A-League season from October - March is on the cards if you believe the Aussie media who attended an FFA briefing last week.

Sure clubs are bleeding money, sure it's hard to get crowds when League and AFL swamp the media but will a shorter season help anyone?

And have the crowds grown significantly since the other codes ended?

And can any professional football, young or old really be happy with a contract that means you play for just six months. Pathetic.

And what happens if you don't make the six, you finish after five months!

Why bother!

Five or six months might be alright for the other codes of biff and bash but not for professional footballers. Who would come play for such a season?

And of course beyond that the idea of a group stage FFA Cup prior to the season, pathetic.

If we have to have an FFA Cup make it instant knockout, no ifs no buts.

But why not stick with the season for a few years, and work to build the crowds.

Long-term view anyone, anyone?

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