Thursday, 25 November 2010

Mustafa Amini is 17 right?

He's playing number 10 for the Mariners and if you haven't seen him play yet and you're into Aussie football, it's time you did.

He's got such touch, in a key key position. And while you're about it compare him to every other Aussie midfielder going around in the A-League.

He has remarkable vision for a young player, which shows vision isn't about the age, but amazingly, to me, like all top top players he has great physical strength.

He bounced Kasey Wehrmann and co not once but five or six times and came away with the ball. And this was a midweek game for the young lad...and remember all Aussie players after one game a week or so the media keep telling me.

But it was Amini's ability to set players up with cute, oh so cute touches and then to play balls, one touch, so accurately with great awareness.

Matt Mackay, Mark Bridge, Billy Celeski and co do similar things sometimes. But I'm seeing a big big difference.

And doesn't it make a difference when a team has even one player who can play that first touch ball accurately.

Think Spain and Barca - then think Sydney FC.

Mustafa Amini, 17, Nearpost loves ya to bits. With Matthew Leckie and Amini Nearpost is starting after 6 years of the A-League and three years of blogging to build a team of young Aussies to watch and rave over.

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