Wednesday, 17 November 2010

My local club: Majura FC on the move

My local club Majura FC had football from May - September. We couldn't run other programs, we had no grounds beyond September, our volunteers were exhausted.

We've changed the model and now have football March 1 - December 10 every year. Read on to see the changes at one club.A number of Majura FC players/parents have expressed desire for more football, locally based, outside the normal May - September season and as a result Majura FC will offer a number of new exciting football opportunities in 2011 and in 2012.

In 2010 we've had 85 players and 13 Coaches take part in our new Summer Football program at the ANU, and many other players head to Capital Football HPP, Coerver Academy and others play Futsal.

The new Majura FC programs are designed to improve the skills, fitness and knowledge of our players. We are a voluntary run club and it has not been possible for our club to provide these "extra" programs with expertise, and without a fee, to the numbers who wish to undertake them in the past.

Anyone wishing to sponsor any of the programs below please contact 6248 5610. We'd welcome your partnership.

More details for parents and players will be available prior to and on Registration Day 2011.

To assist with your season planning and for our 2011 program read below.

Pre-Season Programs for 2011.

1. Coerver Skills Clinics - six sessions. Get those feet working prior to the season.

This is a specially designed pre-season program for Majura players. Programs commence early March. Fee to be announced. 100 places max. Boy and Girl groups (Sign-up at the Coerver desk on registration day. Majura FC will susidise this program.)

2. Goalkeeping Pre-season clinic. Current Matildas and Canberra United Coach and fmr National League and Australian U20 representative Paul Jones will take our keepers and aspiring keepers through their paces. 11.5 hours of coaching, keeper gloves and drink bottle provided. Cost $195. Sign-up on Registration Day.

3. Inaugural Capital Football Mother and Daughter clinics.

Aimed at mum's and daughters. From players aged 4-10 the program is run over four sessions designed to get mum and daughter having fun with the football. Cost $25 per adult. Sign-up on registration day.

4. Coaching Courses. Grassroots, Junior and Youth Licence courses will run prior to the season. Price to be confirmed. Details on registration day.


5. Coerver in-season. Due to the success of last years in-season Coerver programs Majura FC will offer another in-season program this year. Cost to be announced.
This training night is in addition to your normal team sessions and starts first week in May.

6. Depending on demand Goalkeeping in-season clinic. Matildas Coach and fmr National League and Australian representative Paul Jones will take our keepers and aspiring keepers through their paces. Costs and dates to be announced.

7. End of season.

Summer Football will return next season starting October 2011. Further details to be announced during the season.

2012: Planned event.

Majura FC (u13 girls in 2012) will tour Borneo in July 2012.


Anonymous said...

Well done to Majura. But they are not alone.
Have a look at Gungahlin - they also go through to December now with their summer program.
2 Northside clubs on the move.
North Canberra United one day maybe playing in a higher league???

Eamonn said...

I think it is well known that Gungahlin are well ahead of Majura (at least at Majura anyway)in their aims and aspirations and achievements when it comes to football.

Indeed I expect along with Woden, Gungahlin will be the two powerhouse junior clubs in coming years - if they aren't already.

Although numbers maybe a problem in the end - too many!

But North Canberra United - that has a ring and I'm sure Majura/Gungahlin can and should work together in many areas to assist each other and football in coming years.

Anonymous said...
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Eamonn said...
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