Tuesday, 2 November 2010

2011 just gets bigger and bigger

2011 is shaping as a huge year for Australia’s National football teams:

* January 2011: AFC Asian Cup, Qatar
* Jun-Jul 2011: FIFA Men's u17 World Cup, Mexico (Qualified last night; were 2-0 down!)
* Jun-Jul 2011: FIFA Women’s World Cup, Germany
* Jul-Aug 2011: FIFA Men's u20 World Cup, Colombia

Asia Cup Bid 2015 to be announced in January

and of course Dec 2 World Cup Bid would get the party started nicely...well not for those miserable gits in AFL Head Office and many many journos...but maybe that would just make it more enjoyable....for me!

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Chuq said...

Agree... and disgusting that the match vs UAE got pretty much no mainstream news coverage (that I could see anyway)..