Sunday, 4 October 2009

Danny Tiatto: Same back to you mate!

I saw you Danny putting your finger up to me on the big screen.

Well i did it back louder and longer.

Robbie Kruse v Tiatto and co, great stuff. Fozzie might not have liked it, but Bozzo loved to.

Great game, particularly that first half, and great to see Danny Allsopp out of the Victory side.

Archie, Ney Fabiano, Carlos Hernandez and Robbie Kruse back to his best...well almost as good as the Gold Coast this mob.

Great crowds in Perth and Melbourne, Wellington outclassing the Gold Coast. This round of A-League is half over but it's been great to watch

With Canberra United getting flogged in the W-League and Brazil beating our young guns this morning..too much Aussie football is never enough.

Thank God for the Rugby League Grand Final...a chance to turn off the telly for a day, although it seems like the Brazil game was yesterday..only this morning apparently.. with over 10,000 expected in Adelaide and Sydney maybe this game is going to survive without Canberra after all!

With the Socceroos to come next week and Canberra's number 1 New Zealand fan desperate to see them at the World Cup...should be a great week for football.

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George said...

Danny Tiatto has ALWAYS had anger management issues.