Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Canberra Primary School goes High Performance

A girls only High Performance football program was offered by Players FC at Turner Primary School here in Canberra. It started yesterday.

16 places available, 19 girls signed up for the seven week course, ($70 per child), with minimal promotion. Didn't even make the school newsletter.

On the Turner Oval, Yr 3-6 girls come out of school at 3pm, ate, drank and then in time played football, did their drills, exercises and games under licensed coaches. A curriculum on display, leadership goals, and improved outcomes for all involved.

Parents pick them up at 5pm...tired, but safe. No driving to and fro, no distance, and no hassle for kids and perhaps more importantly for the parents.

I like this model. Version 1.

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Cornhole Game Boards said...

That's great performance from the high school buddies..great fun.