Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Nearpost Radio Podcasts: John Mitchell Canberra Visionary

Nationally download Who are the last seven teams to qualify for the last SIX world Cups (not England) and we tell you why Paddy Bordier thinks Nicky over Holman and Eamonn says no way.

Russ Gibbs W-League wrap, did they count the Gold Coast Ambo's who attended to Clive Palmer in the crowd numbers at the Roar game on the weekend.

We dedicate the show to former SBS and 2Ky commentator Paul Williams. Farewell Paul

Locally we're all action!

Peter Funnell talks to John Mitchell. One of Canberra football's leading football thinkers and Coaches, and like all visionaries he has his knockers....(who else is ahead of him though and which club....can't see anyone myself). John is not just talking the talk he's doing it. If you have a young player serious about his football, post 16,...I mean the only program worth consdering in my view and the other "big" clubs need to match the intensity.

As Belco and Canberrra FC Under 20's head to Hawker to play Woden and Tuggies this summer, have a listen to the ANU program and why indeed this isn't being promoted and supported much more strongly by Capital Fooball as the Premier Development program for our young boys particularly if as rumours suggest there will be no HP program for our 17 and 20 we say good bye to future Luke Pilkington's at just 16 or 17 or say hello to ANU....anyone got a better plan going in Canberra?????

Anyone even got a plan to develop our boys post 16 in Canberra?

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