Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Nearpost Podcasts: A-League crowds up, and who gets your Futsal money

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Nationally we cover Fozzie on the Young Socceroos, A-League, crowds, Danny Tiatto, Robbie Kruse,how did that Ref miss the Perf goal, Alex Brosque, Chris Grossman, why the Celtic crowd are louder thanBordeaux, even Liverpool but it was The Cove who took Paddy's breadth away, W-League, quiz questions and more and Lucy Zelic thinks Melbourne will beat Sydney FC.

What does she know?..oh and why we love SMH's Adele's all here..

Locally we hear from Canberra United Coach Ray Junna.

And with the ACT Futsal season about to start...yes it's another short season of futsal just 16 weeks, Peter Funnell talks to the CEO of Viking Futsal.

Recently someone pointed out to me that local Futsal is exploding with over 1500 kids northside alone, bringing in $240,000 in revenue.

Does that money stay in the game or head perhaps to ....netball through it's centre.

Vikings Futsal keeps every cent in the game, build resources and send all Futsal teams to championships FREE, send Refs abroad, but keep every cent in the game for the game, it's players and the kids AND they pay their staff/administrators.

Surely Vikings is a model for Futsal ACT and indeed every outdoor club over about 600 kids.

Think of the future. Will we ever have our own courts, resources for our kids??????
Will we ever pay those who do the hard yards in organising these huge and growing tournaments?


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Tom said...

We have to defeat Oman this Wednesday night. It's as simple as that. We aren't going to get the World Cup if we can't qualify for the Asian Cup.