Sunday, 4 October 2009

Canberra: FFA not welcome in this Capital

Canberra Times journo David Jean has told the FFA to "get stuffed," in his Saturday article re;further A-League games in Canberra; although I don't recall David being front and centre as a Canberra A-League football supporter, perhaps not as anti as his mate Peter (I hate Canberra Football) Fitzgerald....but good article have hit the mood of the Canberra sporting public...

and I've had more than a few people telling me that is exactly how they feel.

Also a mother and daughter told me they not only recognise FFA Chief Ben Buckley on the telly but they boo when he comes on! Well done Ben!

And so the anecdotes and feeling continues from the FFA's appalling 12th Bid Licence process.

Face it, FFA you stuffed it big time. You might never have wanted Canberra, but it will take some smoozing to get the locals behind your business it seems. And you do want your business to grow don't you?

I'll take a Youth team in 2010, and two places in the NSW Premier League Comp and a provisional licence to the A-League at any date of your choice.

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